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Chapter 82: The Crown Prince Enters


The rest of Kai and Erina's date went smoothly with no other obstructions or events. After tea, Erina noticed that Kai was still hungry and they ate at a restaurant. Since Kai's identity had already been found out, he decided that it would be fine to eat as much as he wanted.

Erina was still surprised by the amount Kai ate and so was the restaurant. Then after eating lunch, they went shopping together. Erina bought some clothes for herself and Kai bought some gloves. When inquired about the reason for his purchase, Kai shrugged his shoulders and refused to answer.

Normal people would be exhausted walking around all day but they weren't normal. When the sun was going down, they had another talk while sitting near the fountain. And when it was about nearly 9 at night, Kai escorted Erina to her house.

"Such a gentleman."

Erina raised her skirt on both sides while bowing down slightly, it was the noble's way of showing thanks.

"Still, don't tell anyone about me."

Kai didn't forget to warn her once more.

"Yeah, yeah. Also, you look better without glasses."

Erina stuck out her tongue slightly and turned around with her skirt fluttering; walking back with her hands behind her back. This simple action of hers would take anyone's heart if left unprepared.

Such a troublesome girl.

Kai shook his head and smiled as he walked back to the dorms.

The next day, Kai felt strange looks on him. It wasn't his imagination, everyone was whispering while looking at him.

What is this atmosphere?

Kai enhanced his hearing.

"Oi, are you sure?"

"Yes, I saw him on a date with the Ice Queen! She was wearing a one-piece dress and a hat, it was a beautiful sight!"

"He seriously went on a date with the Ice Queen?!"

"I'm so jealous!"

...Looks like another troublesome thing has happened. I was sure that nobody saw us though.

When Kai arrived at his class, everyone turned their attention on him and whispered among themselves. But there were a few brave souls who asked Kai for the details.

"Kenji, how'd you manage to score a date with the Ice Queen?!"

"Kenji, you're a demon! Managing to score four girls in a week!"

"At least leave some for us!"

Needless to say, all of them were boys. The girls who had been fawning over Kenji the moment he entered class were down.

"We're no match for the Ice Queen- no, the Snow Princess!"

"The Snow Princess is too much of an opponent!"

"...Maybe I can become a second wife?"

"That's naive, he already has Yoko, Haru, and Umi! And even then, we aren't sure if he'll take a fifth wife!"

Kenji's enhanced hearing was enough to hear all those and his eye twitched.

(A/N: As always, I will change the use of Kai and Kenji's names depending on the situation.)

But if he let all of those comments get to him, it wouldn't end so he decided to ignore them and went over to his seat beside Haru. Yoko was still out of the school and would return sometime next week. But when Kenji arrived next to Haru, she was visibly nervous.


When Haru heard Kenji's voice, she twitched.

Could it be... because of yesterday?

Kenji shook his head. He knew Haru too well and knew that she wouldn't be hung up on that.

"What's wrong?"

He sat down and inquired in a low voice. Haru cautiously looked around and when she was sure that nobody was listening around them, she leaned in towards Kenji.

"...I'm nervous that big brother will be in the same class as me. If by any chance that he figures out it's me, I'd be exposed to the whole school! I'm certain that he'll do it!"

Kenji had a blank expression for a few seconds while visualizing the scene.

"...Nn. I certainly see that happening."

There's something wrong with the royal family's heads though. 

Kenji shook his head when remembering the royal family.

"Kenji, you be careful when dealing with him. He hates you right?"

"I always wear a mask so that's not a problem."

Though you're the reason that he hates me...

Kenji smiled at Haru's concern and faced forward. He had sensed it, two presences approaching the door.

"Class, I present to you the crown prince!"

The professor stood behind his table and presented the crown prince with his arms.

"Kyaaa~! He's so handsome!"

"Your highness, may I sit next to you?!"

Déjà vu...

Kenji shook his head for a bit. It was nearly the same sight from when he transferred with the difference being the words.

"Quiet down. Your highness, please introduce yourself. Though they may know of your name, we must still do this for formalities."

"I understand."

The crown prince stood straight and addressed everyone.

"Good morning everyone, I am Alteria's crown prince and the third eldest of my siblings, Alteria Kazuki. It's only for a couple of months but I will be in your care."

"Your highness, your prepared seat is over there but for a week to get used to the school, we request you to sit over there."

It was Yoko's seat. Yoko and Haru already knew that the crown prince would be seated there and gave their consent but Kenji had no knowledge of that.

So that's why she was so nervous...

Kenji smiled wryly as Kazuki stood beside his chair.

"Good morning."

"G-good morning."

Haru bowed down slightly and gestured for him to take a seat. Kazuki sensed that the girl was still tense and didn't try to pressure her any further. He turned his eyes towards Kenji and offered his hand for a handshake.

Kenji took the handshake without much hesitation and greeted him. Kazuki was surprised. Though there were a lot of nobles in this school, nobody really has the courage to do a handshake with the crown prince himself.

This man isn't ordinary...

Kazuki thought as he set a mental marker on Kenji.

Kazuki as the crown prince was well-liked by everyone in the kingdom, he was humble and modest but that was his outside image. In truth, he was stubborn and hated to lose so he continued to train himself.

But the third princess, Natsumi wasn't well-known and only showed her face when necessary. That's because she was a shy and timid girl but the royal family doted on her a lot. Kazuki wasn't an exception, as someone who was four years older than Natsumi, he decided to protect her but he was a tad bit overprotective.

The royal family had six siblings. Three princesses and three princes. The order of their age was first princess, first prince, second prince Kazuki, second princess, third prince, third princess Natsumi. Hence, Natsumi was the youngest and Kazuki was the second prince.

And the truth was that Kazuki didn't want to go to school. Natsumi was missing from the castle but his father had not made any moves to retrieve her by simply giving the excuse that she was safe. That's why for the past few months, he had spared no expense in finding her. He finally got the information that Natsumi was at the Royal Magic Academy.

I must find her...!

Kazuki's leg was twitching and it didn't escape Kenji's eyes.

This dense princess doesn't know but... her brothers and sisters are all siscons and their father is a very doting parent. Though they are siscons, they only favor Natsumi. I'm sure that the crown prince would only reveal her identity so he can lock her in the castle free from the presence of other men... Actually, the fact that I'm beside the third princess all the time is quite a pain for him. I remember several times of him trying to kick me out but he stopped when he found out that I was actually stronger than him. The same goes for the other princes and princesses, it's like they want Natsumi to be pure for her entire life... Actually, if she asked for the throne I'm certain that that's the only time they'll deny her. They don't want her to be burdened being a monarch of a country because her 'pure' personality would disappear.

Kenji sighed when remembering the royal family.

Classes in this school only accomodate up to twenty years and the crown prince was barely eligible to participate in a class. Natsumi, Kai, Yoko, were fifteen while Erina was fourteen, her birthday would approach in a few more days which was October 11th. On the other hand, Kazuki was nineteen and was about to turn twenty in two months hence the short time that he will participate in classes.

To be considered an adult in this world, fifteen was fine. At fifteen, one no longer needs their guardian's permission for many things and can do anything restricted by age. Most people at fifteen go out of the world to travel or start their own plans for a family but most actually start a family at eighteen or so.

If Kazuki finds out that Haru is actually Natsumi, he'd do anything in his power to remove Kenji from his seat and replace him. He was only sitting there for a week due to Yoko's absence. He would probably reveal Natsumi only after the two month period ends.

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