Chronicles of the Last Hermit

by 12thGod

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Historical Male Lead Martial Arts Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content


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Within the land of the Far East, located at the end of the world, there exist numerous kingdoms and countries. The largest kingdom of all, Srivijaya, has its grip loosen due to political strife and internal wars. The land succumbs to turmoil where skirmishes exist almost everywhere.


Deep in the jungle, where travelers and merchants occasionally pass by along their way to another kingdom and country, a boy is born. He lives happily along with his beautiful loving mother and father. He possesses no ambition except to marry his childhood friend, have babies and live a blissful life.


But blissful life was never his fate.


Read the story of a boy in his journey to become the final hermit in the land of the Far East.


Note: I am an amateur writer. I have never written any novels and English is not my native language either. If you find grammatical errors or find a better phrase of sentences for the betterment of the story, do leave your comment to me and we can discuss it together. I highly appreciate your comments.


Update: I have joined The WriTE Pledge as a way to ensure I write this story to the end. You may click the banner shown below to find other interesting novels who have also pledged to write their novels to the end. I have also opened up my Patreon page, which those who pledge will be able to read advance chapters.

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12th God

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Riverside Village ago
Chapter 2: Ratna ago
Chapter 3: Adi ago
Chapter 4: A Father's Expectation ago
Chapter 5: Rites of Adulthood ago
Chapter 6: Destiny Unfolds ago
Chapter 7: The Matrimony ago
Chapter 8: The Preparation ago
Chapter 9: The Kingdoms ago
Chapter 10: Signs of Trouble ago
Chapter 11: For Honour, For Glory ago
Chapter 12: May We Be Together In The Next Life ago
Chapter 13: Heading Towards Langkasuka ago
Chapter 14: Lek and Achara ago
Chapter 15: Human Prepare, Fate Dictates ago
Chapter 16: Soaring Heaven Sect ago
Chapter 17: Soaring Heaven Sect Master Garuda ago
Chapter 18: Elder Nara ago
Chapter 19: Inner Energy ago
Chapter 20: Ultimate Doom for a Life ago
Chapter 21: Ajna ago
Chapter 22: May Our Soul Rest Together In The Afterlife ago
Chapter 23: The Resolve ago
Chapter 24: Silat, Muay & Mystic Arts ago
Chapter 25: Averted Calamities ago
Chapter 26: Hall of Spirit Test ago
Chapter 27: Spirit Gaur ago
Chapter 28: The Feelings Between the Two ago
Chapter 29: Hall of Martial Sparring ago
Chapter 30: The Day Before the Tournament ago
Chapter 31: Core Disciple Grand Tournament (Part 1) ago
Chapter 32: Core Disciple Grand Tournament (Part 2) ago
Chapter 33: Core Disciple Grand Tournament (Part 3) ago
Chapter 34: Adiputra ago
Chapter 35: 2 Years After ago
Chapter 36: First Mission ago
Chapter 37: Trouble at the Port ago
Chapter 38: The End of Bandits ago
Chapter 39: Kill Only When Killing is the Greater Good ago

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  • Overall Score

There are so few chapters out but I like it so far. I would have given more stars but there are grammar errors. They are not jarring and if you are focused enough, sometimes you do not notice them, but they are there. I hope this story continues to bring great promise.