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“Play with me!”

“Your level is too low, and we are far away from your kingdom!”

“Come find me… I don’t want to play alone...”

“No! Go and look for people to play with you!”


Kayle left the dining table grumpily as his sisters refused to play with him. He wanted to play with his sisters very much. However, they seemed to avoid him as much as possible in-game. Sitting on the capsule, he figured out that his sister would not play with him now, so it was useless to bug them.

The ringtone of Estee's phone could be heard. Kayle stuck his ears to the wall, trying to eavesdrop on his sister's conversation.

"Yes Sara, what can I do for you?”

"Oh, 4 weeks have passed in-game? Great, where are you all?"

"You are all in Rosenheim Kingdom? Hmmm... I don't really want to go there, as there’s a chance of bumping into my brother..."

"Ah, nevermind, I will go there with Ester. Wait for me."

Hearing the conversation, tears of sorrow and jealousy flowed down his cheeks. He now knew that his sisters would prefer playing with their classmates than the little child called Kayle.

Kayle closed his capsule and connected to Royal Road.

He appeared in front of King George’s grave, with a large yellow egg fastened on his pink pouch. He removed the egg and hugged it tightly as he walked back to the town.

"Saviour Kayle!" The spirits cried out loud and rushed to him. Ever since the initial quest, his fame had risen quickly and the spirits saw him as a messiah. Feeling that leaving Kyonin was the best choice of action, he rushed out of town before any spirits could stop him.

The howls of wolves could be heard as the moonlight cast a shadow of Kayle, accompanying him on a lonely night. He was still depressed that his sisters had rejected his request. Tears of solitude flowed down his cheeks and landed on the egg, as flashbacks of memories of his sisters playing with him appeared. A few years back, his sisters had treated him like a treasure, snuggling him from time to time, playing with him every day, and reading to him bedtime stories. He blamed their clique of friends for taking his sisters away from him. However, there was nothing he could do about it.

Every drop of tear caused the egg to glow a golden color. It seemed to understand his loneliness. As the egg glowed brighter and brighter, it started shaking vigorously. Kayle stopped his footsteps and raised the egg up to eye level. Cracks appeared and bright rays of light shot out of the cracks of the shell. He was blinded by the sudden flashes of bright light, and at the same time, the egg got lighter. As he recovered his vision, a golden dragon appeared in front of him, licking away his tears. It seemed to be hinting that he was no longer alone, as it was here to accompany him. A system message appeared in front of him.

//Name your pet.//

“Sunshine,” he whispered in a downcast voice.

The golden dragon was half a meter long, from head to tail. It had small horns on its head, together with large, sky blue eyes, like a puppy. Majority of its body was filled with yellow scale with some multicolored scales as well. It had small, sharp claws on its hands and legs. The claws would currently be described as chicken claws, as it was still a hatchling.

Sunshine sat on Kayle’s shoulder and started rubbing its head against his cheek. Kayle’s mood lightened as he finally had a companion. Wiping his tears of solitude away, he started walking out of the forest.

He exited the forest as dawn was breaking. Rays of sunshine fell upon him, warming his body. He hugged Sunshine and walked towards the city. Before he reached the city, a strong revolting smell entered his nose. He was rather familiar with the smell, or rather, the smell was once on his clothes. It's the flowering herb that Uncle Thomas had wanted. He tailored a scarf quickly, and another miniature one for Sunshine.

He walked closer and could see a few large, red flowers just by the gates. Another flashback came upon him. He remembered planting some seeds by the gates. "What happened!? Did my lavender plants turn into the smelly flowers?” Kayle wondered, not knowing that Uncle Thomas had tricked him.

A group of players started running out of the gates, and he saw familiar faces. Tears started welling in his eyes as his sisters ran towards him, not knowing that their worst nightmare was in front of them.

Kayle had seen each and every member in his sisters’ clique before. They stopped in front of Kayle, looking at his shoulder in surprise. A human player, identifying herself as Saraphina, approached him.

"Wow, is that your pet? It's so cute! How did you get it?"

"...." No replies came out of Kayle’s red swollen eyes.

Saraphina turned back to address her party. A few minutes later, she turned around, and a system message appeared in front of kayle.

Estee invited you the party.

He stared at the system message in surprise, no one had noticed his identity yet. As it was a rare chance to play with his sisters, he quickly accepted the request, knowing that the party would be shocked when he entered the party.

Kayle had entered the party.

Both siblings stood motionless. "You are Kayle?" They muttered.

Kayle nodded his head, as disappointment engulfed his sisters, while their friends were surprised.

"Kayle, is that you?"

Kayle nodded his head.

"Well, let’s go then," his sister wanted to removed him from party, but it wasn't the best course of action.

He followed the party, taking another path opposite the forest. Following silently, he listened to the chats and conversation between the clique of friends. Laughter from the group of adventurers echoed through the mountain range after few days of walking. Although few days had passed, Kayle still hadn't spoken a single word. When fights broke out with wild monsters, he fought alone with Sunshine. No one came to aid him. When he was injured, no one bothered to check if he was fine. No one offered to share food with him. The only companion he had was Sunshine.

In fact, he overheard his sister telling her friends to ignore Kayle, on the phone, if they met their him.

On the fifth day in-game, he left the party without anyone knowing when a split road appeared.

"Leave party," he said, while tears of solitude flowed down once again. He was jealous of his sisters. Unlike her, he had no friends at all. He pitied himself and hated himself. He was jealous of his classmates, even if they were only 9 years old, their siblings played with them. Even with a huge level gap, the older siblings would protect the younger siblings.

Walking down the rocky canyon, an arrow flew towards him. With great reflex, Sunshine shot out icicles from its mouth, deflecting the arrow.

Dejected, Kayle raised his head. A group of bandits were in sight.

"Well, what do we have here? A little kid with a baby dragon. Kukuku," a bandit with agreat axe exclaimed.

"Hey boss, it's a dragon! Let's kill the boy and take it. Kukuku."

More tears flowed down his cheeks. His eyes were watery, but he didn't care. He let out a childish scream and dashed towards the bandit.

Sunshine, who had grown in size over the days, had learned basic elemental magic and started shooting mini fireballs and icicles at the archers.

With emotion overflowing his concentration, he casted iaijutsu, which was deflected easily by the great axe. A large opening appeared, and a downward slash cut across Kayle’s chest, and he was sent flying.

Kayle’s blood boiled when he saw his wound. Rage consumed him, and he dashed towards the bandit, slashing at him wildly with great precision and speed. Two large arcs of blood sprayed across the wall. The bandit had his head and torso disconnected, and landed on the ground. He stomped on the head, and a white light consumed it before disappearing. With a grim expression, Kayle continue rampaging, and killed every single bandit he laid his sight on.

He jumped onto the mage, and with a sidestep, he dodged the fireball. Kayle quickly slashed the mage’s throat with his dagger. He then cut the mage’s limbs off before diving his sword into the mage’s heart. Next, he ran after the cleric. With a dash, he quickly shortened the distance and tripped him. With a quick slash, the cleric disappeared. Sunshine finished off the archers and warriors by itself, and flew back to Kayle, who was in pursuit of the last thief. However, Kayle fell into a pitfall. With only 10% health left, he was bleeding, causing him to continuously lose health. The thief decided to hide from Kayle’s and Sunshine’s view, and wait for him to bleed to death.

Sunshine tried desperately to carry Kayle. However, it was not strong enough. He rummaged through his inventory to find a rope. However, he had none. He could only wait for death… Kayle regretted that he left the party, and had to die a horrible death. He learnt that solo play was too difficult. However, no one would play with him. He sat down in the pit hole, and pulled Sunshine closer to him, as tears fell.

“GAAAAAHAHHHHH!” A loud scream echoed across the canyon. He tilted his face up, and a rope smacked right on his face.

“Quick, heal him, he is bleeding!” A teenager’s voice sounded.

A female appeared above the pitfall and engulfed Kayle’s body with white, warm light.

Kayle clung onto the rope and hung there. 3 minutes later, Kayle was still hanging on the rope. The party figured out that Kayle had no idea how to climb the rope, and started pulling him out.

The 9 year old boy with red swollen eyes, finally got out of the pitfall, and appeared before them, together with a baby dragon.

“Wow, a dragon!” They exclaimed. The priest took out some smoked meat and waved it at Sunshine. With its tiny claws, Sunshine took the meat and started biting it. She also took out some donuts for Kayle.

“Eat this, I hope this will help you.”

Kayle accepted the donut and started chewing it slowly.

Donuts… it reminded Kayle of his childhood days. After school, his sisters would bring back a donut for him. He would share with his 5 sisters, and each would take a bite, and then it would be gone. However, ever since he received his own pocket money, the donuts that his sisters bought became a part of the past. He enjoyed the moment of joy when they flashed a piece of donut. He enjoyed the time when he share the donut with his sisters. He knew that it had become a piece of important memory, and it would not happen anymore.

“What is your name?” The priest spoke, bringing Kayle back from his memories.

“Kayle,” he replied in a soft tone.

“Are you lost? Have you taken the wrong path, and strayed from your friends? Let us bring you to a nearby village, then.”

Kayle nodded his head and stood up.

He followed the party back into the town.

On the way, more bandits appeared, and the party begin their formation. The knight charged forward, while the rogue disappeared into thin air. The priest buffed the team, including Kayle and Sunshine, and proceeded to prepare healing spells while holding Kayle’s hand. The archer started engaging the back lines of the bandits. It seemed they let Kayle into the fight due to his age. So Kayle commanded Sunshine to use its magic while he stayed alert for danger. His bestial sense activated suddenly, and he could feel danger approaching him and the priest. He lowered his stance, and prepared to use Iaijutsu in case anyone approached. He closed his eyes and prepared. With the passive, bestial sense, he could feel that the enemy was within a 6 meter radius of him. However, he didn’t know which direction the enemy was!! Instinctively, Kayle pulled the priest away from danger with his left hand, and used Iaijutsu, as something shot off from the ground. The sword sliced across the dust with a white trajectory, and blood soon followed, splashing out.

“ARGGGGHHHH!” a loud shout echoed, as the assassin was deeply cut across his chest. The priest panicked and bashed the assassin hard with her staff. The assassin got knocked back from the blow, and staggered. Using this opportunity, Kayle unsheathed his dagger and slit his throat. He died instantly from the fatal strike, and loot dropped.

Another threat appeared from behind the priest. Kayle twisted his body and dashed forward. The priest was surprised as Kayle approached her with lightning speed, and his sword was raised to her neck level. She was too slow to react, and the sword dove past her. “Pssstkk” the sound of sword penetrating flesh could be heard, and soon, a dagger followed, flying in the air and striking someone behind her. She turned her head. There was a rogue with a dagger in his head like a unicorn, and a long, slightly curved sword, that had pierced through his neck. She had been saved by Kayle, any second later, and she would be forcefully logged out, denied from gameplay for 1 day.

“Retreat!” A loud voice boomed across the cliff, and the bandits started disengaging. Kayle found his hand once again held tightly by the priest, as the bandits ran for their lives. The fight ended, and the party united again.

“Is everyone alright?” The knight asked. Everyone nod in affirmative, and the knight spoke again, “Well, we are so lucky that they didn’t attack our backline.”

“Oh, Kayle took care of the rogue and assassin,” the priest grinned.

“Wow, really?” The knight replied in surprise, and patted Kayle.

The group walked for an hour, before taking a lunch break while camping in a nearby cave.

Kayle logged out and walked to the dining table. His sisters were already at their seats, waiting for him before tucking in.

“When did you leave the party?” Asked Estee.

Kayle did not reply and started eating his lunch. Although it was his favourite food, fried rice, he did not enjoy it. He quickly wolfed down his food and walked off.

“What happened to Kayle?” Asked Caitlyn.

Estee started describing the incident, while Kayle logged back into the game.

Back in-game, Sunshine flew onto Kayle, demanding a hug. Sunshine had grown considerably after a few days in-game, and was now as tall as him. “Soon, you can fly with me riding on you!” Kayle cried out in excitement, while the party was having their lunch break. The priest approached him, and started talking to him,

“Kayle, how did you get lost from your party members?”

“I left them. My sisters do not want me in their party, so I left…” He replied in a downcast voice.

“I’m sorry for asking...”

“What is your name?”


Kayle sent her a friend request, while the rest of her party members logged on.

“Let’s go,” the knight announced. Everyone got up to their feet and start walking to the village close-by.

Kayle walked closely beside Isabelle, as he had found someone who would talk to him.


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