Alternate Dreams

by Crazysurvivor79

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic Multiple Lead Characters Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

People always go to sleep. Everyone everywhere and anywhere must sleep. Generally we welcome sleep as a time to rest and relax, but what if that changes?. This is a story about 4 young adults whom dont remember how they got together in a supernatural cavern after falling asleep in their homes. Follow them as they hope to emerge from their unexpected circumstances while wondering what could have possiblly taken them there.

*Authors Note: Feel free to give me pointers, this is my first time trying to write and I'm doing it in hopes that practice indeed does make make perfect. If your going to say bad things about it please say it in a constructive and professional manner. I'll try to get a chapter out every week around Friday-Saturday.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Dream 1 ago
Dream 2 ago
Dream 3 ago
Dream 4 ago
Dream 5 ago
Dream 6 ago
Dream 7 ago
Dream 8 ago
Dream 9 ago
Dream 10 ago
Dream 11 ago
Dream 12 ago
Dream 13 ago
Dream 14 ago
Dream 15 ago
Dream 16 ago
Dream 17 ago
Dream 18 ago
Dream 19 ago
Dream 20 ago
Dream 21 ago
Dream 22 ago
Dream 23 ago
Dream 24 ago
Dream 25 ago
Dream 26 ago
Dream 27 ago
Dream 28 ago
Dream 29 ago
Dream 30 ago
Dream 31 ago
Dream 32 ago
Dream 33 ago
Dream 34 ago
Dream 35 ago
Dream 36 ago
Dream 37 ago
Dream 38 ago
Dream 39 ago
Dream 40 ago
Dream 41 ago
Dream 42 ago
Dream 43 ago
Dream 44 ago
Dream 45 ago
Dream 46 ago
Dream 47 ago
Dream 48 ago
Dream 49 ago
Dream 50 ago
Dream 51 ago
Dream 52 ago
Dream 53 ago
Dream 54 ago
Dream 55 ago
Dream 56 ago
Dream 57 ago
Dream 58 ago
Dream 59 ago
Dream 60 ago
Dream 61 ago
Dream 62 ago
Dream 63 ago
Dream 64 ago
Dream 65 ago
Dream 66 ago
Dream 67 ago
Dream 68 ago
Dream 69 ago
Dream 70 ago
Dream 71 ago
Dream 72 ago
Dream 73 ago
Dream 74 ago
Dream 75 ago
Dream 76 ago
Dream 77 ago
Dream 78 ago
Interlude 1 ago
Interlude 2 ago
Interlude 3 ago
Interlude 4 ago
Interlude 5 ago
Interlude 6 ago
Interlude 7 ago
Interlude 8 ago
Alternate 1 ago
Alternate 2 ago
Alternate 3 ago
Alternate 4 ago
Alternate 5 ago
Alternate 6 ago
Alternate 7 ago
Alternate 8 ago
Alternate 9 ago
Alternate 10 ago
Army Reports ago
Alternate 11 ago
Alternate 12 ago
Alternate 13 ago
Alternate 14 ago
Alternate 15 ago
The Conqueror's End ago
Alternate 16 ago
Alternate 17 ago
Alternate 18 ago
Alternate 19 ago
The First Call ago
Alternate 20 ago

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This is what story writing is all about.

My greatest favourite so far on RR. The story takes an old clasic litrpg, and dispenses with the silly "interface" bullshit in an ingenious and in hindsight rather obvious way.

I won't post anything plot related in this review, so it's spoiler free.

The main characters are belieavable and relatable to the extreeme. They have the feeling of being real people, with flaws and strenghts that could fit people you know, or just met on the street. You do feel for them, be it the desire to smack them on the back of their heads, or to pat them on the back and tell em good job.

The style used is easy to follow, and there is generally no jarring shifts in perspective that leaves you wondering who's pov you are reading. The flow is good, and the story feels like it's flowing rather naturally from one event to the next. You get to know the people gradually trough their interactions with each other, and there is no glaringly obvious info dumps going on, and those that do happen are well integrated into the story as part of interactions between the mains and other characters. their sizes are also small enough to not go far into exposition territory.

The grammar is simply good. By RR standards I'd even go so far to say it's excelent.

I highly recomend giving this story a good read. you won't regret it.

Lord Vile
  • Overall Score
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Great story, the mark of good writing is when you feel for the characters, the characters are believably flawed, at some points I've wanted to slap both of the girls and alexs dumb ass. There is little issue with the overall style, the story is a nice new spin, there is nothing wrong with the grammer that cant be fixed with a quick edit. You have written a great story, dont stop, dont give up, good luck and I look forward to the rest of this story.

  • Overall Score
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Well done with a side of adventure

 This is an amazing first story. I hope he keeps writing this story long term. If you think the story is slow stick with it. The writing is well done.

I am loving the magic system, I hope the characters continue to advance rapidly. However I am enjoying the fact the characters didn't instantly become OP

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
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Top quality story, just needs proofreading

Brilliant story. The characters are well fleshed out, it hints at what's happening but saves the big reveal for the end. 

The story just has a few grammar and spelling issues in each chapter though, might want to sort that out.

  • Overall Score

So nice to have another story to look forward to!

I love the story so far. At first I had skipped clicking on this because I saw it was a group story and I hate how almost all group stories are written, but since I have thoroughly exhausted reading material I had to check it out. Now I am glad I did. What's even better is the sexual content tag.

  • Overall Score

Really good. Give it a try!

Great story and characters. Some of the main characters actions will make you cringe, but that is the result of developed cahracters and not bad writting.


That said, after 65 chapters I still wanted more. Can't really point the best part of it because all parts are excelent.


Author, keep up the good work!

Fellow readers, give this one a chance, you will probably like it.


Alex Raal
  • Overall Score

story is not bad. three of the four main characters are annoying, but understandable though in no way sympathetic. as for grammer, well, ever since i read age of heros i don't put much stake in the idea that bad grammer can ruin a good story.

despite all of this however; it advertises its self as a LitRPG but it isn't. there are no little blue boxes, well defind stats, or skills. technically there are stats but there skyrim stats: body, mind, and spirit that is it and apparently atleast as far as i have read it has implyed the existance of a diffrece in ability between people with the same level in any given stat. which pretty much invalidates the need for stats at all.

on top of this is the as mentioned above non-existance of little blue boxes to provide the reader and characters with objectly real knowladge about the world the characters are inhabiting. witch just leaves us with the assumptions of the characters who are not very trustworthy regardless of what the mind stat might indicate. they are all overly emotional and act like children in desperate need of objective facts that allow them to get on with the story.