The HOPE Engine

by LynchWriting

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Strategy Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

When a game has the power to bring peace to the planet, you're damn right everyone plays. Every person on the planet can choose if they want to live their life in the physical world or the digital, and Quentin has been waiting for his chance to go all digital.

Once in the game, he chooses a powerful caster, but quickly finds out just how fragile he is. His advisor is a little girl, the village he builds is filled with raving lunatics, and the only edible food for miles around is poisonous to humans. But hey, his friends seem nice.

High level players are fleeing from their towns, beaten by a great force in the East. Will Quentin rise to the challenge and fight these evil forces? Will he pledge his allegiance to them instead? Will he find a meal that doesn't make him sick?

Find out in The HOPE Engine!


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  • Overall Score

I'm really enjoying the story so far. This is my first litrpg and, I must say, it's quite mind blowing how mesmerised I am by this work!

It is amusing, capitivating and well written. The wirter takes time to explain how the game works, which is very useful to people who are not quite familiar with such literary genre.

Although it is not a finsihed work and the chapters are released as the author writes them, it is very easy to dive back into the "game" and not get lost in the storyline.

Definitely looking forward to see what happens next!

  • Overall Score

Monty Python creates Virtual reality

Low chapter release rate, hopefully caused by author wanting to polish them. I just feel I've heard it before (see GRR Martin release rates).

As for the story, there isn't much yet. However, so far it feels as of the producers of Monty Python were given tools to make VR game. 

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I read up to chapter 11 with just pure will and just give up. It doesn't really grab me in any way.


Sometimes I feel like the author thinks that we are morons. There is too much explanation. I know this was explained to Severo (which kinda makes him look like a moron too), but still. Every chapter we are bombarded with explanations that it gets very annoying.

There is also a lack of characterization and interaction with the environment. We just have characters talk or introspect; everything else is often ignored. No facial expressions, no body language, no interaction with the surroundings. This is a conditioned called talking heads because it seems like the characters are just heads floating in the void talking to each other.

There is just a lack of immersion for the readers.

And the most problematic is the POV character. This is writen in first person so you are kinda like in the head of the character. But the protagonist is just so dull. His thoughts, his ideas, his reactions, his personality - is just so boring. We would have large areas of him introspecting and it was just so dull.

Boring. That sums it up.


I'll get this out quick: Boring.

Do you ever watch a newbie play a video game and watch that person just wander aimlessly getting nowhere? Do you remember how boring that was? That is what we have here and it is just as dull.

This gets worse as it delves into the minutae of the game. Infodump everywhere. Every little detail of the game explained to you and it got me so bored.

Like, come on, it was supposed to be a game that brings peace to the planet. This is it? This is that game? Tetris has a bigger chance to bring peace to the planet than this. In the real world, this game would be a flop.


At least the grammar okay. I kinda find it strange though that the author uses single quotes instead of the regular one for the dialogues. I don't know why it was done this way but it was really distracting.

There are also problems with the commas. It is allover the place.

There are also missing words or awkward phrasing.

But overall, it is alright. Just needs a little more polishing.


I never find anyone I liked.

Not that I hate them, all the characters are just dull and uninteresting.

Severo is just the most boring protagonist I encountered. There is just nothing about him that is noteworthy. He is so blank. In fact, I don't think he has any personality at all.

We are supposed to relate to to Severo. He is supposed to be someone we should care about. However, there is nothing for you to identify with.

Angie... she is the instruction manual and she is as interesting.

Worse, she takes away the feeling of discovery and exploration. Something about the game our protagonist doesn't know? Just ask Angie. No need to thinker. No need to figure it out. No need to discover anything or be surprised. You know, like how you would typically experience a game. Where the most fun comes from. No! Just ask Angie.

Not only is she an instruction manual, she is also a game walk through.


I had read only up to chapter 11 so I can only honestly say that those 11 chapters are incredibly boring and hard to sit through. Maybe the story would pick up later, but honestly, if 11 chapters in and the story still doesn't manage to engage its readers, the readers would likely just drop it. You shouldn't assume that the readers had an infinite amount of patience and attention span.

And thus, I drop this. I don't care about this story at all. I'm bored and I'm not reading a novel to be bored.

  • Overall Score

It's bad (for me) but author is a good guy

I heally disliked and somehow feel cheated after 16 chapters, bye.