I Am the "God of Death", Whatever That Means. (Original)

by Freww6

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content


The original to I Am the "God of Death", Whatever That Means.



I DO NOT OWN THE SONGS USED IN THIS STORY. THE SONGS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE SONG WRITERS. The song writers will be listed with the song that is used.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
THE END... Of this version. ago
Why must they bother me? Chapter 1 (Original) ago
Emeralda. Chapter 2 (Original) ago
My first achievement, I'll have to figure out what that is. Chapter 3 (Original) ago
"A whore huh, let's see how long you live now." Chapter 4 (Original) ago
The "Advanced Achievement" is completed. Chapter 5 (Original) ago
"Wait, WHY ARE YOU A KID?!" Chapter 6 (Original) ago
The book of Achievements. Chapter 7 (Original) ago
The Goddess of Life. Chapter 8 (Original) ago
Seraph's Test and The Choice. Chapter 9 (Original) ago
Zeneva, wherever that is. Chapter 10 (Original) ago
God Form 1, this will be interesting. Chapter 11 ago
The town of Exail. Chapter 12 ago
Time to kill a God. Chapter 13 ago
The "God of Deception". Chapter 14 ago
The battle of Gods. Chapter 15 ago
Q&A Time! Not a Chapter ago
Kaitla. Chapter 16 ago
The beginning of Necromancy. Chapter 17 ago
The start of a new kingdom. Chapter 18 ago
Zombies are Idiots. Chapter 19 ago
Old memories huh? I don't like them. Chapter 20 ago
Sekreath's Test. Chapter 21 ago
Goddess of Music. Chapter 22 ago
The Visitors. Chapter 23 ago
Am I Really Worthy? Chapter 24 ago
Realization. Chapter 25 ago
The beginning of a long war. Chapter 26 ago
Die. Chapter 27 ago
We will meet again. Chapter 28 ago
The Hero. Chapter 29 ago
The Pure White Scythe. Chapter 30 ago
Seraph's Plan. Chapter 31 ago
The Past Part I. Chapter 32 ago
The Past Part II. Chapter 33 ago
The Past Part III. Chapter 34 ago
Hope. Chapter 35 ago
The return of Power. Chapter 36 ago
Tia. Chapter 37 ago
The Pit. Part I. Chapter 38 ago
The Pit. Part II. Chapter 39 ago
The Pit. Part III. Chapter 40 ago
Escape. Part I. Chapter 41 ago
Escape. Part II. Chapter 42 ago
Home. Chapter 43 ago
Yuria. Chapter 44 ago
Force. Chapter 45 ago
Chapter 46 ago
Eye of the Reaper. Chapter 47 ago
Astral the Tempest. Chapter 48 ago
Chapter 49. ago
Vert tries to cook. Chapter 50. ago
Q&A and music suggestions. ago
Training. Chapter 51. ago
The Wicked Ones. Chapter 52. ago
Rante. Chapter 53. ago
Connecting Over Time. Chapter 2 ago
Achievements. Chapter 3 ago
Promises have been made. Chapter 6 ago
I'll show what Death Incarnate looks like. Chapter 5. ago
Zanack. Chapter 4. ago

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The story so far has been interesting. An OP MC that slowly grows in understanding as opposed to power as the story progresses. I will give a more detailed review when there are more chapters (I usually like to decide after 10)




Having read to chapter 10, I can confidently say this story does not live up to its early promise. Multiple spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors make reading confusing and though the use of songs is curious, it is ultimately distracting.

Apart from the fact that I am not a fan of the music choice, when the songs come up, they drive a railroad spike into the pacing, everything comes to a grinding halt as the author has to explain how the MC makes instrument and vocals happen at the same time. Then he fights singing for no real reason, and then he kills things, because reasons.

The story feels bi-polar, constantly dragged between the compelling story-telling, the difficult to follow fights and the completely absurd harem story. Overall the story lacks focus


Your story incorporates too heavily and relies too much on your own taste in music.  Which is just awful.  In my opinion.  Honestly it seemed decent with the exception of the awful music lyrics central to the fight scenes.  A couple earlier music/fight scenes I was able to get through, but I quit in chapter 9 when the MC was beating up a demon while singing about throat fucking white bitches and skeeting on people's faces.

Even if you had good taste in music, which you don't, it would still be an odd choice to force it so heavily into the story like this.  It doesn't matter at all untill MC starts fighting, and then it's excruciatingly inserted into the narraritive.  Nobody but you cares that MC waited 7 seconds to throw a punch so that it would coincide with the bass drop.  That is the sort of thing that seems cool in your head but will literally never ever ever be cool to anyone else when you try to translate it to paper.


at first I though this just another simple harem novel ,but it not

the grammar isn't great and have some error,but at least it readable,and if you ignore the "fight with music" part ,the story will be somewhat decend  (and he get owned at chapter 27 and also finally he seriously fight without music for one),if you think the mc don't have character developing then read to chapter 32~34 since it where it tell more about him,not in a boring way

if you read to chapter 25 or 27 ,you will see that Emeralda isn't the person you though to be,and that where everything begin downhill for him,and until chapter 39 everything explained what is happenig and also where he understand his power fully now 


Title: I Am the "God of Death", Whatever That Means.

Genre: Action, Fantasy
Protagonist: Male. I don't know how he looks like. fights with punches, magics, death, and music. S class combat ability.
Setting: Fantasy world with magic, heroes, gods, devils, and dungeons.
Tension Level: Mid-High

Basic Premise: The God of death who have no memories (mostly), likes 'music', but he is often interupted by intruders who want to kill him for whatever reasons, so he fights back, while listening to some music.

Chapter Content: how the god of death, Velt, explore the world, making a city, and surviving and killing whatever tried to kill him and his lovers, while figuring out a lot of things (mostly plot which I won't mention here).

Personal Opinion: I don't like high tension novels, so I dropped this one. especially when I figured that he will fight gods, and the fight will be exciting.

Quantum qwazi

ther is no rhyme or reason to things they just are and are prone to adjustments if you are fine with that ok but all the powers for evebody are non sense and I’m not talking about op they are just kinda random by kinda I mean completly at least so far so I’m dropping because of that oh and everyone is boring as a character yeh that doesn’t help any


The story is interesting. Except for a few grammar mistakes, it is good. I suggest you add chapter number or it might become confusing in the future.


The MC is funny and at the same time serious, that's one type of MC I like, and he's also OP, but you should explain more about his powers, or just do that along the future chapters.


Expect me to be back, though you'd hardly see me commenting.


If you like comedy, gods, OPnes, and good diverse music all wrapped up into one story then hold onto your butts cause you found it right here. 

Only problems are that the story doesn't update as fast as I read but it seems all authors have had this problem unfortunately. 


Needs a good beta and editor.

The language is stilted and cumbersome and the grammar and word choice odd plus the POV uncertain. I only read the first chapter so maybe it improves, but there are so many excellent stories to spend my time on that there is no need to fight such opaque writing to parse out a story. I wish the author the best of luck improving their craft.