MANUS DEI: Harbinger (Book One of the Khamsa Chronicles)

MANUS DEI: Harbinger (Book One of the Khamsa Chronicles)

by soloflyte

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Finished story removed due to Amazon KDP Guidelines as the book is now published.


MANUS DEI: Harbinger (Book One of the Khamsa Chronicles) 


An angelic science fiction and demonic dark fantasy romp through present-day Earth.

With assault rifles. Sniper rifles. A tank or two. Grenades. Drones. Pulse beam machine guns. Longswords. Bastard swords. Axes. Weirdly named gear. Transport thingies. And don't forget the creepy-crawlies.


A conflict as old as time. Fought in this world. With the weapons and science of humanity.

The time of the Apocalypse is near. While Heaven waits, the minions of Hell have started infesting the world. Corrupting humanity and stealing the heavenly spark that connects mankind to God. Unless stopped, when the end comes, most of the divine power that exists in every person will belong to the Great Enemy.

It falls to the shoulders of a few good men and women at the side of diminished angels to delay Armageddon. A retrograde action against the forces of darkness.

One of them is Keith A. North, SEAL E-6 on detached service, left for dead in the sandbox. Recruited by the secretive Khamsa, an organization almost as old as recorded history, he learns how to fight against nightmares made real. Limited by rules as ancient as the struggle against Hell.


No disrespect is meant to any religion, military unit, government or officially not-a-government agency, black ops group, corporation, sinister cabal, or any other person or entity, whether known or still secret. This is but a work of literary fiction and imagination.

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I believe the blurb says it all -

An angelic science fiction and dark demonic fantasy romp through present day Earth.

With assault rifles. Sniper rifles. A tank or two. Grenades. Drones. Weirdly named gear. And don't forget the creepy-crawlies.

Following so far. Got into story again after revision. Interesting and consistent. Different in the sense the story occurs in present day Earth. And the stage seems global. A bit ambitious but let's see.

Some minor errors. Liked the Chapter Notes part. Explained a lot of technical terms. Helpful as I've got no patience to check Mr. Google for terms I don't know. Presentation is clearly in multiple MC mode as the tag shows. Wonder how it will be handled as the story progresses. But so far it works.

Still waiting for the tank to make an appearance though. 


Interesting story so far. But feels weird about the issue with bad language except may be for the religious angle.