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When the first derelict alien spacecraft fell to Earth, humanity took what was found in it and propelled themselves to new heights. In their new Golden Age, humanity developed technology that they had only dreamed about. The following years saw hundreds more ships crash into the planet, spurring even greater technological leaps.

An unassuming spacecraft, one of the dozens that fell yearly, descended on Siberia in 2021. The world took no particular notice of it. However, this one contained something beyond the miraculous technology that had made humans so prosperous.

Three years later, in a top-secret underground facility in eastern Colorado, the automated construction of an army of Paladin Mobile Infantry Suits was underway. With this new, state-of-the-art weaponry, the military would turn the tide against the alien incursion that was consuming the planet. Humanity fell before that could happen. Sam was an engineer responsible for overseeing the facility. Now alone, he lives in utter boredom and near insanity, his only company the base’s pseudo AI and an army of empty Paladins. With the world gone to hell around him, and the things that caused it still living above, he decides that he is much better off staying exactly where he is. Unfortunately for him, that is no longer an option.

This is the first novel I've written. The first fifteen or so chapters are going to be a little slower. I want there to be time to get to know the characters before they start blowing stuff up. Also, though the MC will be strong relative to the world, he won't be OP, and won't win every fight. Not every fight will be physical either.

Currently, I'm aiming for something like 5 fairly short chapters a week, after the introduction part is done, but we'll see how that goes. Thanks for reading, and please let me know if I've made mistakes!

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Word Count (12)
Royal Bloodline
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1.1: Jog ago
Chapter 1.2: Perimeter Approach ago
Chapter 1.3: Morning Routine ago
Chapter 1.4: Before (I) ago
Chapter 1.5: Training Montage ago
Chapter 1.6: Downtime ago
Chapter 1.7: Mental ago
Chapter 1.8: Grey ago
Chapter 1.9: Interlude - Adelaide (I) ago
Chapter 1.10: Unreality ago
Chapter 1.11: Coward ago
Chapter 1.12: Before (II) ago
Chapter 1.13: Aftershock ago
Chapter 1.14: Step ago
Chapter 1.15: It's The Little Things ago
Chapter 1.16: Ursus Maritimus ago
Chapter 1.17: Firefight ago
Chapter 1.18: A Thousand Lives ago
Chapter 1.19: Graduation ago
Chapter 1.20: Scheduled Maintenance ago
Chapter 1.21: Combat ago
Chapter 1.22: Burdens ago
Chapter 1.23: Before (III) ago
Chapter 1.24: Before (IV) ago
Chapter 2.1: Interlude - Mary ago
Chapter 2.2: Mind the Cliff ago
Chapter 2.3: Life ago
Chapter 2.4: Field Trip ago
Chapter 2.5: Choices ago
Chapter 2.6: State of Play ago
Chapter 2.7: Interlude - Jane ago
Chapter 2.8: Combat Drop ago
Chapter 2.9: Welcome Wagon ago
Chapter 2.10: Information ago
Chapter 2.11: Black Box ago
Announcements of Fun ago
Chapter 2.12: The Reaper ago
Chapter 2.13: Interlude - Fear of God ago
Chapter 2.14: Cracks in the Concrete ago
Chapter 2.15: Catch a Breath ago
Chapter 2.16: Character ago
Chapter 2.17: Stir Crazy ago
Chapter 2.18: Mystery ago
Chapter 2.19: Eruption ago
Chapter 2.20: Hive Lord ago
Chapter 2.21: Serendipity ago
Chapter 2.22: Interlude - Camille (I) ago
Chapter 2.23: Whole ago
Chapter 2.24: Replay ago
Chapter 2.25: Meetings ago
Chapter 2.26: Conference ago
Chapter 2.27: Gathering ago
Chapter 2.28: A Plan Comes Together ago
Chapter 2.29: Suburbs ago
Chapter 2.30: Denver ago
Chapter 2.31: Descent ago
Announcement of Far Less Fun ago
Chapter 2.32: Climb ago
Chapter 2.33: Home ago
Chapter 2.34: Learning ago
Chapter 2.35: Interim ago
Chapter 2.36: Disagreement ago
Chapter 2.37: Interlude - Aaron ago
Chapter 2.38: Inspiration ago
Previously on Paladin ago
2.39: The Defense of Sterling ago
2.40: The Beacon of Hope ago
Chapter 2.41: The Shield of Humanity ago
Chapter 2.42: Impact ago
Chapter 2.43: Interlude - Aaron (II) ago
Chapter 2.44: Council ago
Chapter 2.45: Epilogue ago
Post-Mortem/Editing Plans ago

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humble reader
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I have been on this site for the past 3 years, this story is, by far, one of the best stories that this site hase to offer and I can't wait to see it on the first page of the weekly popular stories. Keep it up, I'll read every chapter!

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An Excelent Sci-Fi story

This story is so good and unique to what you can find normally in RRL, its a genre that its kind of unexplored and in a sense i've only read one similar novel here in RRL in the way technology and sci-fi its portrayed (Two Worlds) so here are some points that might get your attention:

- First and most important of all war and combat with uber cool mech suits of utter destruction (Check)

- Apocalypse by an alien invasion to earth (Check)

- Excelent story telling reavealing bits and pieces of how all the mess in the world came to be (Check)

- Character devolopment and "The Feels" (Check) 

- Sassy AI trolling the MC here and there (Check)

So if you like any of the list above go ahead and read this story because its awesome.

PD: Other things like grammar and the style are polished and i cant seriously find faults with it so nothing to worry about in that sense.

 Reviewed as of chapter 23.

God's Hydra
  • Overall Score
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It's Mecha motherfuckers, what else do you need?

Well written, with a few grammar mistakes. 

Story is original, with NO REINCARNATION, which is a godsend in these dark times, where the shared plot device is "I CAN SEE THE FUTURE", and "I KNOW HOW TO MAKE A GUN". Also Mecha, which is a huge plus in my book. But as the author says, it takes a while, it is a slow burn. This is similar to Code Geass, in the way that Mechs, while important, do take the sidelines to make room for good storytelling and character development. Which ties into my next point.

Next point, Character Development. Sam here, has lived through the world going to shit, locked in a bunker in Colorado. He has barely held onto his sanity, with help from the base's pseudo AI Adelaide, and his (bordering-on-sexual) love of his fabricators. He has some trauma, which makes sense and affects him like a trauma should. I have no way to tie into style here, so.......

The style is great, well written, well paced, (I'm starting to realize that I should have done this before or after the story section, but Granny Dapper didn't raise no quitters) and has moments that make you have fun, feel kickass, or down right depressing . Everything is detailed enough to let you build the image in your head. 

So, final thoughts are, read this. Definitley made my night, and morning, reading this. 


  • Overall Score

story is no longer dead!

EDIT: author is back! Yay


426 pages in 38 days, all at far far above the usual quality for webnovels that release this quickly

it made me laugh, it made me cry (like a child), it made me exlaim aloud while reading at every exciting and sometimes completely unexpected twist and surprise, ive marvelled at the excellent worldbuilding, it even made me squee like a fanboy at moments of genuine badassery


many novels here try to seem "badass" but its always artificial seeming and shallow, just having the protagonist be an angsty brooding antihero with superpowers and introducing equally shallow enemies for them to smack down


but sam our intrepid engineer seems genuine and his struggles seem legitimate and you feel so pumped up when he pulls off some incredible feat because you could with sam easily believe it could have failed and he could have died, unlike other main characters with artificial forced badassery that you know will never lose


sam is fantastic, he feels real, the one thing that makes me go from "this is a fun read" to "this is actually really good" is good character work and this story NAILS its characters


this story is up there with the other greats from this site like iron teeth

heck even outside of this site this might just be one of the better pieces of science fiction ive read, maybe even one of the better peices of fiction ive ever read


this doesnt read like your ususal webnovel it reads like an actual professionally written novel but written in just over a month, this better get finished and keep up its quality because this story could become one of the greats


but hey what about the actual details of the story you may be asking this reviewer? We got post alien invasion apocalyse done extremely well with humanity having had a believable chance at fighting them, we have also believable power armor mech suits with our engineer hero being the designer of them, we have amazing beleivable character moments exploring reactions to life post apocalypse, we have the single greatest training montage of all time (no really never seen it done better, unless you count most of enders game as a training montage) and our hero sams moment of realisation that he has to help


no "well i just felt i should be a hero" shallow motivations here, this is an emotional struggle that leads to sams determination to help and that moment in the story was what elevates the story to greatness (if author or someome who already read it reads this you know what im talking about)

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Pt 1 - 4.5 Pt t2 - 2.5 Needs to course correct.

The first part is very good.  However, once more characters are introduced, the plot and stakes get lost in "slice of life" exposition and "luckily I have engineered a solution" moments

Also, the first person point of view is sometimes journalistic and sometimes almost as if the MC is a 3rd person narrator.

The combat description is very good and action-oriented.  The world building is good, esp the alien technology stuff. On the balance, I'm giving a three for style.

The characters and their interactions are humorous at times. But, honest, a significant amount of dialogue is either painful to read or a slog to read.

The grammar is great considering the pace of releases.  5 stars.

In summary, the author starts off great and then begins breaking Vonnegut's sixth rule of writing.  Captian Marty Stu ... oops ... Paladin Captian Sam and his awesome robot suit is boring military science fiction after 500 or so pages.

But, read part one for sure.

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...at least for RRL standards ;).

The worldbuilding is excellent and well paced, the interludes and flashbacks are a great way to introduce the reader to parts of the world (and parts of time) that the character does not have access to.

Characters are amazing, there are emotions!!1! And there's a mind, a psyche - honestly, you couldn't have portrayed them better, IMO.

The story and plot are unique but/and very well executed. Timeskips are placed appropriately, and progress feels natural.

Grammar and spelling are excellent, I did find the occasional error but nothing a little (very) light editing couldn't fix.

This easily dwarfs 99% of other RRL "literature", keep this going and you will make it to the top.


  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

One of the best Sci-fi, Post Apocalyptic novels I've scene so far in this site.

- The world building in the story is great as compared to most other authors in RRL and will definitely not disappoint most.

- The setting for the story is in a futuristic earth with advanced technology taken from aliens similar to "Independence Day" the movie and does well in making full use of it.

- The characters are fleshed out and are given realistic emotions and reactions from "anxiety" to "depression" all the way to "suicidal thoughts" that you would expect from a normal human being faced with an almost entirely hopeless situation rather than the more common "I must save the world", "I must immediately get stronger to protect myself and those I love" and "Zero to Hero" immediately after the apocalypse type of characters you would get from the genre.

- The author was smart enough not to make the scientific advances in the story so adavanced it would be impossible to even somewhat explain through current scientific theory, so you don't need to worry much about bad/horrible explanations for the technologies used in the story.

- Author does not immediately dive into the action to make the more hot blooded readers happy, rather he/she focuses on the character development early on into the story.


I highly recommend this novel to any that enjoy a good post apocalyptic story

  • Overall Score

just overall real good. I feel like the mcs reactions to things are what normal humans would go through which is a big compliment

  • Overall Score

finished reading it 2 days ago, my cold review

I fucking loved it, and I need more.

You should improve Camille character a little tho, she fits in the story, I really liked her, but she was kinda the third wheel everywhere she went. should have given some more space.

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This story RAWKS. The characters and dialogue are well thought out and presented. Sad, Funny, Anger, the whole gamut of emotions is felt while reading this story. Ironman & Fallout on roids.

laughing CHEERS