“Mom, buy that for my birthday tomorrow!” I pointed at the Royal Road capsules while showing her my large puppy eyes.

“Sorry dear… I have already bought you a present, and the capsule is so expensive…” Upon hearing my mom’s response, I pouted, while my other five siblings giggled in joy.

Next morning, I woke up and found myself trapped in my bedroom. A big present was blocking my door. I look around for my chair, but it’s nowhere to be found. With my height of one meter, I can’t climb over that towering present!

I shouted for my sister, “Estee! Why is my present blocking the door?!” I stared at the present, annoyed.

I heard laughter coming out from the living room in response.
Desperate, I climbed onto my desk and exited my bedroom through the window.

I tried opening the sliding doors connected to the living room, however, it was locked.

“Unlock the sliding door!” I shouted in frustration.

“Use the front door,” a reply came as soon as I finished my sentence.

I twisted the door knob and proceeded into the corridor. As I was about to put my hands onto the
sliding door, the door suddenly opened, and party pops flew high up in the air.

I gasped in joy. A birthday party for me!
A large cake was in the middle of the table, with 9 lighted candles on it, and glasses of milk on the table.

Estee grabbed my hands and pulled me towards the center of the table.

Sitting beside me are my twin sisters, Estee and Ester. In front of me are the triplets, Caitlyn,
Evelynn and Jaclyn, while my parents sat at the sides.

After my birthday celebration, I removed my first present from the packaging. It’s a laptop!

Although I can’t play Royal Road with this, but at least I can play other online games, I sighed…

I walked towards my room, where the towering present stood. My five other siblings followed me eagerly.

I opened the present hastily, and my eyes shone brightly. “It’s a Royal Road capsule!” I jumped in joy.

After hugging my five sisters, I saw a birthday card hanging on the present, I grabbed the card.

“Happy Birthday Kayle. Your five beautiful sisters bought you a capsules using all their savings, and hope u won’t be naughty this year~!”

Hmm most likely they are hinting at me not to disturb them and get them to bring me out… I told myself.

I nodded in agreement, knowing that I have been a “little terror” to them ever since I was born.

My siblings helped me to shift the capsule to an empty space, and begin the setup for activation by following the instructions on the manual.

The capsule opened, and my sisters urged me to step into the capsule. And the game began.

A system message appeared in front of me.
Connect to Royal Road
Yes | No

“Yes!” I replied eagerly.

Thanks to sha for being my proreader xD
Pardon me if my prologue isn't good as my English is horrible~

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