"Mountain of death"

Mountain of death, also known as Mountain ridges.. the only mountain ridge in the continent of middle earth that divide each of the land.


Erebor                           iron hills
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Currently yun is at the foot of the mountain of death in mordor.

Yun carried the swords on his back and started to climb the mountain slowly.

After 10 mins of climbing, yuns sp becomes 10.

Str+ 1
Vit+ 1

Yun then rest for awhile and drink another sp potion to recover his sp.

Then he continue climbing the Mountain of Death.. after another 30 mins he gains another 3 str and 3 vit. In an hour of climbing ,yun  have gained 6 vit and 6 str. After that, It took him 3 hrs of climbing to reach the flat ground of the mountain.. and during his climb he gained a total of 30 str and vit.

Reaching the flat ground, Yun took out his blood sword and roam around.. on his way he found a stairs heading to the peak of the mountain..with that,yun will no longer climb it through the wall..

All of a sudden while climbing up ,yun have heard foot steps..

Yun: Invisibility activate..

Yun then become invisible..

Two orcs soldier went down from the peak of the mountain.

Yun: Orcs.... then just like what I know...there is a base near here...

The orcs never did expect that yun is just at their back.

Yun with his blood sword killed the two orcs...



Invisible to the eyes of everyone he  went to the base of the orcs.  It was an old abondoned arrow this tower lies an underground passage that is directly connected to orcs barracks..

Yun : Time to clear the whole area 



Yun killed the 9th orc..

He then took out his light sword and ventured the tower killing any orcs with it..

Most of the orcs were on their hall at this time, feasting their meal in whole pack. It was at the bottom of cylindrical wall..

Right now, yun is at the top of the
Tower.and Not far away from him, were the loud noise of the orcs. Yun went to the rear and saw pack of orcs. Covered with invisibilty, he goes down with his blood sword .


His sword is now covered with black aura, and As soon as he reached the last staircase... he waved his sword towards the pack of orc...

A massive sword slash covered the whole area..and what comes next was the cracking of wall...


The slash have killed all of the orcs that is present in that area.

After that, knowing that there is no more orc in the area, he searched for an underground ladder that is connected to the heart of the mountain and He found It under the destroyed table. he then opened it and climbed down the ladder.

"Flaming Hell Impel"

The heart of the mountain ridges or barracks, where orcs corrupt new soldiers, torture them and brainwashed their thinking until they become hybrid orcs .....

Right now yun can smell the filty stinks of the orcs. Underneath them was molten lava......

DING!!! SERVER ANNOUNCEMENT!! Player zhang successfully kill lvl 30 boss. His " shall be recorded in history.!!!!

DING!!! SERVER ANNOUNCEMENT!! Player Wolv successfully kill lvl 25 boss. His " shall be recorded in history.!!!!

The announcement rang out inside the mountain cave...and yuns invisibility has faded.

Every orc that is present at that time was alarmed!

URUKS: ! ! ! !

Yun: oh oh,  Sorry

Orc chieftain: INTRUUUUDERRR !!!! ! ! !

Yun attempted to run back yet several orcs started to attack yun.

DING!!! SERVER ANNOUNCEMENT!! Player yue successfully kill lvl 10 boss. Her " shall be recorded in history.!!!!

Yun : What the hell is going on ,Dammnt


Yun was forced to fight




Yun: Caught already. :huh...

Yun kept his light sword on his back and used the blood sword for him to tame it.


Then a huge crowd of orcs encircled him




Then a black aura started to form on his blood sword.


On his tenth attk.. another sword slash flew out.




Yun: Safe


A group of new orcs came infront of him

Yun: or maybe not







Yun continued his hacking and piercing of sword and Every time yun reach his tenth attk a sword slash will flew out giving him a great relief.












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