Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Psychological Romance Tragedy
In a universe where Magic is the origin of all things, Zwölf is a normal teen with the ambition of becoming a Magician. One day, he gets the opportunity to expand his knowledge of Magic by travelling through the seemingly peaceful world. However, he will soon discover the darkest sides of life - the hard way.

Comes with illustrations, like a light novel -
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Desperate Joker

Desperate Joker

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0 - Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - Father's arrival ago
Chapter 2 - First battle ago
Chapter 3 - Fear ago
Chapter 4 - Wind Cut ago
Chapter 4.5 - Hell's point of view ago
Chapter 5 - Magic training ago
Chapter 6 - Birthday ago
Chapter 7 - Bruneciel ago
Chapter 8 - Bruneciel's Hero ago
Chapter 9 - Naxus ago
Chapter 10 - The Magic Tournament ago
Chapter 11 - Semi-finals ago
Chapter 12 - Unexpected outcome ago
Chapter 13 - Torture diary ago
Chapter 14 - Breakout ago
Chapter 15 - Back to the village ago
Chapter 16 - Resolution ago
Chapter 17 - Disappearance ago
Chapter 17.5 - Alae's point of view ago
Chapter 18 - Pledge inside the shadows ago
Chapter 19 - Promise ago
Chapter 20 - Preparations ago
Chapter 21 - Arism Stalford ago
Chapter 22 - Rescuing a criminal ago
Dark Jokes - Illustrations ago
Chapter 23 - Fugitive ago
Chapter 24 - Hell Kreizig ago
Chapter 25 - A fateful encounter ago
Chapter 26 - Suspicions ago
Chapter 27 - Dragon nest ago
Chapter 28 - A new ally ago
Chapter 29 - A new master ago
Chapter 30 - The Dark Joker (1) ago
Chapter 31 - The Dark Joker (2) ago
Chapter 32 - The Dark Joker (3) ago
Chapter 33 - The renegade ago
Chapter 33.5 - He, who watches ago
Chapter 34 - The living god ago
Chapter 35 - Reunion ago
Chapter 36 - It begins where it all ended ago
Chapter 37 - Revolution ago
Chapter 37.5 - Alae/Arism's point of view ago
Chapter 38 - The truth ago
Chapter 39 - Duel in the shadows ago
Chapter 39.5 - Ox's diary ago
Chapter 40 - He knew so little ago
Chapter 41 - The Time Traveler ago
Chapter 42 - The Wind Samurai ago
Chapter 43 - The fall of a king ago
Chapter 44 - The king's wrath ago
Chapter 45 - Giving in to the shadows ago
Chapter 46 - His decision ago

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  • Overall Score

This history is outstanding!! At first, it looks like any other shonen, but that ain't the case. There's blood, torture, mind break. Definitely my kind of thing :v



  • Overall Score

The breakdown and the insanity, its amazing. Good POV about reality, makes the story interesting, can't wait to see what happens next :F

  • Overall Score

A great original and dark FF

It's a very good FF that got a twist that I didn't expect when I started to read it. That's one of the points I just love about the story.

The second part is how the Author describes his downfall. There are reasons why he ended as he is now. Still he is heartless but I wouldn't call him evil. He is the definition of rational brutality.

Another thing that amuses me are the names. For a German reader they will deffinitly sound familiar and for those who don't know some German:

Zwölf -> Twelve

Blume-> Flower

Hell -> Bright (or it could really mean hell (religious) but since the names all reflect there characters it is probably bright)

Wahnsinn -> Insane


So yeah, there are  some nice jokes in the names :D

Thx for the great FF I really love it ;)

  • Overall Score

I really enjoy this ff, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for but no other ff, ln or manga really articulated what I wanted to read. So thanks a lot for posting such an awesome fan fic!!

  • Overall Score

I'm totally speechless from its AWESOMENESS! But its really DARK it gives chill to the spine

It deserves 5 stars. A gem amongst the gems. Its really wort the time to read.

Little House
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

Enjoyable and well written

The story is very easy to understand at this point. The author really did a good job in this novel.

Let me explain the reasons to my opinion, some will disagree other won't.


First, the way the characters have been detailed. Throughout the whole story, the characters have been the main point. By making us focus on their actions, their mental state were demonstrated. Meaning, the characters had a reason to be in the story, from the start we understood that without really paying attention to it.


This is what I like in novels. A reason for MC's important actions, if there are. In my opinion, the "important actions" are what the story depends, they are relevant to how MC's will evolve differently. Unlike common actions that are defined by the world inwhich the novel takes place for exemple learning magic.


It makes it more interesting for readers, the good point is that the main character isn't all good, pure, incorrumptable. Whereas in other novels, characters are overpowered and too previsible. This is only my opinion. Some may share my feelings, some may disagree.


Secondly, the story pace varied from time to time. The chapters became a little short, but the author kept the main story going. The good point is that the story didn't seem distrubed, still a bit rushed though. A lot of skipping through the years, ahh.. At least we weren't bored.

In any case, the author seemed to have some trouble in RL or maybe a lack of motivation or ideas.


Finally, the grammar is.. well I can't say anything on it. I did see some errors but only minors. Other than that... It is a well written novel. The vocabulary was well chosen for the story, as some words made us understand how the characters were thinking and how they felt.


Summary :


 - Characters : good,

- Story : If not for the rush, it would have been better, otherwise decently enough for me. The twists were beautifully written.

- The grammar, vocabulary and style are well appreciated.



Thank you very much for this beautiful story, I wish you luck and courage for the future.

Sorry for my bad english and thanks.


  • Overall Score

Great story but the fall was a little forced

Overall i really enjoy this story. The characters have a nice depth to them and don't seem lame. The magic system is well though out and unique. I enjoy a dark character and that represents the MC perfectly. His reason to go dark makes sense, it wasn't something minor that happened and he suddenly hated the world. His reason was definitely major, however his girlfriend cheating on him with his best friend seemed forced and random. there was no clues or foreshadow. It just happened, other than that i have no other problems and i wish others would read this

  • Overall Score
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The first parts were a bit dry, but the story went well, good character balance I guess? 

  • Overall Score

wow... awesome .. such a cruel dark fantasy.... 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I’m not a pro at assessing any form of literature, but your novel had me hooked. Very original and a totally different route than most novels. I didn’t notice any major errors. The only sad part is you haven’t updated in 7 months! ? 


P.S. Well really just wanted people on RR to take notice of this awesome original story!