Ruin - Soon to be Published!

by Xbwalker

The land of Ruin is a brutal, harsh, and unforgiving desert with little water and less kindness. Do not mistake its brutality for lack of life though. Thousands of traders and people from all walks of life travel its vast reaches daily looking to make their fortune in the trade of "black crystal" - the mineral that fuels everything from airships to, landships, to currency its self. There is even rumor of its magical properties.

Jim is just such a trader and frankly, he sucks at it. But, things are about to change for him. Ever the introverted hermit, he's about to be thrust into a world of intrigue, magic, and colorful friends. Ruin gives few second chances. Don't waste yours.

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The man who imagined himself a writer

Word Count (11)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Map and Foreword ago
Ruin - Chapter 1: Awakened ago
Ruin - Chapter 2: Changing Scenery ago
Ruin - Chapter 3: Clockwork ago
Ruin - Chapter 4: Tempest ago
Ruin - Chapter 5: Sand Again ago
Ruin - Chapter 6: Skimmers ago
Ruin - Chapter 7: Rock Bottom ago
Ruin - Chapter 8: Prophetess ago
Ruin - Chapter 9: Payday ago
Ruin - Chapter 10: Descent ago
Ruin - Chapter 11: The Vault ago
Ruin - Chapter 12: Ascent ago
Ruin - Chapter 13: The Black Forest ago
Ruin - Chapter 14: Ll'tal ago
Ruin - Chapter 15: Prophecy ago
Ruin - Chapter 16: Betrayal ago
Ruin - Chapter 17: The Meeting ago
Ruin - Chapter 18: History ago
Ruin - Chapter 19: Last Night ago
Ruin - Chapter 20: Grand Theft Airship ago
Ruin - Chapter 21: Prepare to Fight ago
Ruin - Chapter 22: Sound the Alarm ago
Ruin - Chapter 23: The Calm Before the Storm ago
Ruin - Chapter 24: The Phoenix ago
Ruin - Chapter 25: The Trenches ago
Ruin - Chapter 26: The Skies ago
Ruin - Chapter 27: The Few ago
Ruin - Epilogue ago
Ruin is Coming to Stores! ago
Ruin is Now at!! ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 1: Liberation ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 2: Trouble in Paradise ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 3: Freeport ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 4: Ship in a Bottle ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 5: Another World ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 6: Echoes of the Past ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 7: A Candle Burning ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 8: Blood and Metal ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 9: Ghosts ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 10: Dreams and Desire ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 11: Memories and Miracles ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 12: More Prophecy ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 13: Nothing Ever Goes as Planned ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 14: Nothing Ever Stays the Same ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 15: Stoking the Fire ago
Secrets of Ruin - Chapter 16 - Escape ago
I Was Picked Up By a Publisher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ago
Ruin is Heading to Print!!! We did it! ago

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A very entertaining story!

Fast paced. Good grammar. Interesting story and characters with personality and logic behind their actions fitting the context.

In short, I loved it.

According to the autor this book is just the first of 3(maybe 4) in the saga and has no lack of action, adventure, fantasy, and magic.

Bait: There, better I don't spoil it for you, just go and read it, I recommend it.


A decent story, worth to spend some time on.

This book does read like a published book.

I myself noticed barely any grammar mistakes and even if there were any, they were of no problem to the overall reading experience.

The pacing is also decently fast without wasting much potentional plot.

The world in wich the story takes place in is pretty well built along with the characters being interesting, there is no stupid stuff which you would see in other novels.

Also all the art for this story cannot be forgotten, the art is drawn pretty well and fits in within this book.

This review is for the first book, not for the later ones since i have not read them yet.

As in overall, a good story with very good writing, i hope this author completes the rest of the series.