A young man joins a new Virtual Reality MMORPG, Albion Live. This story chronicles his adventures as he meets new people and explores the beautiful world of Albion!

Thank you for taking the time to read my foray into the realm of LitRPG! I'm not going to make a posting schedule (due to the fact that I travel extensively and often don't have internet service), however, I will be attempting to post at least weekly, if not more often than that.

I welcome any questions, comments, critiques, or even ideas! If you notice any spelling/grammar errors, feel free to comment on the chapter or contact me and point them out!

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J Pal

The story is still new but it feels like it has potential.

It is a good first attempt but the author's inexperience is very obvious due to his tendancy of telling instead of showing what's going on and the infodumps.


An Interesting But Young Novel

Before I go further into the review I want to note that I'm not a fan of 'in a game' narratives. I like livng worlds free of the convenience of simply logging off. Because of that, its difficult for me to give this story a high score.


Now, to the actual review: The story is fairly young, there are only 8 chapters and some of them are quite short. Because of this, there isn't much to critique. The authors writing style is smooth. It doesn't flow perfectly, there are some parts you kind of have to slog through, but thats only on the occasion. The MC doesn't have much to him, but as I said the story is young so there is plenty of time for improvement on that front. Being that the story is giving off strong 'slice-of-life' vibes, I'm not sure what to expect plot wise. I personally don't have a problem with this. I don't prescribe to the idea that there must always be a sense of urgency in a narrative. I'm fairly interested in just seeing more of what the MC can do in Albion. We've only seen the basics of the game so far, but there is a house system that intrigues me. I want to see to see what the author does with it (I'm hoping they're not just guilds with a different name.).


If, unlike me, novels set in games are you bread and butter then this might be worth your attention.