The Legendary Tamer



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Kayle got out of his bed and ran off to the kitchen. On his way there, he saw his twin sisters wearing their shoes. Kayle dashed, then jumped onto Ester’s back and gave her a shock.

“Wah! what are you doing? Idiot!”.

“Where are both of you going? I want to go too!”.

“We are going out with our friends, have your breakfast quickly, we will wait for you.”

A smile came across Kayle’s face and he rushed to the kitchen. With a mug in his left hand and a piece of bread, he quickly walked to the living room. He looked around, however, both his sisters were not in sight, as they had fled while he had gone to prepare his breakfast. Feeling cheated, he slowly walked to the table with tears hanging on his eyelids. When he reached the table, there was a note waiting.

“You are too slow! Bye Bye!”.

The note got wet and the ink smudged as he ate his breakfast.

After finishing his breakfast, he walked to the triplets’ room, however, no one was inside. It’s summer vacation and his sisters had gone out early in the morning, leaving him alone at home. Bored, Kayle changed his clothes, took the dog leash out and walked to the garden. The family dog saw him and ran towards him, wagging its tail in joy as Kayle leashed Nasus. He exited the house and started walking aimlessly. Kayle was forced to bring Nasus along whenever he went out alone, as he had once been unable to find his way back home. His family had to drive around the district at night, searching for him.

He entered the nearby park and sat near the playground. Children around his age were playing ice and freeze. He wanted to join in, but he knew himself that his family was rather famous. A few years back, he had gotten into a fight with 3 kids slightly bigger than him and won,though he did end up with lots of bruises all over his body. Overnight, the neighbourhood kids knew not to have any connections to him, thus, he could only sit back and watch them play.

His grip on the leash loosened, and Nasus ran forward, jumping into the sand pit. He started to walk towards Nasus, and the children stopped running. They stood rooted to the ground, as he approached the sand pit. Hand signals were relayed, and in a flash, the kids ran away in fear. Feeling dejected, he started roaming aimlessly again, to the shopping district.

Lunch time soon came, and his stomach growled.

“Let’s go home” , Kayle told Nasus.
“Woof” a reply came, as Nasus started pulling Kayle along. Well-known throughout the district as “the lost child”, shoppers were amused as Nasus started pulling Kayle home.

He returned home after 35 minutes. He took out the pet food and poured food into Nasus’s bowl. He then walked to the dojo. The smell of sweat flooded his nose, as shouts of voices in unison, together with wooden swords striking one another, could be heard.

He slid open the door, crept into the dojo unnoticed, and slipped into the kitchen. He looked around, and since no one was around, he dashed forward. Taking a bowl, he quickly filled it with rice from the rice cooker, and flattened the rice inside the cooker so it seemed untouched. He then carefully scooped chicken and vegetables into his bowl, and poured miso soup inside. After wolfing down the food, he washed his utensils quickly, and climbed out of the kitchen through the windows.

“Tee hee hee, I saved money again today…”He said as he grinned.

Due to him eating from the dojo, his seniors from the dojo had their portion of food reduced that afternoon. One of them used Kayle’s set of improperly washed utensils, which still had some detergent, causing him to have explosive diarrhea.

Not knowing about his mischief causing mishap to people as always, he connected to royal road.

Kayle materialised in the barn of Uncle Thomas, and a horse neighed loudly next to him,

“Get out of my barn, you stink like rotten meat and the medicine I drank a few days ago!”

Hearing this, he quickly left the barn while smelling his clothes. As he walked, the animals started to approaching him happily, hoping for him to play with them. However, when they got closer, and could smell the pungent perfume, it choked their noses and they ran away in fear. Kayle sighed and continued towards the farm house.

“Uncle Thomas! I’m back!”

As he opened the door, a breeze blew behind him, sending the ‘perfume’ fragrance into the room. It was 12 noon, in-game time. As Uncle Thomas was bringing a spoonful of porridge to his mouth, he immediately vomitted when he took in a breath of the perfume. Aunty Annie rushed out of the house, pinching her nose, as Kayle entered, while sister Morgana, Uncle Thomas’ daughter, climbed out of the window.

“Hellloo Kayle, please do something about that horrible stench on you!”


“Use our bathroom and wash your clothes at the same time!” Uncle Thomas quickly ran to the cupboard, took a towel, and threw it towards him.

Annoyed, Kayle entered the bathroom and started showering and washing his clothes.

Two hours later, Kayle was still in the bathroom. Impatient, Uncle Thomas opened the door, and saw that ½ of the bathroom had turned brown to white.

“Oh my god!” He shouted, as Kayle looked at him innocently, blowing bubbles through the gaps of his finger, aiming towards Uncle Thomas. Angered, he shouted at Kayle to clear up the mess, and get out of the bathroom as soon as possible.

30 minute passed by, and Kayle found himself seated on a wooden chair, while Morgana served him Rose Tea. A system message popped out as Uncle Thomas handed him a bag.

Quest complete.
You have successfully delivered the medicinal ingredient required by Uncle Thomas, and saved his precious horse.
Reward : +50 Silver
+100 Fame
Additional reward: Bag of seeds

Kayle happily received his reward and asked Uncle Thomas, “What kind of seeds are these?”

“Lavender seeds,” Uncle Thomas smiled brightly as he replied.

Kayle opened the bag and sniffed it, and indeed, it smelled of lavender. “What will I do with it?” Kayle asked.

“Plant it along the road after you exit Rosenheim Kingdom.”

Kayle pocketed the seeds as he drank his tea.

“What are you going to do now? Have you thought of what you want to be?” Uncle Thomas asked in concern.

“I haven't thought of anything yet. I'm going on an errand soon in the forest again, to bury the dead.”

“Sounds interesting,” a false smile appeared on Uncle Thomas’ face as he searched his inventory.

“Take this!” A pink spade appeared in front of Kayle, “Use this to dig the graves.” Kayle accepted the spade happily, and ate a free lunch with Uncle Thomas and his family.

After the free lunch, Kayle bid farewell and exited the farm house, before leaving for his next quest, he planted a row of seeds along the fences of the farm. He exited Rosenheim Kingdom and planted some seeds near the gates as well.

It took 10 hours for him to reach Kyonin. On the way, he walked past plenty of fruits trees,herbs and spices, hence obtaining a large supply of food. With the help of some acquainted animals from before, he pleaded with them to help carry his supplies, and also guide him to Kyonin.

He finally arrived at Kyonin and shouted, “I’m back, draw the bridge, please!” The bridge drew open silently, and a gentle breeze blew.

He entered the capital, and found that it was populated with Spirits. Everyone was delighted to see him. An Elven lady appeared before him, the same lady who had first given him the request of killing the evil Spirits from the Triforce army, “The King is expecting you, please meet him in the courtroom.”

Kayle nodded his head and started running to the palace, in fear of angering the king.
“So you are back! I have been waiting for you.” A system message appeared even before Kayle could speak.

Bury the dead
You have been tasked to bury the remains of each and every citizen of the town by King George.

Difficulty: B
Remains left to bury: 2539

Individual reward from different spirits.
Familiarity with Elves and Spirits increase greatly.
Gain absolute trust of the King.

“Please bury us! So that we can rest in peace. We will be grateful for eternity.”

Kayle accepted the request, and King George spoke again,

“We are grateful for all you have done. Some of us are willing to pass down our knowledge before we pass on. Go talk to them and learn some useful things for yourself, as that’s the only reward we can give you.”

Kayle exited the palace, and a large crowd of spirits gathered around the castle gates.

“O savior Kayle, come to me later, and I will grant you knowledge of Fishing!”

“O savior Kayle, come to me later, and I will grant you knowledge of Blacksmithing!”

“O savior Kayle, come to me later, and I will grant you knowledge of Tailoring!”


All the spirits were talking loudly in unison, telling Kayle to visit them later, and he would be granted with skills. Kayle quickly ran off while being led by a spirit cat to an open field.

Kayle was instructed to bury everyone in this large open field. He equipped the pink spade and started digging graves endlessly…

After spending all his stamina digging, he got tired and started cooking a meal for himself. He took out corn from his inventory and started barbecuing it. While waiting, he took out some fruits and squashed the orange into a juice and boiled it into a broth, together with cow’s milk. After the corn was cooked and cooled, he plucked them out and threw it into the fruit broth, together with some diced apples, pears and bananas.

Pouring a “ Bo Bo Cha Cha”-like desert into a bowl, he got up, and started walking towards the town. He finished his food, and spirits crowded around him again. He decided to try and obtain as many useful skills as possible. He walked to the blacksmith forge, and entered. As soon as he stepped into the forge, the blacksmith spoke,

“So you're the one who took the dagger…”

“What’s with the dagger anyway?”

“The dagger was actually forged together with its counterpart, a sword. However, while I was repairing the dagger for the owner, the Triforce army attacked, and the owner ran out to fight without the dagger. Before I died, I hid the dagger inside the forge. Find its counterpart and I will tell you more!”

Find the Taichi
You have been tasked to find the sword of a samurai.

Difficulty: D

Knowledge of the pair of swords.

Without delay, Kayle unsheathed the Taichi, and the blacksmith’s eyes opened wide.

“So you already have the sword. Pass both the sword and dagger to me.”

Kayle handed him the weapons obediently, and watched the blacksmith work. The forge began to glow with a blue flame, and the blacksmith left both weapons on the workbench as he sunk into the ground. A few minutes later, he floated up with coal and unidentified minerals of different colors, and threw them into the forge. He disappeared for the second time, and appeared after a few seconds, with two pails of “water”.The forge got hotter, and a faint glow appeared on it. An inscription in an unknown language started to glow brighter, and the blacksmith opened the forge.

“In goes the sword!” he said and carefully placed the weapons in. After staring at the swords for hours, Kayle got bored and started tailoring. After hours of heating, the blacksmith took the swords out, both had cracks that were glowing red. Kayle’s eyes popped out and his mouth opened wide, thinking that the sword was breaking. The blacksmith placed the Taichi on the anvil and raised the hammer up high. Kayle’s mouth opened wider as he did. Before he could reach the blacksmith, the hammer touchd the blade, and pieces of dark metal oxides flew in different directions.

“Don’t fear child, this sword won't break so easily.”

Without delay, the sword was tossed and flipped twice, before being plunged into the water, and then the water started bubbling. The water started to glow faintly white. Meanwhile, the blacksmith started hammering the dagger, chipping off the rust, then tossed the dagger into the water as well. The glow of white light got brighter. As the bubbling died down, the blacksmith took out both swords and returned them to Kayle. The sword and dagger were now filled with radiance, giving out a white aura, and a runic inscription could be seen on the blades.

Both sword and dagger felt light in his hand, and he could feel the warmth of the blades. The blacksmith got him to swing both weapons a few times, before telling him the history of both swords.

“This sword is called Sword of Friendship, while the dagger is called Dagger of Trust, both of them were forged together by two different blacksmiths, ironically, one was an elf while the other was a dwarf. Both races were known for their hatred of each other. However, this was not the case for the two of them. Through the forging of swords, their friendship grew and they lived together in the lands of humans, as they were shunned by their own community. Both of them were the greatest blacksmiths in history and had both contributed greatly to the human race.

As the military force of the human race grew, they waged war against other races. However, the humans lost, and the enemies broke into the the city and started slaying everyone. Knowing their fate, both smiths decided to forge their last masterpiece together. Both of them used the best grade ores, quenched their weapon in holy water, and inscribed runes with holy power onto it. When they finished their work, they prepared for a ritual. They decided to imbue their own souls into their last work, and created this pair of weapons. Both swords, imbued with their soul and spirit, then became EGO weapons.”

Kayle then looked at both weapons and then tried talking to them, “Hello, anyone there?” He started knocking the sword like what he would on doors.

“It’s been hundreds of years since they have been unsheathed. They are in a dormant state, and it will you need time for them to awaken. Take good care of them, protect them well and they will protect you. That’s all I can say.”

Before Kayle left the blacksmith forge, he tried to ask the blacksmith for knowledge of repairing and blacksmithing. However, a system message appeared.

You already have the maximum number of allowed skills for class-less character.
The skill can’t be registered.

Kayle froze in disbelief and left the forge in disappointment, as he couldn't learn any skills as a reward from the Quest.

For the next few months, he spent his entire game time digging the graves endlessly while gaining a lot of stat increases. His Tailoring skill also increased to beginner [9] as he practiced it during his breaks. His Digging skill improved to intermediate [8] Next, he had to spend time identifying and separating the bones of different deceased, and burying them with the Spirits’ help. Four months of in-game time had passed, when he finally buried every bone he could find.

You have finished burying all the remains of the citizens of Kyonin.
200 Fame
Gained complete trust of King George
You have leveled up.
You have leveled up.
You have leveled up.
You have leveled up.
You have leveled up.
You have gained the title ‘Pink Grave Digger’.

System Notice: Some of the spirits of Kyonin have passed on.

As he closed the system message, King George floated up from his grave, holding a mysterious egg.

“Thank you, Kayle, for your hard work. I have one final task for you. Please take care of this egg. This is our nation’s treasure which the Triforce army had searched desperately for to no avail . I believe that you will take good care of it, seeing how well you treat animals and care for them.”

Hidden Class!
King George offers you a Mysterious Egg
Accepting the egg will mean accepting the hidden class The Legendary Tamer.
You can use exclusive skills related to the nature of the class. Do you want to convert now?

Kayle accepted the egg, and numerous messages appears.

Your have gained the hidden class, The Legendary Tamer.
+100 Fame
+Enables you to equip certain items specialized for the class.
All stats improve by 20 points
+Earth Resistance +10%

Skill:You have learned Animal Companion
Skill:You have learned Animal Wisdom
Skill:You have learned Bestial Memories
Skill:You have learned Bestial Sense
Skill:You have learned Identification, due to previous effort in identifying bones without the skill, Identification skill level raised to intermediate [1]

Animal Companion [1]
Allows player to tame a beast depending on skill level. Magical and Mystical beasts will be tameable as skill level increases.
Tamed beastd will be treated as Unique, and are able to revive when killed, after 1 day(Real life time).
However, they lose 2 level per death. Skills will also be lost by a certain percentage.
Beast/Animal share 1% of their stats with their tamer companion.
Beast/Animal receives ¾ of the experience their Tamer receives.
Every 5 skill level allows tamer to have a new permanent Animal Companion.

Animal Wisdom [1]

Grants knowledge about the beast, information of their weakness, strength, way of livelihood, etc.

Gains wisdom stats depending on beast, upon learning about and copying them.

It also allows player to learn skills and spells from animals.

Beastial Memories [1]
Looks into the memories of animals, allowing user to learn about their past and present, obtaining information from them and gaining permanent stat boost to Wis or Int stats depending on beast.

Mana Cost:100

Bestial Sense (Passive) [1]
Player’s five senses sharpens and he/she gains a sixth sense that allow him/her to feel danger within a 2 meter radius.
Radius increased by 2 meters per level
5 senses sensitivity increases by 10%
Sixth Sense allows player to feel impending danger.
Senses sharpen per level.

Identification Intermediate [1]

Enables you to learn the true value of unidentified items.

Mana consumption: 30.

Kayle summoned his stats window after he closed all the system messages. He then proceeded to spend his level up stat points.

Status Window
NameKaylePrimary ClassThe Legendary Tamer
Fighting Spirit39+20perseverance108+20
+ Earth Resistance 10%
+20 to all stats
+Spirit Talk
Able to converse with Spirits, thus gaining knowledge, wisdom, information and requests from them.
+Gained ability to equip class specific items.
Able to tame 1 Animal/Beast
Increases Attack Power and Attack Speed when dual wielding.

Kayle closed the windows and held the egg high, put it to his ear. Hearing nothing, he knocked on it with his knuckle, shook it around and started poking the egg. He got bored of fooling around with the egg, and used identification on it. Before the Item data appeared, a system message popped out.

System Question: What do you think this Egg will hatch into?

With the imagination level of a kid, he replied, “ An ancient Dragon with many elemental powers with high intelligence and wisdom. It is smarter and stronger than my sisters, and more caring than my sisters. And lastly, willing to stay by my side and play with me no matter how naughty I am!”

As Kayle finished his sentence, the egg glowed faintly, and its item data appeared.

Mysterious Egg
National Treasure of Kyonin. It seems to give out warmth and is close to hatching. It seems to be able to feel its owner’s presence.

With his Tailoring skill, he made a pouch and put the egg inside, directly in front of his stomach.

It’s dinner time, so Kayle logged out of game after receiving a new class, and also finally finishing the boring digging quest. While eating dinner, his sisters questioned him,

"What level are you Kayle?"

"Oh, I am level 37. Hee hee"

Upon hearing that, his sisters choked. “What have you been doing in-game!? It’s been at least 5 months in-game, and you are only level 37!?” His sister asked in disbelief.

“Oh, I spent around 4 months digging and burying dead people. Tons of dead people, around 2500 of them!”

Upon hearing this, his sisters dropped their utensils as they started laughing and coughing, choking on the food that they were eating.


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