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He was back, Alex looked at the quirky little room they had started their journey in.
A damp nostalgic cave, the only exit had been replaced however, the space now sported a wooden doorway.
He scanned the surroundings more closely, the room was just as he recalled it, torches were strewn unto the walls along with weird glowing mushrooms on the floor.
Even the floor and ceiling were more or less as flat as he recalled them both.

'Still where is everyone else? Did she lie? Am I gonna have to do everything over? Alone?' Alex frowned, only slightly nervous, weeks of danger made him have thicker skin.

Looking down at himself Alex noted his grey shirt was back to pristine condition, he also had his running shoes and sports pants.
It was what he had worked out in last week, James had been there with him.

"Man, this is so weird." Alex laughed at his odd old habit of talking to himself.

'Oh, man. I had a whole damn speech ready...' Alex chuckled nervously, dread was beginning to knaw at his thoughts, he wasn't ready for this!

Nervous Alex tried to sort out his thoughts, he had to face Jessica and let her know there were no hard feelings, things just didn't work out, with the whole apocalypse thing coming he understood too.
He also wanted to thank both Eian and Sarah for their help and bid them a firm good-bye also, they had problems but those two had been very helpful.
More than anything though, he wanted to go home, take his bike out, call up James, buy some beer and get busted.
Maybe even hit that new spot they'd always wanted to go to, this whole adventure had been one thing after the next.


Alex blinked at the sound and slowly turned towards the door.


'Oh shit!' Alex scanned everywhere, ran over to a torch and grabbed it.

"Hey! You in there? The door won't open from this side!" Eian's voice asked behind the door.

Alex lowered the torch, feeling only slightly foolish.

"Yeah man." Alex smiled, it looked like this really was it.

Taking one last deep breath he walked forward and turned the knob.


The room was cozy, Sarah found this new room odd, it connected to three identical rooms as the original room they had originally awoken in.
In-front of her were Alex and Eian, both were silent and scanning everywhere for a few seconds.

"So I can say Jessica won't be coming." Sarah finished.
"....yeah." Alex replied with little emotion.

'Odd...he doesn't looked depressed nor even remotely sad. What happened? Did they really break up?" Sarah frowned at the puzzle, before shrugging it off as none of her business.

"Well, I guess I'll start." Alex stepped forward.

Sarah stood there looking at him as he wore a warm smile, he seemed confident which added to her confusion.

"Sarah." Alex started.
"Huh?" Sarah blinked at her name.
"I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done, you really helped us out and I really appreciate it. I know I wasn't the easiest guy to get along with, so thank you as well for putting up with me." Alex gave her a winning smile.

Sarah gaped, who was this and what did he do with Alex?

"Eian." Alex said.
"Yeah?" Eian looked equally as confused as Sarah, he even took a step back.
"Thanks also man. You were cool this whole trip, er...if you're ever close by don't be a stranger. You too Sarah." Alex seemed to add the last bit as an after thought.
"...Okay?" Eian scratched his head, he smiled obviously trying to cover the awkwardness of the situation.

Alex quickly proceeded to give them his contact information.
Sarah quickly forgot it, she had no intention of ever seeing him again, he wasn't the absolute worst person in the world, but she didn't really like ot be around 'cool' kids.
Besides that she also lived very far, and she was never really that friendly to any of them.

"I just came here to say goodbye. It felt rude to just leave after everything." Sarah clarified.
"Oh...That's cool I guess." Alex smiled at her as well.

Another awkward moment later Sarah decided to get the worst over with first.

"Before everything's over. I actually wanted to thank you too, Alex." Sarah squirmed, biting her lip, she'd rather cough up blood rather than this.
"Yeah?" Alex turned to look at her with a small smile.
"Yes. You saved my life back there. Well...if it were all real you know." Sarah felt the walls caving in on her, both guys were looking at her like she grew another head.

Alex for his part looked a little shock, before he gave her a smile and shook his head.

"No worries. We were a team. You saved my life more than once too. Plus as you said, it wasn't really....well real. So yeah let's call it even." Alex scratched his head and had a bit of coloring in his face.

'Is he blushing?' Sarah nearly barked out a laugh at the sight, but managed to hold back.

Glad beyond measure that was over with Sarah continued.

"Thanks also Eian. You were a great help." Sarah gave him a warm smile, he was the one whom had given her the least headache.
"...No prob." Eian looked to be in deep thought.

Soon, as no one was speaking, everything quickly became awkward.
So Sarah decided to at least try to break the ice.

"Everything's going to change you know. The world's going to get a lot more dangerous, so you should try to adapt." She looked at Alex, she wasn't really worried about Eian as he performed admirably.
"....roger." Alex smile died, he even sighed and looked at the floor."
"Healer's are going to be valuable though." As Sarah spoke the words, Alex's eyes shot up at her surprised.
"What do you mean!?" Alex looked near panic and spoke in a rush.

Sarah flinched at his tone, mildly startled.

"Oh. I mean that you guys will help keeping people alive." Sarah quickly finished, Alex visibly relaxed.
"Roger, sorry I...I'm just a bit jumpy with everything." Alex smiled, but it clearly wasn't his sincere one.

'Did...he just lie to me?' Sarah looked at him funny, she spent a while doing that trying to figure him out.

"Er...Is something on my face?" Alex kept his friendly smile, but Sarah though she saw worry there.
"....No. It's nothing." Sarah decided it wasn't worth prying, he wasn't the first person to lie to her and he wouldn't be the last, Alex visibly relaxed.

'Well. I think that's it.' Sarah went quite.


Eian looked at his two team-mates, honestly speaking he didn't know what to say.
They had been through some hard times together sure, but when he really thought about it they were only together for convenience sake.
Sarah had made it quite clear she was only here to say goodbye and Eian felt it was an appropriate response, in the end they were only just strangers forced to cooperate.
Alex had made it clear he was okay meeting up with them again, he seemed to even mean it, a reaction which Eian found a little stranger than Sarah's especially for a normal person, but he seemed like a happy go lucky guy so...maybe it was a fit?

'Then again...I wouldn't really mind hanging out.' Eian shrugged he didn't have that many friends, it was mostly just the vast distance that deterred him, along with the fact it seemed like the damn end of the world was coming.

Strictly speaking Alex only lived a state away so it wasn't so crazy to think they could meet, Sarah lived way up north somewhere in Canada and Eian never wanted to meet up with Jessica again, thankfully she lived far far away.

Now Eian realized something, without a clear set goal in front of them, they were just strangers awkward around one another, each on of them had set a small distance and was idling about.

'How do we even leave?' Eian looked about the room, it had a few couches about and Alex had sat down on one, Sarah was equally scanning the place.

He felt a little eager to leave, it had been a while and he was seriously worried for his mom, he lived with her so he was anxious to check up on her.
Then he planned to call his both his grand-parents, after that he planned rush-stock up on food and essentials.
Ul had been rather vague on the impending crisis, but Eian knew he needed lots of water, and food.

'The question I use my savings or not?' Eian cringed, he'd been working for a while now to save for college, but the end of the world wasn't going to wait on him.

"Greetings." A new feminine voice emerged from somewhere.
"Fuck!" Eian spooked and shot up, Alex and Sarah had similar reactions, Alex falling to the floor and Sarah hands raised.
"Who are you?" Sarah demanded.
"Can we help you?" Alex was climbing back on his couch.

"I am Myru. An oracle." A silver haired blind-folded youth smiled at them, facing Sarah.
"An oracle? A future reader? Like Jessica?" Sarah seemed to know a bit more than Eian, so he didn't interrupt.
"In part, but mostly no. I have come to let you know your final team-mate is safe, but she is under heavy stress thus decided not to come." Myru responded.
"What kind of stress?" Alex asked this time, looking at her questioningly.

"She will be fine." Myru answered casually, with a tone which brokered no argument, Alex himself let out a breathe and relaxed on his couch.
"Is there something else? I am anxious to get home. Is there a way to do that?" Sarah asked, Eian agreed wholeheartedly.
"Yes. This is the end of our good-will project. At least where it pertains to your world. A bit of advice sparkling." Myru smiled at Sarah knowingly.

Eian frowned, he hadn't ever heard someone referred to in that way.
Glancing at Sarah he noticed a conflicted expression on her face.

"A thread of fate is not so easily severed, nor ignored. Remember well. Your soul is already claimed, careful with which forces you partake of help, least they try to claim a Dragon's share." Myru smiled condescendingly.
"What does that mean?! I'm no one's property!" Sarah raised her voice, an angry look on her face.
"I have nothing more to add. Good-bye." Myru shrugged, with a flick of her wrist Sarah vanished.

Eian burst into cold sweat, this person clearly held significant authority in this place.
The stranger 'Myru' turned to look at Alex, her smile never faltered, not once.

"You walk ahead, blind to fault, blind to greed, blind to evil, do not turn your eyes away from the seeds of doubt which grow in you, paranoia is a trait which usually keeps many a wise man alive. Take care of whom you trust." Myru declared before Alex.
"What-" Alex started, but vanished with a flick of Myru's wrist.

Eian frowned, he wasn't liking this at all, she seemed to be giving them some type of future warning.
Compared to Jessica, this person was the real deal, not someone new to her powers.

As Myru turned to him, Eian instinctively swallowed dryly, he hoped it wasn't some premonition of doom.

"What holds value? What do you fight for? What would you die for?" Myru asked.

Eian blinked uncomprehending.

"In a world of destruction men need a cause, a reason to strive forward. I see you shrouded in darkness, lost without guiding light. Find your light, clasp it close if you wish to live and not just be alive." Myru spoke in riddles.

The last thing Eian felt was confusion, before the world washed away in white.

A note from Crazysurvivor79

I'll take about a month to fully hammer out what I really want in arc 2 then start posting! Thanks for reading guys!

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Janorkin @Janorkin ago

Thanks for the chapter

Lord Vile @Lord Vile ago

Thanks for the chapter


    Crazysurvivor79 @Crazysurvivor79 ago

    Thank you for your continued support!

    Your goats fed my favorite Tree. Soon I'll need to start offering it the blood of my enemies, that or virgins, but that'd be a waste unless they're ugly. The Tree won't spawn fruits of eternal youth otherwise, whats a guy to do?

      Lord Vile @Lord Vile ago

      As a poor peasant farmer, I have plenty of daughters, some of them virgin and all of the ugly, how many are we talking here?


      Crazysurvivor79 @Crazysurvivor79 ago

      Hmm...Going by the fact my first fruit will spawn soon. I'd say it takes about 20 to 30 sacfices in total, the real amount depends of course on the quality of sacrifice provided, if your offering goats you'll probably need about fifty, heart blood of the recently dead also works to a low degree, but where the hell would I get a stockpile of blood from people whom just died?

      The answer is of course irrelevant once I'm immortal I won't care, someone else can feed the tree after that.

      Lord Vile @Lord Vile ago

      Dont ask how, but I may have some recently dead heartblood, its quality may be low, but it more than make up for it in quanity, and we can fill in the gaps with some of those ugly ones we talked about

Deinos @Deinos ago

So I guess the "Interlude" is now over? Very Happy


    Crazysurvivor79 @Crazysurvivor79 ago

    Yep. Unless I decide to add more, but I felt this fully closed off a few loose ends in this arc.

    1.) They know for sure Jess will be fine. (which is kind of something that might have otherwise been a bother, I mean ...not in a bad way, but they'd be like "I wonder if she was ever alright..." Stuff like that could lead to regrets. In my opinion of course.)

    2.) I revealed a bit more of what kind of people the main characters are.

    3.) I gave a glimpse of powerful individuals out there and which faction is responsible for this stuff.

    4.) Most of them (except Jessica) got a bit of a more training and some advice on what to do.

    5.) They said a proper good-bye to each other. (That's important I feel. Idk about you guys, but not saying a goodbye would feel a bit tragic.....maybe I should have done that?. Oh well the rice is cooked.)

    I probably did a few more things too, but you know... I'm lazy right now. Very Happy

darkpoint @darkpoint ago

Thanks for the chapter. Well these are some ominous premonitions. smile

Looking forward to arc 2.

Curious to see more development between Sarah and Adara. When will Adara come back? Will probably quite a long time.


    Crazysurvivor79 @Crazysurvivor79 ago

    Yeah sorry. Adara's too strong for Earth, she's prohibited from entering by this same faction. So until Sarah can leave it'll be close to impossible. I supposed Sarah could try communicating with her, but she doesn't have a favorable impression of her at the moment.

    As for the promonitions, well I have a few key things that'll definately happen in arc two and three. So I just tohught over them and what it could pertain to the main characters and there you go. Made them on the spot... so if you see something weird let me know. Very Happy

Daxus @Daxus ago

Can I just say maybe Eian motivation could simply be protecting his family and destroy any opposition that dares to harm them or him as a man Without fear of the unknown that which stands together with Titans giants that can easily face gods I can just see already. Alex could become a immortal warrior with blood that can heal others and magic that also those the same a freak that is not afraid of pain or even death as can keep fighting until his enemies give up or die while maintain a heart that trust and distrust others easily. Sarah someone who’s soul is at risk but continues to fight for it with ferocious fury with immense attack power that show others she is not an object for others to play with instead something to fear if they ever cross he path as she kills them until dust no even remains. Jessica the cower that would use any means to survive as her own being is death that can bring to others that remain by her side as she can see when will others die while having the very touch of death itself if enemies dare to go near her.

    Daxus @Daxus ago

    Sorry for the long comment I just read a story in which gave short summary of what a character could become in the future. Just say if is too much and I will delete it.


      Crazysurvivor79 @Crazysurvivor79 ago

      I don't mind anyone commenting. Very Happy ( Unless your spewing mean insults at someone. Don't worry all you've ever given is criticism, which I like. Thanks!)

      Daxus @Daxus ago

      but you still didn’t answer the question about if you like it or not the possible premise of what each them could become. Maybe I should simplify Eian should become like a titan not a huge one but normal size human more compacted. Alex a immortal warrior or Paladin that just can’t die easily. Sarah a witch or maybe a destruction avatar that can even scare and control demons. Jessica I really rather not but maybe a death Oracle that can cause death through touch or like the movies final destination 1-5.

      Daxus @Daxus ago

      Ps I’m only commenting because I might be bit bore so I thought just spread these ideas in my head until i need to delete them if it’s a bother. Also Myru is kinda like Jessica in the way she acts all self entitled I guess arrogance can’t be wash away. 


      Crazysurvivor79 @Crazysurvivor79 ago

      Well Myru is also a daddies girl...she's just a lot older than Jessica. She is the daughter of an elder god so...yeah people have shown her respect from young and she is powerful in her own right. Combine that with the ability to direct her future, well...nothing goes wrong for her.

      True Oracles are rare, very rare this makes them a boon on your side, but a great danger on the other. I won't reveal more on this because that would spoil a bit more, but I think you get the idea. Very Happy


    Crazysurvivor79 @Crazysurvivor79 ago

    Yes everyone has the motivation to protect family, but apart from that? What will he want? What will he do? Be idle, try getting a job? That story would be a bit boring, no? With this change I see a lot of people will be looking to use power to break free from what used to hold them back. some of it will lead to anarchy, but surprisingly there ARE good people out there too. Even in unexpected places.

    As for their end build. Well for NOW, they are Loosly built on archetypes that aren't new, but I'll try to spice that up, remember they are just starting so they'll evolve with time. Eian's based as a defensive earth warrior, Alex is based as sort of a healer whom is trainsitioning into a paladin right now, Sarah's a typical mage with a foccus on fire, Jessica is sort of like a witch. Remember these are just what they are based on. In the future nothings stopping anyone from focusing more on what the situation demands, especially when it comes to covering up for their weaknesses.

      Daxus @Daxus ago

      Thanks for the answer that just made a lot of things clearer do I had this crazy idea that maybe each would one day consume a creature or the blood ancient being that would go well with their build just so they don’t only reliant on killing monsters to become stronger because that would be too repetitive and in my opinion good old training to increase skill,magic,ki, mental and physical should still be possible. You know maybe I should not posted that comment it seems too much want me to delete it I’m cool with it if you want too.


      Crazysurvivor79 @Crazysurvivor79 ago

      The thing about killing things is theres a cap. I mean its not like there is an infinite number of monsters at the immortal level. So even though the level of pwer has no real limit, the problem is 'Where am I going to go now to kill things to get stronger?' Basically there won't be that many opponents to kill....unless your a psycopath and have no qualms killing your peers just to get stronger, and as you can imagine that would get you in a lot of trouble with said peers.

      Edite: there are millions of beings at the immortal level so that was a slip lol. But I mean killing them is immoral.

      Daxus @Daxus ago

      So you are going to use other methods to make them stronger that will not seem boring and repetitive like just killing monsters to gain power.


      Crazysurvivor79 @Crazysurvivor79 ago

      Hm....I suppose I've left enough clues to ...clue you in. But the tattoo's main function is to hash out a lot of warriors of a certain level. While these warriors aren't exactly powerful by themselves, the sheer quantity of them as well as the speed was record-breaking. When it was invented it gave the creators a ground-breaking advantage which they retain to this day, despite the 'technology' being already in the hands of their enemies.

      Basically like I said theres a sort of cap, the cap being that there won't be enough to kill to grow stronger like this. The cap is still a bit aways for now killing stuff is the fastest way to get stronger. At least in terms of raw power. Remember studying like Sarah is also incredibly useful. I mean they could learn how to cultivate (implied by the Qi guy) but thats wayyyyy slower than just grabbbing an axe and killing stuff now.

      Long Explaination over. Yes they will get stronger in some some other way. What those will be for now...welll I have at least one solid idea and for some of them ideas for Eian, Sarah and Jessica, while I'm still fiddling with Alex, so many possibilities.....

      Edit: I took a bathe and realized I might have worded this in a way which might have been insulting. If so I'm truly sorry. I was caught up in the moment of story telling I didn't quite check my wording.

redmangaka @redmangaka ago

just binged this it was soooo good really love the characters, the fact that all of them feel so relatable in their actions emotions and decisions


    Crazysurvivor79 @Crazysurvivor79 ago

    Wow! Thank you for the support! I'm glad you engoyed it, it really makes me happy to know my work entertains people. It's a good feeling. Very Happy I'm working a bit on stabalizing what ideas I want for arc two right now, which is really going to be a bit more challenging to write.

Flammenwerfer @Flammenwerfer ago

Thanks for the chapter.

Eian for MC!

Qanelin @Qanelin ago

I really enjoyed everything except the Alex interludes. For that I just don't like idiot protagonists.

Everything else though was very well done. Thank you.


    Crazysurvivor79 @Crazysurvivor79 ago

    Thank-you for reading, it always makes me glad to know someone appreciates all the work I put into this story. I know I'm not the best but creating something gives me a sense of accomplishment and knowing people appreciate it motivates me.

    *As for Alex.

    Well there are quite a few idiots in the world, so I decided it would be weird not to have at least one character whom had trouble adapting, I always find it weird when everyone seems to always know what to do next and adapt in a neat and uniform way. Thanks for bearing through despite those.

BarriaKarl @BarriaKarl ago

Eian's goal is to get strong enough to kick Ul's ass. Probably the most ambitous of them all.