CHRONICLES of a PC Gamer Stuck Inside an RPG (Book Two: Successor)

by Puppychow

[2/28/19 Update: The CHRONICLES series has been removed from Amazon Kindle Unlimited.  This means the beta version of the entire series is available on RR.  Enjoy!]

Book Two: Successor of CHRONICLES of a PC Gamer Stuck Inside an RPG continues the (mis)adventures of Lawrence Eugene Mulligan, who was brought to a new world by a divine entity known as the Gamemaster.  Our main character ("MC") has only one objective: to become the King of the Kingdom of Merlin in order to return home.  Luckily for our MC, he has developed strong relationships with numerous Non-Player Characters ("NPCs"), organizations, and even Gods (!) to help Lawrence achieve his ultimate goal.

CHRONICLES of a PC Gamer Stuck Inside an RPG is a hardcore slice-of-life genre story which focuses on our unlikely MC as he handles quests and events that the Gamemaster constantly throws at the MC.  All in the name of entertainment for the Gamemaster.

Book Two: Successor is a sequel which continues the events of the final chapter of the previous book.  And thus, it is important for readers to finish the previous work before delving into this next book.  The official Amazon release (which includes an exclusive 2k words side story) is available at:

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Feast & Ceremony ago
Chapter 2 - The Mayor's Office ago
Chapter 3 - Switching Professions ago
Chapter 4 - Magical Rivalries ago
Chapter 5 - Fast Leveling & Learning ago
Chapter 6 - An Evening Stroll ago
Chapter 7 - Relaxation ago
Chapter 8 - Wild Goose Chase ago
Chapter 9 - Kidnapped ago
Chapter 10 - New Alliance ago
Chapter 11 - Church Duties ago
Chapter 12 - The Mayor's Quest ago
Chapter 13 - Lesson & Preparation ago
Chapter 14 - Holy Water ago
Chapter 15 - Cemetery ago
Chapter 16 - Afternoon Preparations ago
Chapter 17 - Nighttime in the Cemetery ago
Chapter 18 - Keras ago
Chapter 19 - Debriefing ago
Chapter 20 - The Mayor's Report ago
Chapter 21 - The Archbishop's Meeting ago
Chapter 22 - The Undead Hunt ago
Chapter 23 - Business Affairs ago
Chapter 24 - Swordmage Training ago
Chapter 25 - Meanna ago
Chapter 26 - Consultations ago
Chapter 27 - Secrets of the Vampires ago
Chapter 28 - The Undead Hunt Begins ago
Chapter 29 - Confronting Madness ago
Chapter 30 - Interrogation ago
Chapter 31 - A Hard Bargain ago
Chapter 32 - Cover-Up ago
Chapter 33 - Hectic Morning ago
Chapter 34 - Departure from Bristol ago
Chapter 35 - The Leadership Council of Southampton ago
Chapter 36 - The Trade Wind ago
Chapter 37 - Revenge of the Zorxilix ago
Chapter 38 - An Unexpected Duel ago
Chapter 39 - A Hero's Return ago
Chapter 40 - First Follower ago
Chapter 41 - Restless ago
Chapter 42 - Plans & Assessments ago
Chapter 43 - Priorities ago
Chapter 44 - To Catch a Jester ago
Chapter 45 - A Jester Emerges ago
Chapter 46 - A Brief Parting ago
Chapter 47 - Delkon's Reward ago
Chapter 48 - Delkon's Lesson ago
Chapter 49 - Departure from Southampton ago
Chapter 50 - The Ph'laen Ruins of Chilworth ago
Chapter 51 - The Control Room, Part 2 ago
Chapter 52 - Dream Warning ago
Chapter 53 - Hleandros Returns ago
Chapter 54 - A New Evil Emerges ago
Chapter 55 - Homecoming ago
Chapter 56 - Bishop Canterbury ago
Chapter 57 - Witness and Judge ago
Chapter 58 - Approaching Storm ago
Chapter 59 - Attack on Tregome ago
Chapter 60 - Banishment ago
Chapter 61 - Survivor's Guilt, Broken Promise ago
Chapter 62 - Hleara's Request ago
Chapter 63 - Magic Item Creation ago
Chapter 64 - A New Teacher ago
Chapter 65 - Hleandros' Lair ago
Chapter 66 - A Family Feud ago
Chapter 67 - Magic Bloodhound ago
Chapter 68 - Spirit Magi ago
Chapter 69 - Dovarata's Proposal ago
Chapter 70 - The Magic Bazaar ago
Chapter 71 - Mordekai the Wiseman ago
Chapter 72 - The Big Oak Tree ago
Chapter 73 - Saint John the Kind ago
Chapter 74 - The Paget Orphanage ago
Chapter 75 - Kuerten Paget ago
Chapter 76 - Investigation ago
Chapter 77 - Wrap UP ago
Chapter 78 - Laments & Worries ago
Chapter 79 - Assassination Attempt ago
Chapter 80 - Primrose Hill ago
Chapter 81 - The Ph'laen Ruins of London ago
Chapter 82 - Waverly's Request ago
Chapter 83 - New Party Member ago
Chapter 84 - More Training ago
Chapter 85 - A Farewell, An Upgrade ago
Chapter 86 - To Surpass the Teacher, or Not ago
Chapter 87 - Alfie's Luxurious Bathhouse ago
Chapter 88 - Detour ago
Chapter 89 - Dropping by Tregome ago
Chapter 90 - Village of Kalistro ago
Chapter 91 - Lawrence Versus Kalistra ago
Chapter 92 - The Ph'laen Ruins of Oxford ago
Chapter 93 - Revival ago
Chapter 94 - Preparations ago
Chapter 95 - Carmarthen ago
Chapter 96 - Merlin Hubert Jackson ago
Chapter 97 - Lawrence Versus Merlin ago
Chapter 98 - Weapon Training ago
Chapter 99 - Resolve ago
Chapter 100 - Gathering Allies ago
Chapter 101 - Return to Southampton ago
Chapter 102 - Merlin's Legacy ago
Chapter 103 - Merlin's Workshop ago
Chapter 104 - Second Departure from Southampton ago
Chapter 105 - Inquisition ago
Chapter 106 - Pledges & Followers ago
Chapter 107 - New Ownership ago
Chapter 108 - Final Preparations ago
Chapter 109 - On the March! ago
Chapter 110 - War ago
Chapter 111 - Not so Fast! ago
Chapter 112 - Gamemaster ago
Epilogue (FINAL) ago

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this novel is the 2 book in the "chronicles of a pc gamer" series and starts right after the end of the first book. (read that if u havent yet)

If the first book is anything to go by, it will be very interesting to see where this book goes to and what the author plans to do to our mc. Because of the limited amount of chapters out i have no idear what plans the author has for this story but i hope that it will be as entertaining as the first book! 

the grammar is good, there are no big mistakes and it reads very nicely.
the story is engaging with a mc that thinks about the things he does but isnt infallible he is only human and makes mistakes. 

this early review will be updated after more chapters come out.


Review at Chapter 110

Ive really enjoyed this book as it stands. 

The MC isnt overpowered and uses his head (espically when he hasnt thought things through enough) and isnt an idiot.  He does his best and has issues with morality when it shows up and forces him to choose a non-moral descision.

The characters around him and thought out and nice to see he doesnt keep "the same" as with Kallistra having to leave to go her own way (has be Master of the dojo).

All I wonder now where this will go after this chapter as it seems hes done the "defated the demon-lord angle/villian" of most Fantasy stories.  Hopefully the Author will provide a new problem (doesnt have to be a villian/bad guy) for Larry to solve and hear more about this GM which seems to watch-over everything but doesnt actually do anything.

Keep up the good work.