The nearby village, Varrock, could be seen. However, something was amiss. The village was under siege! Hundreds of Ratfolk were charging towards the village while the village guards got into formation.

“Quick, the village is under siege! We must hurry and help them!” Isabelle proclaimed.

“Run! We must hurry before the village falls!” Commanded the Knight.

Although he had been sticking with the party, the only name he knew till now was Isabelle’s, who was the priest.

With his short legs, Kayle started to sprint. Although everyone’s stride was longer, he was faster due to his high Dexterity, gained from the training hall. Everyone was amazed as he rushed down from the 400 meter rocky hill with steep steps and slopes, Sunshine flying behind him closely. The catapults of the ratfolk were 500 meters away.

“Kayle, get Sunshine to disrupt the artillery troops!” Kayle received a private message from Isabelle.

“Sunshine, use your magic to stop the catapults!”

“Piiiiiiii” Sunshine’s horn shone in brown and the catapults started sinking into the ground. Sunshine’s magic had turned the rocky terrain into quicksand, due to the catapults heavy weight, they sank. The ratfolk panicked as some of their allies, who were holding spare rocks for the catapults, started to sink into the quicksand, disappearing without a trace.

With light and stealthy footsteps, Kayle dashed behind a ratfolk who was trying desperately to dig out the cannon, while his ally ran off to report the incident. He drew out his sword as he lunged past the Ratfolk. The Ratfolk tilted his head up at Kayle’s flashy appearance, but before it could even speak, its upper body fell forward and disappeared into thin air.

As Kayle had executed his skill silently, the alarm wasn't raised, and he started killing the ratfolk who were alone and unaware of his presence. “Isabelle, keep the Ratfolk leader alive!” Kayle sent a private message.

“Okay, I will relay your message,” Isabelle replied within seconds.

Isabelle’s party finally arrived and started charging into the village as well, following the frontlines of the Ratfolk. Due to their obvious entrance into the fray, the alarm was raised. “POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo!!!!! POOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” A low pitch sound echoed throughout the open rocky terrain, surrounded by tall mountain ridges. The alarm suddenly stopped as the Ratfolk in charge of blowing the commands found a dagger sticking out of his body, and another one out of his throat. The Ratfolk turned around to check out who’s the retard who couldn't even blow the horn properly. To their horror, they saw a Knight charging towards them, and arrows raining down and driving straight into their heads.

“Kill ’em all!” Shouted the Knight to the village guards, while activating his “Roar” skill to improve the guards’ morale.

Together with Sunshine, Kayle jumped into a line of mages and priests. He senses sharpened and his speed increased. With a step, he dashed forward with explosive speed, ending up 12 meters away. Heads behind him started to fall to the ground and begin rolling. He had swiftly executed a wave of mages who were stupidly standing in a single file, which allowed him to slice through them in one strike. Sunshine, on the other hand, used its magic to create a pitfall, dropping the priest into it while showering them with icicles. Next, spikes shot out from the pitfall from all directions, and icicles shattered and showered onto the survivors of the first wave of spikes.

The mages and priest were taken out. Without delay, arrows flew towards Kayle and Sunshine. Sunshine flew towards Kayle as its horns glowed grey. A strong wind started blowing. The arrows were blown away, and the Ratfolk were blown off their feet. As Kayle was as tall as the Ratfolk, he was almost blown off his feet as well. He quickly hugged Sunshine, as the wind was too strong.

Sunshine stopped its magic, as the Ratfolk were prone on the floor. Those who were blown off found themselves in the middle of the fighting, and was killed instantly by the guards. Kayle then advanced quickly and started his rampage, slicing and dicing anyone who attempted to get on their feet.

After the massacre, the fight ended and the Ratfolk commander was captured.

The commander was wearing a skull helmet, with long whiskers sticking out from its nose. It had large scars on its face and beady crimson eyes. He had on a well-carved wooden armor and a large, fancy rod. The poor Ratfolk’s tail was also tied into a butterfly knot to prevent it from swinging around wildly.

The guard captain escorted their saviors inside the barrack as they started questioning the rat.

“Who sent you here?” Asked the village mayor.

“Squeak,” replied the Rat. (what?)

“What?" Asked the mayor.

"Squeak squeak," it replied with a snarl. (what you want from me.)

The mayor sighed as he couldn't get any sensible reply from the Ratfolk commander, other than squeaks.

“Let’s kill him,” suggested the village guard captain.

“Wait, let me try something,” Kayle walked forward and raised his hands, putting them on the sides of the Ratfolk commander’s head, and used his class skill Bestial Memories.

His vision grew dark, and he found himself on a foreign land, an old Ratfolk sat on a long table, beside a Dark Elf with his underling behind him. They were talking(sqeaking) loudly. Kayle turned his head around and saw the Ratfolk commander who had been captured. He walked forward to take a look at the piece of paper on the table.

The paper was written in a readable language. It seemed to have been written by the Dark Elf. It read:

Alliance Agreement
Ratfolk dictator has agreed to form an alliance with Dark Elves. Together, we will invade the human land at the foot of the round mountain, and claim back the land our ancestor lived in. This treaty will allow us to pool our resources together, manpower, skills, money and intelligence. Together, we will arrange an invasion to chase the humans away. We must claim back what we have lost!

Signature of Dictator
Ratsuya Squekaka
Signature of Dark Elf ambassador
Kudada Darkseeker

Kayle took a screenshot of the agreement, before he forgot the contents. Then, he tilted his head up to see the Ratfolk dictator shaking hands with the Dark Elf, while the generals and subjects of the two races applauded them for their alliance.

Kayle exited the conference room and started wandering around. He saw a timer counting down beside his health bar. He had 18 minutes remaining. As he was able to walk through walls, he entered the deepest part of the library and saw books. He took out some picture books and started browsing through them out of boredom.

Through the pictures, he saw the history of the Ratfolk…

The Ratfolk once walked on the lowlands. However, humans expanded their territory and found the Ratfolk. Due to the humans’ wild ambitions, they started a war and forced the Ratfolk out of of their homeland. They fled to the surrounding mountains. Years later, humans settled down on their once homeland. In anger, the Ratfolk started raiding the human settlements. Humans learnt about it, and a war started. After the Ratfolk lost the war, the humans chased the Ratfolk into the mountains. The Ratfolk climbed higher and higher up a very tall mountain, which had a large plateau. They rushed into the plateau and threw rocks and boulders down, stopping the humans’ advance. Unable to proceed further, the humans stopped their pursuit. Fearing that the Ratfolk would rebuild their forces and try invading again, the ancient Tian empire of Lung Wa hired a powerful sorceress, Hao Kin, to teleport a massive sphere of stone, collapsing the pathways and tunnels which led to their current homeland. Resentment and hatred remained in the Ratfolk’s heart as this history was passed down from generation to generation. They excavated the pathways day and night until it was completed, and had finally completed their first step for revenge…

As time was running out, he started taking screenshots as he flipped through the pages. He returned the books back, and started looking for more picture books. After flipping through several books, he came across a torn and tattered one. As he opened the book, it glows in color as knowledge flood into him.

System message
You have memorised ancient magic
You are unable to use them due to your class, however, you are entitled to transfer your knowledge to one person.

The timer ticked to zero as he closed the system message, and bright light surround him. When he opened his eyes, the rat general was in front of him.

“What happened? You stood there like a scarecrow without moving for so long!” Isabelle asked frantically.

Kayle described what he saw to the people in the conference room, and took out the evidence he had found. After hearing his story, the mayor slammed his hands on the table. “We must stop them! Quick, pass me some paper! I need to inform the King as soon as possible!”

Attendants rushed out and returned immediately with inks,brushes and paper. The mayor then asked, “Please, saviors, help us delay them. I mean, find their base for us while we wait for the King’s order”.

A system message appeared in front of Kayle and the party.

Infiltrate, spy and map!
You have been given a quest to find the Ratfolk’s living grounds. Map a path out and kill as many enemies as you can!

Difficulty: C

Gain fame and favor from the Mayor.
Gold pieces depending on the quality of the map.
50 silver per Ratfolk or Dark Elf killed.
Time Limit: Before the Ratfolk launch their offense.

Kayle turned his head towards Isabelle, and she smiled.

Isabelle invited you the party.

Kayle accepted both the quest and party request happily.

I actually wanted to make this a prologue but oh well why not make it a short chapter :/

sorry if my updates gets slower since common test is coming.... need to catch up on certain lots of subjects xD

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