Rebirth: Monarchs

by SeverTheHeavens

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

[A rewrite of a previous series: Rebirth: Hero!] 


As he grows, the world trembles; as he speaks, the world listens; what he wills, the world provides; common sense overturned by his power. 

A man is reborn from a previous life into a human, the weakest race on the planet. Along with him, a girl whom he saved in his last moments.

With the memories of Kai’s past and present life, can he conquer everything and truly be a Monarch?

Together with the residents of the new world, watch as they pierce through the boundaries and break through the chains of fate!

[Updated description]


Kai dies trying to save a girl and is reborn as a human in another world, the being who reincarnated him and the girl he saved gave him the task of becoming a monarch which he made his goal along with meeting the girl he saved once more.

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The Procrastinator

Word Count (14)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Restart (Prologue) ago
Chapter 2: The Kuroshi Clan ago
Chapter 3: The Fundamentals of Training ago
Chapter 4: The Basics of Magic ago
Chapter 5: Special Training? ago
Chapter 6: Imparting Techniques ago
Chapter 7: Mock Tournament ago
Chapter 8: Dominating Aura ago
Chapter 9: Free Ticket ago
Chapter 10: Recognition ago
Chapter 11: Tournament's Climax (1) ago
Chapter 12: Tournament's Climax (2) ago
Chapter 13: Departure in the Cover of the Night ago
Chapter 14: Spiritual Powers ago
Chapter 15: Harsh Training ago
Chapter 16: An Increase in Power ago
Chapter 17: Preparation ago
Chapter 18: Runes ago
Chapter 19: A New Face ago
Chapter 20: A Girl? ago
Chapter 21: Another One?! ago
Chapter 22: On That Day, When Two Paths Intersect ago
Chapter 23: At This Place, Once Again ago
Chapter 24: The Events of That Week ago
Chapter 25: Scheming in the Shadows ago
Chapter 26: Enchanted Gear, Superbia! ago
Chapter 27: The Countdown Until That Day Begins ago
Chapter 28: Kuroshi Kai's Final Test ago
Chapter 29: The Dual Attribute Irregular, Kuroshi Kai's Power! ago
Chapter 30: The Triennial Tournament ago
Chapter 31: The Results of His Departure, Akane and Yoko's Determination! ago
Chapter 32: The Martial Arts Prodigy, Kuroshi Akane's Resilience ago
Chapter 33: The Talented Genius, Kuroshi Yoko's Faith ago
Chapter 34: The Final Hundred, Decided! ago
Chapter 35: The Free for All Commences! ago
Chapter 36: The Eyes of a Warrior ago
Chapter 37: An Unexpected Turn of Events ago
Chapter 38: The Final Four, Decided! ago
Chapter 39: Ruler of the Outskirts ago
Chapter 40: The Final Two Competitors, Decided (1) ago
Chapter 41: The Final Two Competitors, Decided (2) ago
Chapter 42: The Final Two Competitors, Decided (3) ago
Chapter 43: Exerting Dominance ago
Chapter 44: Secrets ago
Chapter 45: The Final Match (1) ago
Chapter 46: The Final Match (2) ago
Chapter 47: Sensory Training ago
Chapter 48: Maneuverability Training Starts ago
Chapter 49: Perception Training (1) ago
Chapter 50: Perception Training (2) ago
Chapter 51: Natural Enemy ago
Chapter 52: Ice Domain ago
Chapter 53: A Trial for Acceptance ago
Chapter 54: Breaking Limits ago
Chapter 55: A Discussion ago
Chapter 56: Executing New Techniques ago
Chapter 57: The Snow Falls ago
Chapter 58: A Test of Power ago
Chapter 59: Reunion ago
Chapter 60: Catching Up? No, Eating. ago
Chapter 61: Opening Pandora's Box ago
Chapter 62: A New Persona is Born ago
Chapter 63: Ice vs Ice ago
Chapter 64: Secret Talk ago
Chapter 65: Seething Rage ago
Chapter 66: Disease ago
Chapter 67: Sorrow ago
Chapter 68: Crime ago
Chapter 69: Hate ago
Chapter 70: The Countdown Stops Ticking, It Has Arrived ago
Chapter 71: Reawakening ago
Chapter 72: Final Chance, Lost ago
Chapter 73: Beneath Pandora's Box ago
Chapter 74: Six Years Later, Fates Intertwined ago
Chapter 75: Practical Training ago
Chapter 76: A Reunion Under Different Circumstances ago
Chapter 77: Surprise Inspection ago
Chapter 78: Meeting New People ago
Chapter 79: A Deal with the Devil ago
Chapter 80: The Date Starts ago
Chapter 81: Motives ago
Chapter 82: The Crown Prince Enters ago
Chapter 83: Gathering Attention ago
Chapter 84: Trouble from Many Directions ago
Chapter 85: Unavoidable Trouble ago
Chapter 86: Overwhelming Display ago
Chapter 87: Shopping ago
Chapter 88: Mischief and a Dance ago
Chapter 89: GCC Preliminaries: Memento Mori Formed ago
Chapter 90: First Battle ago
Chapter 91: A Clash against Two ago
Chapter 92: A Visitor ago
Chapter 93: Fighting in Threes ago
Chapter 94: Early Celebration ago
Chapter 95: The Flames of Rage Ignite ago
Chapter 96: Incarceration ago
Chapter 97: Pieces in Place, Attack Starts ago
Chapter 98: Subdue;Defend ago
Chapter 99: Mariko Yoshino Intercepts ago
Chapter 100: Confidence is Different from Arrogance (1) ago
Chapter 101: Confidence is Different from Arrogance (2) ago
Chapter 102: An Unbelievable Scene ago
Chapter 103: Empyrean Flames and Corrupted Ice ago
Chapter 104: The Omnisicient Eye, The Strongest Arm, The Fastest Leg ago
Chapter 105: Akane, Lend Me Your Power ago
Chapter 106: Revealing Secrets (1) ago
Chapter 107: Revealing Secrets (2) ago
Chapter 108: The Dragon Slayer, Angelina ago
Chapter 109: Dragon Slaying Preparations (1) ago
Chapter 110: Dragon Slaying Preparations (2) ago
Chapter 111: Dragon Slaying Preparations (3) ago
Chapter 112: A Master's Worries ago
Chapter 113: Dragon Slaying Isn't Easy ago
Chapter 114: Limits Don't Break, They Grow ago
Chapter 115: Out in the Open ago
Chapter 116: Struggle Behind the Scenes ago
Chapter 117: The Capital's Affairs ago
Chapter 118: A Confrontation Between S-class ago
Chapter 119: Godlike Blacksmithing ago
Chapter 120: Arts and Transformations ago
Chapter 121: The Soul Thief ago
Chapter 122: The Council Makes a Move ago
Chapter 123: Fears from the Past ago
Chapter 124: Unexpected Enemy ago
Chapter 125: Swarm ago
Chapter 126: Cornered by Four Threats ago
Chapter 127: In the Sky ago
Chapter 128: Unrestrained Speed ago
Chapter 129: Attacks that Overcome Regeneration ago
Chapter 130: New Wounds ago
Chapter 131: A 'Weapon' that Shocks the Heavens ago
Chapter 132: Welcome Back, Master ago
Chapter 133: A Third, a Fourth, and a Fifth?! ago
Chapter 134: A Little Fun ago
Chapter 135: True Talent ago
Chapter 136: A Certain Smell ago
Chapter 137: What Would it Take? ago
Chapter 138: It's Just a Progress Check... Right? ago
Chapter 139: The Empire ago
Chapter 140: Assassins ago
Chapter 141: Lock-On ago
Chapter 142: Everywhere ago
Chapter 143: Adventurer's Guild and Presents ago
Chapter 144: A Trail ago
Chapter 145: Corruption ago
Chapter 146: The Immortal ago
Chapter 147: A United Front ago
Chapter 148: Linked ago
Chapter 149: Absorption ago
Chapter 150: First Taste ago
Chapter 151: Ganging Up on One Enemy ago
Chapter 152: An Uphill Battle (1) ago
Chapter 153: An Uphill Battle (2) ago
Chapter 154: Unsealed ago
Chapter 155: Temporary Retreat ago
Chapter 156: Dropping In ago
Chapter 157: A Fight Between Monsters (1) ago
Chapter 158: A Fight Between Monsters (2) ago
Chapter 159: A Bloodless Massacre ago
Chapter 160: Descent ago
Chapter 161: Anomaly ago
Chapter 162: Arrival at Ethereal Moon ago
Chapter 163: An Inn of Bandits ago
Chapter 164: A Takeover ago
Chapter 165: Slaying a Vampire (1) ago
Chapter 166: Slaying a Vampire (2) ago
Chapter 167: The First Anomaly ago
Chapter 168: Surrounded ago
Chapter 169: Regrouping ago
Chapter 170: Storming Through ago
Chapter 171: A Former God's Will ago
Chapter 172: A Half-Truth Isn't a Lie ago
Chapter 173: Departing with Worries ago
Chapter 174: Plagued by Nightmares ago
Chapter 175: A Formidable Sword ago
Chapter 176: Devising the Perfect Stratagem ago
Chapter 177: Don't Underestimate Physical Techniques ago
Chapter 178: A Tournament of Swords ago
Chapter 179: Aubrey Academy ago
Chapter 180: Attending Class ago
Chapter 181: A Plan to Seduce (1) ago
Chapter 182: A Plan to Seduce (2) ago
Chapter 183: The Transfer Students of Aubrey Academy ago
Chapter 184: A Deliberate Humiliation ago
Chapter 185: A Calm but Overwhelming Rage (1) ago
Chapter 186: A Calm but Overwhelming Rage (2) ago
Chapter 187: Matters from the Future ago
Chapter 188: Even if They're Heroes, Personalities That Don't Match are Destined to Clash ago
Chapter 189: A Glib Tongue ago
Chapter 200: Has She Fallen? ago
Chapter 201: Variables ago
Chapter 202: An Angel ago
Chapter 203: Underestimated ago
Chapter 204: A Challenge ago
Chapter 205: Archery and Runes, a Frightening Combination ago
Chapter 206: Meeting the Principal, the S-class Beastkin ago
Chapter 207: A Change in Tactics ago
Chapter 208: The Tournament of Swords Starts ago
Chapter 209: The Seven Cloaked Figures ago
Chapter 210: An Early Matchup ago
Chapter 211: The Prophecy ago
Chapter 212: An Impossible Bet ago
Chapter 213: The Results of Training (1) ago
Chapter 214: The Results of Training (2) ago
Chapter 215: The Underhanded Competitor (1) ago
Chapter 216: The Underhanded Competitor (2) ago
Chapter 217: The Underhanded Competitor (3) ago
Chapter 218: Price of the Bet ago
Chapter 219: A Single Slash ago
Chapter 220: An Otherworldly Battle ago
Chapter 221: Ace in the Hole (1) ago
Chapter 222: Ace in the Hole (2) ago
Chapter 223: A Weapon that Terrified Even the Heavens ago
Chapter 224: Gaia's Champion ago
Chapter 225: A Reunion Spanning Two Lives ago

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Not bad, but pretty cliché

Summary : If you like when your typical xianxia story and an average litRPG story get scrambled together into a story you'll be happy to have this.

Most of the readers out there will have the feeling that they have read something really similar more than once.



Style is fine, nothing really really good/bad to it.

Grammar is mostly fine as well, although there are some typos here and there.

Story reads like the author grabbed a few classical reincarnation story tropes and threw them into his story pot, stirred a few times and added a little bit of his own twist to it. For me there are too many clichés used in this story and it doesn't feel special enough. After you read 5 Xianxia+litRPG Stories you can easily guess what happens next in this story.

The world seems like a mix of classic litRPG Fantasy and a Xianxia like society (  large clans with different family branches, ... you get the rest ). 

The Characters so far aren't anything to fawn over, but they fulfill their duty. You have the loving Parents, his trusty spirit companion, a few (female) friends and his reincarnationed love? interest.

Frederick Elliott Walker

The only review i have ever given

The author tries to make a captivating story and that is its downfall.

1. The setup of story changes from chapter to chapter seemingly by mood of the authur at the time that chapter is writen.

2. The author has admitted that he does not read what he has written making the story kind of a mesh of chaos if you are trying to follow the arch.

3. At points in the story where charactors are talking to eachother the names are not always right. example is Char A talks at Char A and Char A is so suprised. now while it is obviously wrong name used and with a little thinking you can figure who said what it is still confusing and happens alot. mostly when there are 3 or more charactors talking together.

This novel could be really good, but the author would have to be a little less chaotic. the author seems to have good ideas, but has too many not sticking with any one long enough for it to really matter. 


this is my only review because i was very interested in this story but the chaos kinda runied my interest. i could only hope that this could help the author because the author seems to have great story ideas, but is not yet good at biulding a story from them. 


Its a mix of LitRPG and Wuxia, mostly wuxia.

Its not bad, not amazing either.

If you like Wuxia and LitRPG then i would recommend this to you, but if you dont, then give it a try i guess.


 If the rewrite is this horrible, I really don't want to read the first draft.
The quality of writing and phrases used are really similar to the horrible translations of chinese light novels. The descriptive writing, wrong use of tenses and hilariously bad sentence structure make a well deserved HALF STAR.


tl;dr: stay away from this novel.


I loved it. I'm sad it ended. Most these critics are consumers not producers. I feel u created a very interesting story and I wanted it to keep going. Good luck


the first arc is very good. In fact I would give it 5 stars. Unfortunately as soon as the second arc starts no the makes any sense. Not only is it confusing but the characters seem to change. It doesn’t even feel like the same author wrote it. Still worth a casual read though. 


Interesting, I Shall Give It a Read!                                                               


Cant say much. I read 10 chap and dont feel any excitement like from other story. Missing something which i can point

Quantum qwazi

I mean it’s all just tropes almost every major event is a tropes Japanese ones specificly this has more of these tropes then books mocking those tropes  

don’t expect to be surprised even though the plot has a bit of creativity( can’t so easily be defined by japenese tropes)  none of it is particularly inspired or really even good 

Spoiler: Spoiler

Another problem is the world revolves around way the author wants it to when it wouldn’t and it’s very jarring like a theater manger in a big city giving free tickets to 2 kids because one has a fan club at school... really I mean really. This alone wouldn’t  pull me out but it happens all the time people being brought up in the middle of the narrative to give rando perspectives it’s so inane and smacks of not being able to write and get across the feelings you want without practically stating them. It’s not always this but it is immensely jarring and puts the final nail in the coffin for this story

my final thoughts are if you are going to read this the power growth is boring but not awful the harem is a bunch of boring tropes the villains are evil enough to be bad guys while not being to the point you can actually hate them (mild distaste at most) not good or compelling enough that you care if they die world building a mix euro fantasy and cultivation style just well boring nothing has come from this so far that added anything to the story so far. Grammar and the like are fine you need an editor for some minor errors 

Scesce Scesce

the summary wasn't very clear, but it is one  of those   eastern works, with the    clans etc... not for me beside, there are  a crap load of those works , both novels and manga, it's rendundant that the authors still stucks to eastern works, and after a while it gets boring,