Winter Sovereign

Winter Sovereign

by bladerain

Serra Recquir, a boy born in the world of Sierra, was born with weak and with mediocre talent. Despite the odds, he pursued the path of cultivation. He faced numerous trials, deadly foes and great friends. Eventually, he stepped into the world of the Divine Realm. Breaking past the limits of the world and traveling to higher planes. After millions of years, he finally reached the summit. Becoming a Sovereign Paragon. Longing for the world he left countless years ago, he finally returns to his own world.

Author's Note: This story is different from other wuxia novels. If those novels focus on characters that struggle from the bottom and reach the top, this story is one where someone already reached the top. I figured it would be interesting to start a novel from this concept so I started it. Well, however this plays through, just like how I finished my previous novel, Doll's Smile, I'll finish this novel too. Of course, I'm writing this novel just for fun. I like to write lighthearted novels like this. Novels that I would read while listening to music and eating snacks on a pleasant and relaxing afternoon. Do forgive me if I'm slow in writing.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Summit of Cultivation & Going home ago
Chapter 2: Descent ago
Chapter 3: The World of Sierra ago
Chapter 4: Rulers of the Black Death continent ago
Chapter 5: What's Beyond the Realm of Emperors ago
Chapter 6: Serra's Demands and Conditions ago
Chapter 7: Twin Princesses of the Recquir Empire ago
Chapter 8: Towards the Empire ago
Chapter 9: The Capital ago
Interlude: A Father's Worry ago
Chapter 10: Reunion ago
Not a chapter, but something to fulfill the quota. ago
Chapter 11: Ancestor of the Recquir Clan ago
Chapter 12: A new era ago
Chapter 13 Alliance's Convention ago
Chapter 14: Guidance ago
Chapter 15: Rise of the Meis Continent ago
Chapter 16: My Town, My Sect, My Home ago
Chapter 17: Panic and anxiety ago
Chapter 18: Preparations ago
Chapter 19: Arrival ago
Chapter 20: Banquet ago
Chapter 21: Convention ago
Chapter 22: Introduction ago
Interlude: Arrival ago
Chapter 23: Human Race ago
Chapter 24: Conclusion of the crisis ago
Chapter 25: Aura Autumn ago
Chapter 26: Introduction ago
Interlude: Spring Sovereign and Summer Sovereign ago
Chapter 27: Aura Autumn ago
Chapter 28: Idle chatter and catching up ago
Chapter 29: The Sovereigns Reunion ago
Chapter 30: Gathering ago
Chapter 31: Returning to Recquir Castle ago
Chapter 32: Introduction and Hierarchy within Sovereigns ago
Chapter 33: Serra's Reputation ago
Chapter 34: Situation on Serra's world ago
Chapter 35: Deciding on a new course of action ago
Chapter 36: Temporary Departure ago
Chapter 37: World of Keives ago
Chapter 38: Aura's method of Information Gathering ago
Chapter 39: History ago
Chapter 40: Useful News ago
Chapter 41: Using the same trick twice is old-fashioned ago
Chapter 42: Disciple ago
Chapter 43: Meeting Up ago
Chapter 43: Registration and Misunderstanding. ago
Chapter 44: Testing Hall ago
Chapter 45:Test of Strength ago
Chapter 46: Advice ago
Chapter 47: Information ago
Chapter 48: Test of Skill ago
Chapter 49: Serra's Test ago
Chapter 50: An Excellent Support ago
Chapter 51: About the Founder Part 1 ago
Chapter 52: About the Founder Part 2 ago
Chapter 53: All passed ago
Chapter 54: Trial of Ability ago
Chapter 54: Sometimes, the simpler it is to understand, the harder it is to do ago
Chapter 55: Fierce battle! ago
Chapter 56: End ago
Chapter 57: Pass ago
Chapter 58: Nightfall ago
Chapter 59: Lost in memory ago
Chapter 60: Week in the City ago
Chapter 61: Gathering Ingredients ago
Chapter 62: A Tale of Tea ago
Chapter 63: Shopping in the Main Street ago
Chapter 64: More rules ago
Chapter 65: Who to watch out for ago
Chapter 66: 13 Teams ago
Chapter 67; Chaotic Areas ago
Chapter 68: Tournament Start ago
Chapter 69: Opening Remarks ago
Chapter 70: Lezner appears ago
Chapter 71: Participant's Crystal ago
Chapter 72: Food ago
Chapter 73: First match ago
Chapter 74: Two battles ago
Notice ago
Interlude - Timeskip ago
Chapter 75: Start of the End ago
Chapter 76: The Long Month ago
Chapter 77: Poison ago
Chapter 78: Payback ago
Chapter 79: Chance! ago
Chapter 80: Thoughts and Combat ago
Chapter 81: Outcome ago
Chapter 82: End and Reunion ago
Chapter 83: Fin ago
Author's Note ago

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I wanted to like this story but it is just too bad. I only held out reading until chapter 7.

Characters are your usual cliché bunch and i think you didn't really see them as 'persons' with emotions, desires and personalities but just as puppets the mc can impress with his amazing powers. Your mc is just as bland as your other characters tough. Just a strong guy walking around.

The power system is stupid as well. Just 5 seconds after reading it i forgot everything mentioned. Not because i have memory problems. But because i knew it was pointless. You mentioned really early on that the only thing that could stand against the mc was someone of similair power. The only thing the system is really going to do is be a timer for how fast our mc can fuck up his enemies.

The only thing that is ok in this story is the grammar...

The problem in this story is the Op mc. It is possible to make something really good while having an op mc (Easy examples are Overlord and One punch man.) But you failed at doing that. There is no goal or problem in your story wich makes it so that there is no tension or something to root for. Even that could be solved by having good romance or character interaction but as said earlier. You do not have good characters.

Please don't see me as a 'hater' and take a good look at what you have written up until now. 

I will come back to your story in the future and see how it is going. Until then you have to accept this 3 star review.



I wanted to like this so much

Where to begin.

A Quick Story Summary: This story is about a man who made it to the apex of cultivation. One of the four strongest beings in existence. He wants to take a break from managing his sect and everything that entails.

The Good: There is a cast of interesting characters and the idea behind the basic plot could lead to quite a good slice-of-life type of story. The actual writing (what little there is) is not bad (grammatically).

The Mediocre: The story is a pretty basic concept but could have been quite interesting, could have. This story suffers from a few glaring flaws. The MC has no real personality. He feels almost like a camera floating through the story that occasionally interjects some information/thoughts. Even when he has some level of stronger emotion/thought he almost never acts on it, instead he plays the casual observer. This wouldn't be a big problem if the rest of the story could carry itself...

The Bad: Chapters are almost always shorter than 700 words, quite often dipping below 400-500. Combined with the author (generally) only posting 2 chapters a week this makes it feel like you are getting roughly 1/3rd of an actual chapter a week.

The Terrible: You know those tournaments everyone hates but every single xianxia/wuxia/xuanhua/shounen novel has anyway? Well, this story has one, and it's a doozy. At this point over 1/3rd of the total chapters have been spent on preparing for the tests to register for the tournament, doing the tournament registration, and preparing for the tournament (IT HASN'T EVEN STARTED YET!). Approximately 25 out of the 67 chapters HAVE BEEN SPENT ON A TOURNAMENT FOR CHILDREN that the MC has decided to enter for some reason. I won't even be going into the chapters that proceeded this 'arc' but trust me, they weren't stellar either.

Overall: Honestly it feels like at this point the author is writing because they made a promise to themselves to keep doing so. The story has no direction. This could be acceptable in a slice-of-life however we aren't getting that either. I wanted to like this so much and I spent 67 chapters hoping for that to happen. It didn't.