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A note from Aggregator

Welcome, dear readers, to the first time Q&A with me ("Wait, you?" Thought Alviona with a pout. "I thought it was with me?" ) - the author of the Saga of Alviona.

I will start with a list of things that we will be doing, so here we go:

1) Obviously, I will answer the most asked questions thus far from PM(s) that I have received, or discord one on one talks that I had with some of you.

2) I will leave this up and not delete it, although I might hide it to not keep it as a distraction. This way, when we advance through chapters and do more Q & A - instead of making a new thing, I will simply move this to the further chapter and use the same resource, adding more answers on comments Pm(s) or any other concerns or questions you might have on the fiction.

3) You are welcome to ask questions here, and I will answer them to the best of my ability, as long as it is not too spoilery.

Dos and Don'ts

Do: Ask a precise question relating to anything that has happened up to this point.

      Think thoroughly before asking. Remember, there is no time limit and if your question does not get answered now, it will get answered in the future when this chapter relocates and pops up.

      Be respectful towards other individuals when commenting.

      Have fun with this q & a.

Don't: Ask questions that can be considered as a major spoiler.

Actually... wow, that is it... >..>

Ok... so I have never done anything like this for literature. Forgive me if it is weird. Anyways! Let's begin!



1) Author, why did you info dump so much in chapter 2.

Answer: Well, this is my first time writing any form of fiction. My influences take after Tristram Shandy's "Gentleman" novel. I did not know how much was "All right," until chapter 32.

2) Why is Sofia (MC's mother) portrayed to be so weak in earlier chapters when in reality she is strong? Why is she not swimming in fame and gold?

Answer: There are several reasons why Sofia is not swimming wealth. The best answer I can give for now is that it is because she does not care for wealth or fame. What I mean by this is that she hunted the assassins told in chapter 15 and then settled down in the village of H'ulm where she presumably met her husband Duncan and got pregnant with Alviona.

3) Why is Sofia so useless in chapter 3. WTF? She's not pregnant then, right?

Answer: No. She is not. However, it is illogical to retaliate against a person in power without proper evidence. Yes, the man admitted his deed; however, he keeps that place employed currently. It would be a dis-service for everyone for her to cause a fuss.

4) Why the constant switch of POV that does not feel organic in earlier chapters. More specifically, chapters 1-9.

Short answer: Inexperience. This really is my first fiction ever. I have never written any literature in my life.

Long answer: Inexperience yet again. I was hoping to provide a dynamic switch without ever saying that POV was switching. I genuinely hope that the later chapters have it in such a way that it does not feel forced. Often times I try to separate when POV switch happens by *** stars.

5) Sofia pisses me off! Why did you make her that way?

I had a very long answer planned for this until I realized that it gives me a migraine. Let us leave this question out. I sincerely apologize, but it is far too opinionated Reader's perspective wise, and from me also. Part of me says I tried conveying the feelings of a mother who is in a situation that she has to deal with but can't because she understands nothing. Another part of me wants to say that she is a mistake, sparked by an emotional breakdown as I felt like a bastard if I were to kill her as planned. Well, that sure did create a massive headache for me in the end (regardless of scenarios). The complete fiction was altered to accommodate her.

6) Author, the novel is really oddly paced. Sdeligar mentioned in his review that everything feels rushed.

Answer: Yes. While I disagree with Sdeligar regarding his comment about Solomon not mentioning to others about the money, I do agree with him about the pace. It is caused by inexperience and my wish to get rid of several chapters as quickly as possible so that I can get to the main course of the story. I will explain things on this end once we reach the conclusion of the Q&A.

7) Author, Chapter 10 WAS AMAZING! Are there more of those?

Answer:  Absolutely. If you enjoyed the Omniscient POV in that chapter and enjoyed the character development, I am glad since that chapter is coming from the original manuscript and not the altered one. That chapter was initially C23 “Solomon’s death,” it tied in with Alviona witnessing a battle unfold post her grief and observe it from the shadows — willingly giving the man a choice to live in exchange for loyalty and friendship.

8) Hey aggregator, I have a question. This is related to the whole thing with Alviona’s (The sole true protagonist) body. Why is she in such a condition? It is kinda irritating…

Answer: I dislike having a protagonist that is so Powerful that they are “Plot Armored” to the teeth or have this odd way of coming out from the situation through sheer strength. For my protagonist Power comes at a Cost. That cost is something she values — a vessel that her two parents made for her. Basically, the idea behind her is that her raw Power is so massive and unimaginable that despite Reiolle making a somewhat mortal body (doll body mind you) to accommodate for her, it is still not enough. Neither Archill nor Reiolle could really predict how big Alviona’s power surge would be. Essentially they created a being that surpasses them for all I (Author) know.

9) An odd question but gets asked so frequently that as of chapter 39 I can not rebuke. “Author, does Janine x Alviona boat sail?”

Answer: You mean person Leftarion, you. Yes, Janine x Alviona is one of the few ships that sails. However, I will put a line here. I dislike giving out treats willy-nilly. IT needs to be deserved.

With this said, I will answer question 10.

10) Why the hell was chapter 15 so much info-dumping? Yes, I loved the fluff. Yes, I loved the kissing scene, or it was not my thing because the girl on girl thing is not my cup of tea, but I will stick around for the plot because it is interesting; regardless, why (judging from your answer to question 9) did you make it that way? It really feels forced!

Answer: The one trap I am aware of when writing in omniscient POV is that you can easily fall into it as “Tell, tell, tell.” (this fiction is written a lot in this manner, and it does not mean that I can not show emotions and still tell a slightly more historical portion of a novel like a battlefield in chapter 10 but show character 3rd person limited POV for Solomon for example). It is said to say it, but I fell into that trap. I was hoping to give readers this idea of a mother who was Desperate to get some comfort when in a situation that she could not comprehend. Her daughter grew up, sprouted in front of her eyes plus murdered people! This is something she could not come to terms with and be somewhat traumatizing.

11) Author, about LITRPG and Stat table that you made in chapter 31 and such….

Answer: I won’t consistently show that status bar, nor will I state how much damage was dealt with anyone in every chapter. It is wanky and distracts me from the flow of the fiction. However, I will bring it up from time to time. Levels are going to be used for something else as the MC moves forward.

12) Talk about the world Fantasy levels and how it is grounded.

Answer: The world is grounded in a high Fantasy setting. Its inhabitants are constrained by Weapons and Magical abilities. While combination and amalgamation of magic is a thing, I still have certain limits such as Fireball not being able to combine with Heal in one spell. Mira enchanted the lake with healing property. Chapter 39 touched that Alviona is trying to make similar to that spell that will splash allies and heal them. We will uncover mysteries on how all of it was done by Mira slowly. I hope you readers are enjoying character developments thus far past chapter 20.

For the High Fantasy part, Elemental users cannot cast magic without a wand, orb, or a staff.

Healers can not Heal without a wand. Mira’s item is special. She is not OP because “Story” but rather because she already went through her life. She is done with adventuring and only recently resumed it.

13) Did Solomon lose his magic knowledge of [Incinierate]?

Answer: No. Instead, it became [Bathed in Flames]. It evolved if anything.

14) Why can’t Solomon teach Alviona magic in chapter 14 (when she asks), when he can explain the theory? IT sounds like a PLOTHOLE.

Answer: Two reasons and both might sound cheap.

 One: He can not teach the MC spells that he received from her ability.

Two: He is Fire affinity mage that specialized in learning fire spells. He is constrained, even if Alviona’s <Subjugation> over-rules that, by the world. You can not teach anything to someone as a mentor who is 50 levels different from you. Alviona is level 0. Solomon is level 50 during their meeting.

15) Seriously, what is Alviona? I am still confused by this vessel thing.

Answer: From the prologue, Reiolle and Archill created a new life, something that was inherently different from them. Something bizarre. This is Alviona. Yes, she lives in her vessel, but she is still herself. A person that is trying to learn to be Humane. Yes, she is eldritch, yes she is enigmatic whatnot, yes she is oblivious! However, she is still herself. A creature that is trying to fit in and learn. She doesn’t have an ambition like World domination even if she has power for it. No, she just wants to live and enjoy life. Problem is, life always gets in the way.

She is someone readers should be able to sympathize with. A character who is a real sweetheart but unfortunately has her life turned upside down, while still trying to figure out the purpose behind her existence. This is slowly going to develop. I genuinely hope you like her, as a lot of blood and sweat went into her personality. Yes, I understand my fiction is very slow paced (picked up post chapter 38 and in 39 we had 3-month time skip), but I hope she is relatable. She has a long way to go yet, so there is that too.

16) Author, what is the difference between the Core and Alviona?

Answer: The core is Alviona. On and true, the only main protagonist. The core is the same as Alviona, but it describes a different presence. It is the alternative to the Brain of humans. Remember, Alviona’s body is a vessel, and her core would be her brain. Not in the sense of a spirit, but rather as the Command Center. Need power? Has to come from the core. Need to breathe? Has to be done so by the core through instruction. As I have shown in chapter 36, Alviona manually manages her nervous systems. Automated, but still manual judging from the fact that she could disable her CNS.

17) Why is Alviona infertile and why can she not fall in love with a boy?

Answer: She can fall in love with a boy! Thing is, she won’t precisely due to her being infertile. The world she lives in is one where Monsters outnumber other species. They naturally respawn and roam in the world. I won’t spoil the story. However, I will mention that reproduction is crucial to survival. Alviona is infertile due to three reasons:

  1. Alviona was created by overseers of balance. They know it was a taboo to make her the way she is, but they did it regardless due to their selfishness. However, they still counterbalanced themselves due to their nature. As such, the MC has no DNA.
  2. The Protagonist was made by those who did research about how societies worked, and races interacted, but they don’t know how mortals really reproduce. It is a concept they cannot comprehend (as stupid as it sounds).
  3. Technical reasons set aside, it was my personal choice. I have only lately started catching up with forum threads saying how there are so many Heroines and so much Girl On girl going on that it is jarring. But it was my honest choice. You can ask “Why,” and I will counter that with “Why not?” It’s not like all my other characters who are introduced or are to be introduced won’t have their significant other? Most of them are straight if you want that. Heck, I will even let you vote if you want to see a unique mixture together because I can do that. Except for Solomon. He has someone specific and I can’t and won’t change that.

18) Alviona does not feel like an antagonist or an anti-hero.

Answer: An anti-hero is someone who acts out of their own personal motives and gains. They are not necessarily villainous or evil. Alviona is an anti-hero because in chapter 12-14, she is shown to not care much or be distracted by the gore. She kills the assailants without mercy, because they are in her way and threatened her mother. She spares another person because she feels bad since she asked for saving. For now, in that chapter, it is all fine and dandy.

Ok, what about chapter 21? She knows what gore is. She plays with a man, making him gauge his own eyes out. She “toys” with his mind instead. Ok, Cyan snake in pre chapt 27 said this

 “I really like Alvie's character, I don't find her dark or anything. She is learning. It's like if you knew nothing about car crashes and saw someone that's going to get hit, how would you know that they are going to be hurt? There is no fear associated with what's going on so there is no reason to help them and you would most likely just watch to see what happens. Learning by observing. With the guy in the alley, she legitimately thought he was having fun with the girl, so had him do the same thing to himself to have even more fun.

It's dark when considering that a child is witnessing all of this, but I don't think any of that makes Alviona dark/bad or anything, it makes a child that is observing the world and learning from it.”

No problems! Trust me though, she is an anti-hero because she genuinely does not care for your well-being if you are not too close to her. She does develop humanity and moral compass, even if twisted whatnot because her knowledge of what she is still conflicts with it. And that is one of the conflicts of this story. Trust me, she becomes much, much more grounded and different when some chapters pass by. Everything up to these chapters are introduction and development.

I know my fiction is slow, but there is a reason for it. When we hit the main stage of the novel, I hope all readers so far will look back and say: Wow, it really doesn’t take much to go from being a wonderful person, to a thing that can be hated. Now, is she evil? No. But she will be considered Evil for what she will do. This is also why I wanted to use Omniscient POV instead of 3rd person Pov limited (though I will use that POV when necessary. More on this in a sec).

19) Chapter 35-36-37. Explain, please!

Answer: As you wish.

Chapter 35 introduces Alviona’s “Dreamland” or rather inside of her vessel. So a core. It develops upon chapter 33.

To understand chapter 36, you need to understand what is going on in chapter 37.

In chapter 37, we get a background of a man named Ydos in a first person self-biography style of a story. The reason this is done is to hint that Alviona is already devouring him. He himself mentions many times that he is being watched. This golem is our friend from all the way back in chapter 14. The golem that made it into Mc’s clock of time. Ydos gave up humanity for power. Unfortunately, he is in a wrong place at a wrong time. We know what happens to him. Now, we are seeing what is going in between chapter 24-37. For all the weeks that Alviona is on an adventure with Mira, this man is figuring out where the hell he is. If you paid attention to his story, the time inside the Core’s world is convoluted. Centuries pass, which is also why when in chapter 24 Alviona looks at her weapons, they have corrosion actively spreading. So this man, this Ydos, he does things to attract the MC’s attention. I never revealed this because I am slowly learning how to properly use Omniscient and at the same time 3rd person limited POV and make reading enjoyable by not crushing mystery.  

So chapter 37 shows the man use Fateweaving ability and chapter 36 shows how Alviona plays along to make it authentic as she is also curious. She doesn’t know anything about this man or his abilities, so she is experimenting. Fateweaving works off “the most likely scenario” to happen. So to Understand chapter 36, the flow would be: Chapter 14 – 37 -24 – 35 -36. However, it is not necessary to read it in this order. All I am trying to say by this is that I do not plan to reveal every mystery right away. What’s the fun in that?

Finally Question 20.

20) Do you think you will do a re-write?

Honestly, this is up to you. Do you want to see the Limited 3rd person POV of Alviona only and the Original manuscript? If you say yes in comments and its 90% majority, I will do it.

Otherwise I plan to do no re-writes.

However, I do plan to do editing! Once Academy Arc is over, I will be doing editing of Style in every chapter except 10, 14, 23, 32, 35, 36 (might do some slight adjustments in 36), 37, 38 and 39. These chapters are by far the BEST I have written. Can they be improved more? Yes. And I will improve them more when I become even better at writing. But for now, they are great. WriTe member have all read my chapter 37 and 38 and agree that the style has improved Significantly.

Warning: IF somehow people tell me to really do a re-write, I am warning you that the story you will end up with will be very tragic from the one you are currently seeing. There is nothing but misery for the MC in the first 9 chapters. Just had to throw this here because not everyone wants to see that world.

Bonus for this: I might make an Alternate Saga of Alviona that will have a different take after this one is complete. For now, I’d say take my advice because I debated this a lot with myself today and other members of WriTe that we should leave the re-write out of the question. Editing is fine! I will fix the style of characters as in, make chapter 1-9, 11-22. Etc. Dialogues are also fixable 😊


A note from Aggregator

Dear readers, newcomers and existing, or passerbys. I hope you will participate in Satanaholic Potion brewing.

Chapter 41 is a chapter dedicated to a creating a potion that is Satanaholic.

I am giving you all an opportunity to participate in making the side-effects of the potion. It can be anything except erasing this fiction off the existence (pun intended).

Just don't make something overly too sexual. I will interact with all of those that comment their Side effects of the potion and will gladly feature it in chapter 41!

If nobody says anything, then I will default to original. Also, you are welcome to name the potion too if you so desire.

Here is the original name so far: "Satanadiaboholic Potion."


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