Overlord's Rise

by Viken

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Harem Martial Arts Supernatural
NOTE: This is a story I wrote a bit of before finding that RRL had started hosted fanfics, but I thought I could share what I have of it just for shits and giggles. It may not be updated, unless it gets a good turnout.

In the world of Asteria, a warlord arose from the fighting clans that dominated the lands in the central continent of Aphrona. His might and his power eventually stretched over all of the known world, and he used it to become as a god amongst the various races.

All forms of fighting, thievery, and other negative traits were ruthlessly subdued, and the united lands enjoyed its first, and longest period of civility. It was a golden age that lasted centuries.

Until the Overlord was viciously slain by summoned 'Heroes', people who came from other worlds and who's growth seemingly knew no bounds.

After his death, the entire world fell into ruins.

That was three thousand years ago, and suddenly the Overlord opens his eyes for the first time since his death. And promptly finds himself reincarnated as the weakest creature in the known world.

An Imp!

This is the story of his rise back to power, and of his desire for revenge against those fools who wronged him and set the world back into endless ages of brutal warfare, greed, and infighting.

NOTE: This story does or will have sexual content, blood and gore, and probably some cursing tossed in somewhere along the way.

NOTE: This story is in a Re:Monster-like diary format. It is not formatted with tables, so everything is a little jumbled. I will not be fixing it unless people like it.
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Highly Enjoyed This

I vote for you to keep writing this! Although I don’t want you to stop your other ones either hehe, thanks for writing!

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Registered to ask for more

Great potential fo this story, would be a shame if it was discontinued !!

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Nice FF with lots of potential

Hi Viken, i really like your FF and I hope you continue writing it. It is indeed similar to "Re: Monster" and that's the reason I chose to read it.


The MC is reborn into a weak creature (an imp) and with very poor stats but, just like in "Re: Monster", he gains stats and skills by eating both monsters and items, so I can tell he'll end up being very OP (which is good!). Another good thing is that the author strengthens the MC at a steady pace, without rushing it (meaning there's no big jumps in power from one chapter to the next).


I'm glad to say that the MC isn't one of those typical dumb characters that are so frequent nowadays in many stories and he actually uses his brain to get things done. I like the way he starts gathering followers and creating "farms" to procure a steady supply of food lol. I hope the author develops this into something much bigger, like a village or something like that.


The grammar and style is very passable. I found a couple of mistakes here and there, but nothing to worry about, so no problems here.


Now, that being said, i did find a few things in the story that needs to be adressed:

- The story really needs to introduce more characters that can actually speak, so that the MC can interact with them. Sure, the monster pets are nice, but they aren't nearly enough.

- The power ups by "Consumption" are a little inconsistent. When the MC eats the first spider he gets a few stats points, but then he kills and eats 20 more plus a spider queen and he only gets a few more points than with the first spider. The same thing happens with the rats, he eats like 50 of them plus their boss and only gets a few points. I'm not saying he should get more points, but rather the author should explain in the story why he only gets so few of them.

- The length of the chapters varies greatly from one another. While a couple of them are long enough, most are simply quite short.

- Also the author needs to learn how make the tables (the blue boxes).


Overall, a good read that i recommend to everyone!

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A new angle and interesting

This story starts off abit slow but gets very intersting, it a overlord starting at the bottom of the heap. Trying to work, his way up :)! I would really liek for you to keep posting this story!!

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It's a nice fanfic, in which the demons are not the villains for a change.

The problems i have with it are:

The list of abilities is becoming too long (shorten it or just give us the stats without the abilities)

I want to know more of what the personality of the main character is (maybe flashbacks of his former life) but maybe we'll get to see this when he finds someone to talk to.

The demon land seems a bit ....normal. I would like a description of spiderlings/demon rats and how they differ from the normal kind

Other than that, the grammar is good and the main character's growth is well-paced

I think this fanfic is above average for this site. (and better then some that are in the top 50)

  • Overall Score

a bit of plagarism and ability theft from re;monster but hey it is still a great read and i hope it is continued