Reincarnated, let's be a pirate.

by Stonecoldsam

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Harem LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Secret Identity Slice of Life Strong Lead

Oh, does it sound familiar? That's not really a surprise.

After my death, God, bored by watching the worlds, choose to send me to a new world. I wonder does he know this is an over-used trope? Oh well, I will be alright. For now, let's find my first event. I'm sure it's around here somewhere.

"It's like a trope wrapped in a cliché."

"It's great and despite the ''over-used trope'' actually original."

"Refreshing, dare I say pretty original too."

"One hell of a plot twist."



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Misleading reviews ;/

because of the reviews i though it would be a really good history, but after  8 chapters i dropped.. *Sigh* Its the same as always but a little more bad, the cliche god that sends Mc to another world, the cliche system that makes him a god, the cliche luck that makes him become a god in the first day.. The cliche harem with dumb bitchs that fall in love on the first sight.. The cliche lack of description and cenery, everything seems like a skip and is one.. You never see him describing the things. its always like "a port town" no description, "a adventurer guild with a balconist" no description "a inn with  a cute loli talking with me " no description.. get it?.. its made from cliche weaboo anime fan and like always on those japonese novels and fanmade anime novels, they dont know how to make a good history with good cenery and not even a little psychologic base.. The Mc goes "fuck it" to every situation, dont care about where he is, says that he doesnt care about sleeping in the city, the npc of the world feels plastic, Aaarg.. *Sigh*, well i love  psychology and because of that i cant make myself to like novels with lack of  basic psychology.. but if you are a annon like every other weaboo edgy anime fan, then this novel is for you

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how dare you make a misleading synopsis!

this is so interesting i almost skipped it because the synopsis made it sound so dull!

i would have never forgiven myself for skipping this, it's great and despite the ''overused trope'' actually original.

do read it, well worth your time

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a unique pirate Litrpg story

the story is good ,the character is quite interesting,although the author do use tropes,but in a good way (not those usual bad tropes) ,and he do use some detail that the other litrpg story fail to mentioned ,there are some grammar mistake but not really that bad ,only problem is the transition though

edit at 27/8: at chapter 17 and 18 ,that one hell of a plot twist and look like this novel will not be another  typical JP Beta-male now (at chapter 18 the mc will not follow the old logic when it come to harem so he will not be a pussy now,and anyone that have little grudge of him becoming a hero ,just read chapter 17~18 and you will be relieved here)

edit at 25/9 :at chapter 52 ,that a whole lv of plot twist compare to the previous one here :v 

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Warning: Mass Effect 3 levels of disapointing

Let's start with the good points

The author shows an entertaining style, it keeps you reading even when the story feels a little dull.

There aren't too many gramatical errors nor extremely weird phrasings, which is a really good thing.


on the other side of the coin, characters are... flat, there is a point in which you don't really know anymore who is who, even within the harem, and if you have to stop and think who exactly was the character mentioned, it means a problem with characterisation.

and lastly, story... the story feels weird and underwhelming, you're promised pirates and then turns out that nope you're not getting pirates because, and even MC's title as a pirate is more of an afterthought than anything else. Then we get into the other aspects of the MC which are the real story, some are cliche as announced on the intro so no disapointment there, and the other is business so even less of a pirate story.

the MC and his party go moving from plot to plot without any of them ever being resolved, then are the twists, most of them aren't very well executed, as if they were written as they came, with no planification at all if it would impact the narrative or even make sense as a plot twist.

and lastly we have the ending... i shudder to think of it as an ending, i prefer to think of it as a temporary "got tired of writing for the moment, will come back at a future point to do something with this, when i know what to do with it" than as a real ending. As stated in the title it has a disapointing ending, extremely reminiscent of when a TV series gets axed.

All in all, a story I will try to forget, but will keep an eye on the author and other things he publishes.


P.D. If Stonecoldsam ever decides to rewrite part of or just the ening and continues writing i will revise my opinion.

Written when chapter 52 is counted as the ending and 52.1 counts as kind of an epilogue.

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oh and I forgot to mention it's refreshing, dare I say pretty original too

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I hate that i forgot to look at the tags.

Harem is a anoyance ,but everything else is OK.

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not really worth the time

tl;dr Not worth the read the way it is now.

Style : Nothing really special, too little description for most of the stuff, everything else is alright i guess


Story : Strap in for a HUGE disappointment, there is literally nothing concerning pirates in this novel and the rest of the story isn't really worth mentioning, the "plot twist" doesn't really influence the story for most of the time and comes off as a gimmick. 


Grammer is pretty good considering the average quality here on RRL


Characters : Here it get's really ugly. There are WAY TOO MANY FUCKING characters in this novel that have little to no personality. This shows the most when looking at the MCs Harem which is just a bunch of cliché characters stuck together. I don't even know who the MC is talking to most of the time because the Harem members just blend into each other so much. Less Harem members with more distinct and less cliché personalities would have definetly helped.

I don't even want to talk about the "ending"