Oh, My Beautiful Moonlight Goddess!

by kekewne

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Harem
Yarou Kansouke, a regular guy from the boondocks that was exposed to the art of ero at a very young age. Emi. The only clue the girl left him behind that night. Ever since then, he's vowed himself to meet her again no matter how much hardships it might take. Watch Kansouke grow in the most ero—err interesting hero ever!!

Mature tag is there for the lols, bring your sense of humor with you when you read it too~
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0: My Kokoro is Aching~ ago
Chapter 1: Wrong City?! ago
Chapter 2: Shall We Dance in Bed? ago
Chapter 3: Blade Dance ago
Chapter 4: Guild Quest ago
Chapter 5: Problematic Day ago
Chapter 6: It Never Ends ago
Chapter 7: S'il Vous Plait! ago
Chapter 8: Where have you been? ago
Chapter 9: Party Quest ago
Chapter 10: Von Voyage? ago
Chapter 10.5: A Secret Between The Two ago
Chapter 11: Fairy's Tear ago
Character List and Some More ago
Chapter 12: Bon Voyage! ago
Chapter 13: Adventure Mode! ago
Chapter 14: Crimson Blades? ago
Chapter 15: Magic ago
Chapter 15.5: Regular Morning ago
Chapter 16: Streamside Battle ago
Chapter 17: Do you know what being eaten by someone feels like? ago
Chapter 18: Elven Ass? ago
Chapter 19: Elusive Girl? ago
Chapter 20: Death Dandec! ago
Chapter 20.5: Hero's Departure ago
Chapter 21: The Hero's Special Item? ago
Chapter 21.5: Her Feelings ago
Chapter 22: Trouble Inside The City Walls Part 1 ago
Chapter 23: Trouble Inside The City Walls Part 2 ago
Chapter 24: Trouble Inside The City Walls Part 3 ago
Chapter 25: Blade Dance Re:Ignite ago
Chapter 26: Memory Dive ago
Chapter 27: Remind Me Not to Piss You Off ago
Chapter 28: Darkness Aligned~ ago
Chapter 29: Chat At Nighttime ago
Chapter 30: Carefree is Life ago
Chapter 31: Invitation to the Darkness ago
Hello! ago
Chapter 31: *COMPLETE* ago

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reading manga in form of Fanfiction


so much moment in this ff, i won't say anything further, just if you like reading manga with genre bellow this ff is greatly recommended for you, read it and you will thank me later~~~


Genre if this work made into manga:

Adult, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Ecchi, Mature, Romance, Seinen

this work is legitimately R18+ read at your own risk

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hey man, love the story, and as to why i decided to review your FF? well firstly i have to say here that this story is alot of fun to read with decent comedy, and of course decent plot minor grammar mistakes, well i dont actualy noticed the grammar mistakes until if i will read it again.


and to the main point on why i decided to review.  i just wanted to let you know that my heart ache’s, yes until the MC gets his revenge on those two yuri’s my anger wont subdue, please man make those yuri get jealous on the MC, at-least make him have sex with other girls and have those two watch secretly in order for them to fell jealous and feel sorry. and of course have them realized that the real thing is much better than licking each others…. or if you plan on having  those two continue on keeping on NTR’ing our MC, please remove them somehow. like after the quest make our MC write some note and leave the both of them behind. that way my heart will feel at ease oh and make it dramatic so that the demon girl who our MC had previously save will cry somehow, :D thats all and please do consider my adivce :D

  • Overall Score

LOL Interesting novel

this novel is so funny that i want to read it again and again and the characters are so lovable!