Once Human

Once Human

by Skada88

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Kidnapped, infused with an unknown substance and given an orientation on survival statistics and adaptive evolution from a disembodied voice isn't the best way to wake up after a night of drinking. Finding out your dangling in a metal box above, what appears to be, an alien planet that is to be your new home only makes things worse.

With no answers, a plethora of mental health issues, that might just give him an edge if they don't get him killed first, and a strong aversion to being told what to do, a hapless human is deposited onto the Planet Evo with a single mission. Survive.  

Fiction will contain strong language, gore, sexual content and scenes/concepts that may be traumatising. Read at your own risk.

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He who stares back from the abyss

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One - The 300 miles club ago
Chapter Two - Touch Down ago
Chapter Three - New World ago
Chapter four - Freedom isn't free ago
Chapter Five - Breaking of Chains [Draft] ago
Chapter Six - Fall of man ago
Chapter Seven - Adapt or Die ago
Chapter Eight - Welcome to the Jungle [Draft] ago
Chapter Nine - Law of the Jungle ago
Chapter Ten - Fuzzy Headed ago
Chapter Eleven - Hunter or Gatherer ago
Update, Schedule plan and Patreon ago
Chapter Twelve - It is our actions that define us ago
Chapter thirteen - Rumble in the Jungle [Draft] ago
Report 01 ago
Chapter fourteen - Price of Victory ago
Chapter fifteenth - Awakening [Draft] ago
Chapter sixteen - Run boy, run ago
Chapter Seventeen - Alpha [Draft] ago
Chapter Eighteen - Knowing oneself ago
Chapter Nineteen - Victory through defeat ago
Chapter Twenty (Arc 2) - Humans ago
Chapter Twenty One (Arc 2) - Trust Issues ago
Chapter Twenty Two (Arc 2) - Goodbye Humanity (Part One) ago
Chapter Twenty Two (Arc 2) - Goodbye Humanity (Part Two) ago
Chapter Twenty Three (Arc 2) - The quiet before the storm ago
Chapter Twenty Four (Arc 2) - Unwelcome Visitors ago
Chapter Twenty Five (Arc 2) - The devil you know ago
Chapter Twenty Six (Arc 2) - The Southern Garrison ago
Chapter Twenty Seven (Arc 2) - The Cult of the White Hunter ago
Chapter Twenty Eight (Arc 2) - Cognitive dissonance (Part one) ago
Chapter Twenty Eight (Arc 2) - Cognitive dissonance (Part Two) ago
Chapter Twenty Nine (Arc 2) - Cultural Differences ago
Chapter Thirty (Arc 2) - War on the horizon ago
Chapter Thirty One (Arc 2) - Reflection and Desire ago
Chapter Thirty Two(Arc 2) - Who I am (Part 1) ago
Chapter Thirty Two(Arc 2) - Who I am (Part 2) ago
Chapter Thirty Two(Arc 2) - Who I am (Part 3) ago
Chapter Thirty Two (Arc 2) - Who I am (Part 4) ago
Chapter Thirty Three (Arc 2) - Start of a legend [Draft] ago
Chapter Thirty Three (Arc 2) - Start of a legend (Part 2) [Draft] ago
Chapter Thirty Four (Arc 2) - Fighting the Rakorn ago
Chapter Thirty Five (Arc 2) - Rise of the Dybbuk - Part one [Draft] ago
Question Time ago
Status Update - Indefinite hiatus ago

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It's pretty good. The story is rather intersting. I like the evolutions, and how it can go randomly, since it's kind of easily influenced. I also like the savage part of the MC. Also, he has some screws loose, but that adds some charm.

Now for the bad stuff: there are some grammar mistakes - though it's above average for RRL. Also, as someone before me said, the MC often has an internal monologue about random stuff. However, it seems to be a character trait, so I can't say it's a completely bad thing if the author intended it to be that way.


The story's name is Once Human. Considering quite alot of time the start, He's still human, if your upset by these chapters, your not gonna reach the point he stops being human, I'm only now making this review now, cos we've reached said point, in the most Recent chapter -Who I Am- He's basically stopped being human, and I've got to say while some of the MC's monologues go on and on abit too much at times, its kinda what you'd want with someone who thinks so much.


I like it, a nice change in pace comapred to the normally sane MCs i normally read about. I can't wait to see where this goes. (written at chapter 8)


This story has a really sweet concept. The beggining of it is rather epic.

Unfortunately, there's so much inner dialog going on in the MC's head, even during what should be a minute long fight for survival but instead takes more than a chapter, that I had to rage quit after chapter 6.


In response to the people complaining about the mc constantly ranting inside his

own head, yes the writer does have some trouble with that early on in the book 

but after chapter 20 it takes a much better turn and we are introduced to other 

characters and POV's. Without giving any major spoilers the mc starts having 

someone to talk to on a regular basis which helps him out in the mental

department. Its also when the story really starts picking up in pace and there are 

major changes to the mc mentally and physically.

TYE rannical

Why did you have to turn the MC into a douche

Was amazingly good until the author ducked it up. I think it's in the 20ish chapter, that the MC has a sudden personality change and decided to become a scumbag who wantonly kills people for no fucking reason. And I wouldn't be mad about this if the author layed out a logicall reason why his personality all of a sudden changes from an easy going loner to a blood thirsty monster, but he doesnt.

I loved this novel until this moment. I'm trying with the hardest of my abilities not to insult the author personally for ruining a good novel, just please explain to me why?

Why did the MC's Morales change from kill only when threatened to kill for fun.

Why did you have to make the MC a douche man? Why?

Any ways i hope you luck and for what it's worth I truly loved your novel till this point.


Please tell me ur coming back. I've been reading this story from the start and love it!!! It's my favorite story and I really want to know what is going to happen next. I check it every other day for updates. Anyway thanks for the story and hope u come back. Til then I'll just reread it.


I’ll admit it, this book can sometimes be hard to read but if you just concentrate and persevere you will find on of my favourite books on RRL


I just throughtly enjoying this story.

I could write an massive Review, but I just want to compact it down a bit.


The Story was pretty, good. I like the Setting, mental instability and the details he is putting in it.

The fight in which somehow some Reviewers ran away, was for my taste very good. A fight in which the MC really fought for his life.


I am really looking forward what will happen with this Novel, but upuntil now. 

Thank You Skada for another intreguing Novel.


Awesome book so far keep up the excellent work