Raider (A VRMMO Novel)

Raider (A VRMMO Novel)

by Markious

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Matthew is a productive member of society, always showing up to work on time, always paying his bills, he is the picture perfect working man in this modern 22nd century workforce. Everyone who knows him thinks of him fondly as a kind, respectful young man, when the work day is over however something changes…

Something snaps…

After spending the entire day lying to himself and everyone else he finds himself in the desiccated streets of New Earth Online, a Niche virtual reality reality mass multiplayer game, where he is known simply as the Raider…

The question now is can he reliably juggle his two identities?  There is also the matter of that A.I. that let herself into his head and seems to have confused the word love with obsession…

This should prove interesting...

Author's note: Ok, so here we are, this is my first attempt at writing a Vrmmo novel, we shall see what it holds, updates are on Saturdays and Sundays, you can expect this one to have a lot of the same elements of my other novels, including a harem and sex, very descriptive sex...

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Matthew's everyday life... ago
Chapter 2: Ghosts ago
Chapter 3: Welcome to New Earth Online... ago
Chapter 4: sweet old Mrs. Dernus ago
Chapter 5: What am I doing? I'm Raiding... ago
Chapter 6: You don't know how relieved that makes me... ago
Chapter 7: Two can play that game... ago
Chapter 8: Ain't that a kick in the head? ago
Chapter 9: a bad idea, a very bad terrible idea. ago
Chapter 10: Wait, what did he just say? ago
Chapter 11: Almost like a date... ago
Chapter 12: A difficult question to answer. ago
Chapter 13: Keeping count. ago
Chapter 14: Against his better judgment... ago
Chapter 15: Enough ghosts to deal with. ago
Chapter 16: The flood gates open... ago
Chapter 17: Unmooring... ago
Chapter 18: Play with your Toy... ago
Chapter 19: Ready player 2... ago
Chapter 20: Emotion... ago
Chapter 21: Not quite as planned... ago
Chapter 22: Marco?!! Polo?!! ago
Chapter 23: you only want three... trust me... ago
An update/ 2018 release schedule ago
Chapter 24: An uneasy truce. ago
W.I.P covers. ago
Chapter 25: A weight lifted, a wound healed. ago
Chapter 26: A.I.D.E.N. ago
Book 2 Of Dan's Shoppe out on Amazon/Farseer Preview ago
Chapter 27: An A.I. to purge ago
Chapter 28: After all, I am in love with a raider... ago
Chapter 29: Two blocks down two to go... ago
Chapter 30: Good luck and Godspeed... ago
Chapter 31: Stanly... ago
Chapter 32: Good bye, Mother / Epilogue ago
Afterwards ago
Raider is on Amazon! ago
Raider Audiobook in production(first chapter preview) ago

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an enjoyable, if rough, read

Let me start by saying that this is the first novel of this author that I read and that I am therefore not biased in any way. There seems to be some hate going on or whatever, and I want to distance myself from that.

Now; onto the review. This was (and I hope it will continue to be) an enjoyable read. The style is easy on the mind, and the story is simple and straightforward. No real plot twists or anything of the sort to speak of, it's all kind of predictable but that's fine. The story is unique enough, and the world is explained and detailed as much as is necessary, but not a single word beyond that. 

The characters are somewhat bland, all of them seem to kind of blend in together, they lack distinctive features. They still are consistent in their interactions with the environment around them, and it's not like all of them are robots, so it's not all that bad.

The grammar is the one thing that made me stop reading this book at least three times. Incorrect spelling, wrong tenses, misplaced words, there's really quite a bunch of things wrong in here. It's readable, mind you, but I am easily distracted by such things, and it was really off-putting. Nothing a dedicated proofreader couldn't fix, though, so after some polishing, this should not be a problem anymore.


I have never played a sandbox mmo before, but after reading this I am going to have to, it seems harsh but fun at the same time.  now back to the story:

Overall score: 5/5 due to this being a great story that I cant wait till the next chapter everyweekend.

Style: 5/5 I like Marks stlye, and it flourishes here seeing as the chapters are alot longer giving him more room to make the chapters flow well.

Story: 5/5 great. just amazing, the world building is belevable and it seems like he has alot of thought into how the VR actually works, the whole caser idea is amazing.  dont know if I would be comfertable with someone putting a machine in my skull that has the ability to record what you see and induce hallucinations but who knows what the future brings.

Gramer:5/5: while there are some issues like spelling, they dont hender the reading and as such they are much better then like 90% of RRl so have a cookie.

Characters: 10/5  if I could I would give him 10 stars, I dont know how he does it but the characters are all flawed in very human ways, and they are easy to connect to, this is one of his best works right up there with penance, IDK but this seems to be his strongest part of his writing, the characters are always fun to read and have a load of depth to them, if you dont beleave me go read reviews for his other fics, tons of the reviews always talk about the depth of the chars, if that many people say it it cant be wrong right?


TLDR: Amazing cant wait for more.


An interesting and solid start to a novel. Seems like from the first chapter he going to try his best even with a genre he hates. Which is harder than it looks. While yes he tends to go overboard with the harems the characters are always flushed out and explored so its not that big of a transgression. Though not perfect in character building he does his best given his typical chapter length and number of novels he has going on. SO all in all im not complaining.


🤭Dude why are you so good at writing🤩

Spoiler: Spoiler


👍😎👍 Loving it.Still suck at reviews. (Also love discriptive sex scenes.) Japanese Sound effect-,Kyaaaaaa(in a deep manly voice)😙

AzraLu - Tobi

I don't know anything yet but what i do know is that...Mark is a hell of an author

For any newcomers that just discovered Markious, what you need to know is always believe in Markious ability to settle things and character development/story

And if you don't like harem then i implore you to check a story of Mark, the character development the HAREM member itself is fun and has character of their own

If you really don't like harem for...some reason, then i really need you to check out [Penance] it's not famous but the character/story and the romance between the mc' almost perfect.

While Mark is not as famous as the author of [Iron Goblin] [Arcane Emperor] but the amount of excitement you'll have going along with Markious is...[fun]

The moment Mark leave RRL is a moment where a piece of my life fall apart, and the moment i'll donate my 4 years of saving to him.


First, I'm not gonna write a detailed review, I already did that but missed pressing submit :@ 

I've read up to chapter 26

When I started reading Raider ( A VRMMO NOVEL) I expected an VRMMO Novel, perhaps a full on VRMMO story, or maybe with a little bit from the characters real life. However, the characters and their real life is what takes up the main focus here, the vrmmo part is just a support, and most of what you'll  be reading is about the characters and all their pesky emotions. This story is mostly a drama with a little bit of action. I think it's boring, but it's also pretty well written, so I give it an avarage score, instead of 1.5 like I want to. 

The characters are good, but they have to be considering that they are the main focus.

The spelling is good, there are a few mistakes here and there, but not enough to ruin the immersion.

All in all, if you came here for the action of a Raider MC in a post apocalyptic vrmmo, you're going to be disappointed. 
If you like novels that focus mainly on characters, their emotions and stuff like that, then this story is for you. 


Unconventional. Keep it up 😃

Spoiler: Spoiler



A fallout story that I fell out of

Its a nicely written with a fine detail to world building as well as the characters that are in the world but it is not my cup of tea and the reasons for my dropping are written below.

Dropped Reasons: It's pretty much a vrmmo fallout game with in my opinion an uninteresting main character. When I look back at what I have read I find no real reason why I should even care about the main character. The only quality that the reader could really get out of him at this point is that he is adrenaline junkie who is escaping reality of the world and also lost his lover yeas ago but why should I care about him? Why should I spend my time reading about him? Where is the hook that makes me care about what happens in the story?

Normally in a story such as this one this is where the "cheat" like ability or class comes into play. Now I agree with you that in the vast majority of the stories I have read I either compleletly hate them or I just say something along the lines of "what type of delevoper would actually put that into his game?" The only VRM story that I ever actually thought, thats not that bad, was Rebirth: Rise of the Slave Master which is sadly done for. In that story it was not some cheat ability or a "ultra rare one person class" but just a hidden class that anyone could get if they follow the right quest line. The real cheat in that story was reincarned mc who already knew the game. Another good example of an actual good cheat system is in God Rank Hero. The only bad thing about this story is that the cheat system is good, but the story not so much. By cheat system I mean that each character has a speciality(power) that is given to them at character creation that is decided by a lottery system. Some of those specialities are over-powered but most of them are just bland. The game did this to make money off of rich players who continuely bought new systems just so they could have another roll of the dice. Btw the main character's speciality was storm sailing which gave his ships a bonus survivabiltiy percentage while sailing in storms. Some of the more over-powered abilities in the game were things like undead taming where this one character could just approach any undead creature in the game and instantly having a chance of controlling it. Think of a lvl 1 walking around with a Death Knight pet. The reason why I am saying these is that I am trying to point out that the very things we hate are a part of the hook(s) that make us want to read these types of novels. Most VRMMO novels I can't stand because of over the top powers but then again there are some hidden gems that do it right. Without any type of hook I find no reason to continue this novel.

Also you need to give a reason as to why the Mc did not contact the game company about the AI being in his head. He talks about wanting to fix the problem they would probably be one of the first people to try to contact in the situation. Plus, since he works for a major company he would probably know that with this type of situation he might be able to get some money out of the situation. If he hates his job so much he would probably be more than willing to take a large legal payout and quit to enjoy his life of playing games.


P.s. I am kind of biased on this type of story because I am more of a fan of fantasy game then I am at any type of shooters. If you put Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Fallout 4 beside each other I would pick Oblivion any day even though Fallout 4 looks better just because I enjoy swords & magic games better. And before you say something about magic being over powered and guns are more of an even playing field; I play as a stealth archer so my combat style would fit better into this story than the examples that would first come to your mind.