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Last Chapter of Arc 7


Third Person POV;


A good dozen kilometres away from the Marine HQ;


The information that the War has ended spread quickly. The Supernova's that have watched the fight from afar were all wondering and speculating about the changes that will now come.

None of them had thought that Lara would be this ballsy and betray both the World Government and then even Whitebeard. They also did not deem it possible for her to eat more than a single fruit. That she has done so, in front of a camera snail for the world to see on top of it, showed that she was not normal.

They all vowed to keep an eye out for her and if possible, not anger her. The stuff she has done was above their strength, it wounded their pride, but they knew when they couldn't beat something like that. At least not alone.

One of these watching Supernova knew that more than the rest. It was Urouge, the Mad Monk has had taken the opportunity and escaped Impel Down alongside Luffy and many other prisoners. He didn't believe the Clown to be strong. But he took the chance that sprung up and used him and the safety of a large group to escape.

Now he has to rebuild his crew and create a plan to topple Slicer. He has not forgotten how she has beaten him down and had killed his friends. Ever since he woke up in Impel Down he had vowed that he would get his revenge.

He quietly and quickly boarded one of the ships that would leave the Marine HQ and began to plan.



All over the world:


But not only the Supernovas had watched the war. There were reporters on Sabaody that had seen most of the war. The end of Whitebeard was shown to them, as was his statement that the One Piece does exist.

The shock that Impel Down was raided by Blackbeard and the Kage pirates was only one of the many revelations that will shake the world.

The coming newspapers will be full of the recently learned. That Ace was the son of Gold Roger, that the One Piece exists, that Impel Down was broken in, that the Whitebeard Pirates are practically dead, that Slicer Lara had now the power of Whitebeard, that Blackbeard betrayed the World Government and so on. There were so many world-shaking news that many publishers were not sure where to start. They just knew that the coming days, or even weeks, will be busy and profitable.



Inside Big Mom's throne room:

Big Mom has just now deactivated the transponder snail that was transmitting the view from the Marine HQ, she has watched the war and used this chance to snack on some lovely popcorn and other sweets.

But now that the show was over she had to give some orders before she could resume her tasty feast. “Katakuri!” Her shout echoed through the whole palace and within seconds the tapping noise of shoes rung back.

A tall man with an open west and dark pink hair came running inside the room. He stopped in front of Big Mom and bowed slightly. “You have called mother?”

“Yes, prepare the fleets. Whitebeard had some islands I always wanted to have, some of them have delicacies I haven't been able to eat in years! Now that he's dead I won't be stopped by him.” A hand of hers grabbed into a massive back and picked popcorn up. She munched on it while waiting for Katakuri to reply.

When he did not immediately she frowned but waited for him to speak up. He was her strongest and most loved child after all.

“I'm sorry, mother, but we have not enough ships to invade the old territory of Whitebeard. The skirmishes we had with some pirates that grouped together did take a heavy toll on them. We will need at least another month before we can launch an offence that also has enough strength to hold what we invade,” apologised Katakuri with a truly sad tone. He hated disappointing his mother, but attacking now would only bring short-term benefits.

“What? Then at least take a few men and get there to start the talk about joining us. If we can't forcibly take them, then at least make them agree to give me my food. We can always invade at a later time, my sweets are more important now. Also, send someone to Fish Man island, they have some of the best seafood and sea-based sweets.” Katakuri bowed and left the room. He would be able to do at least that much.



A mansion in Wano Kuni;

The bar inside the mansion was filled with boose, many of the bottles were already empty. Kaido, a large, muscled man with intricate dragon tattoos and long black hair was trying to drink himself to death.

His body was bandaged and a nearby nurse was trying to convince him that drinking when he was wounded wouldn't be good for his health. He had just finished his 50th bottle when an equally large and muscled man came inside. The main difference between them was that this new one was blonde and had his hair in a long woven ponytail.

“Kaido-sama, the war is over and Whitebeard died,” began the man, his name was Jack, also known as the Draught.

“Is that so, a pity. °hick° Whitebeard was one of the few who might have been able to kill me. Did something happen that was interesting?”

“Yes, the Warlords Blackbeard and Slicer have betrayed the World Government. Slicer even went so far as helping the Whitebeard Pirates. But in the end, she betrayed those as well. She fought and won against Doflamingo, battled Akainu to a standstill and was immune to the attacks of Kizaru. It was seen how she could transform into an angel and then how she ate a second Devil Fruit without dying.

Kaido-sama, she ate the Devil Fruit that regrew after Whitebeard's death. She has now the tremor-tremor power, alongside her angel transformation and the power she was rumoured to have over sound.” Over the course of the long list, Kaido stopped drinking and began to look at his subordinate with a glint in his eyes that was not often present.

“You want to say that this little upstart now has the strength of Whitebeard? And that she also has a Mythical Zoan Fruit? Is that proven? No joke, no misconception, truly proven?”

“Indeed, it was transmitted over the video transponder snail. Most of the world has seen it. She prevented some kind of plan from Blackbeard when she did it and they fought briefly, with neither coming out as the winner,” confirmed Jack with a nod of his head.

Kaido began to chuckle before he started to laugh loudly. For a minute he laughed and then he took a few deep gulps from his bottle of hard liquor. “Ha, someone new has risen up. But she isn't ripe for harvest, not yet. She needs to grow, to be nurtured. And then, maybe, when she has grown, she might be able to kill me. Yes, hopefully, she will become strong enough.”

“What are we to do? The islands Whitebeard once reigned over are now undefended,” began Jack, but he was silenced by a glare from Kaido.

“We don't need those islands. Invade a few that are close to our borders, but no true invasion. Shanks that bastard did a number on our ships, we have to take a step back, before we can rush in.

Also, call Doflamingo. He is forbidden from killing this new upstart, but he is free to send some of his minions at her. I also want to know when he will be able to deliver his first shipment of SMILE.

The moment this Slicer comes to the New World I want to be informed. Someone like her needs to fight to become stronger. Send some of the new members after her, they can try to prove themselves and she can grow through them.”

Jack bowed and left the room, but not before verbally confirming the order. “Certainly.” He knew that his captain had a penchant for suicide and was constantly trying to kill himself. That's why he sometimes would try to groom new and upcoming pirates into strong individuals, who then are able to fight him.

So fare none of them did survive the grooming. And Jack does not believe that this one would survive the almost constant attacks of their subordinated crews as well. She was just a newbie pirate, one that doesn't have experienced the dangers of the New World.




Mariejois, conference room of the Five Elder's:

“The war is over, we received heavy losses, but ultimately won,” began one of the five old and powerful men. They too had just finished watching the transmission. Only that they had seen the whole thing, not the public view. Their monitor showed a multitude of hidden snails all over the Marine HQ.

“Yes and some big trouble came out of the ashes. These many highly dangerous criminals under Blackbeard's order will become a danger to everyone. We also must send troops to Impel Down. We can't allow any of the prisoners to flee. It would ruin us,” agreed another, while stating a few of the things that they now have to speak about.

“And don't forget this long-ear human, this Slicer Lara. What do we know about her?” Started a third.

He was answered by a fourth member. “Not as much as we'd like to. She turned up in the East Blue, along with her sister. They both were strong the moment the stepped into the world, but the strength she has shown during the war went above all our estimations. That she was able to hide this much even after becoming a Warlord is troubling.”

“And now she even has the strength of Whitebeard's fruit. How was that possible to begin with?” Shouted the fifth and last member angrily.

“We don't know. Maybe it has something to do with her Angel Fruit, those Mythical Zoan Fruits are strange and can have an effect on the body we couldn't even start to imagine. Vegapunk will be eager to start experiments.”

“Well, what kind of bounty should we give someone like her? It needs to be appropriate for the things she has done. And her crew as well. They practically destroyed Impel Down. The Straw Hat did a number on the inside, but the Kage Pirates did worse. They killed Magellan, the Guardian Monster and many of the regular guards. They also destroyed the fortress itself, repairing the prison will take months and will cost billions of Berry.”




Numuro Island; A few days after the war.

The news coo has just arrived and delivered the daily news. And within these papers was the batch of new bounties. Larn, the third child of Luna and Leo, has snatched those before either parent could take a look.

He was constantly on the lookout for new information or better bounty posters of his big cool and badass sisters. This edition did have a new batch of those.

There were even new pictures.

His father, Leo had just gone over the title of today's biggest topic, but then spat the coffee he was drinking right out when he saw about what it was.

“Dear, Whitebeard was at war with the World Government and has lost. Our home won't be protected by him any longer,” he said to his wife with a large amount of sadness. The alliance their home island has to Whitebeard prevented a lot of attacks and slavery. Now with him gone their people will again be hunted and attacked.

“Oh dear.” Luna knew that as well and held a hand over her mouth in shock. Both still had family there, but they knew that they couldn't visit them. Not without being seen and her husband Leo was still known enough to be recognised by some.

“Mom, Dad, look! Lara and Lia have new bounties!” Shouted their son excitedly when he finally found the new picture of his sisters.

The first, the bounty of Lara, got a major rise. Her previous 450 million paled in comparison to her new bounty. A whopping 1.250 Billion Berry was on her head.

The picture has changed from before. Gone was the hen on her shoulder or the summer dress. In place was a slightly battle worn, brutal looking battle robe. A halo above her head and two wings had sprouted from her back.

“Whoa, 1.250 Billion Berry, sis must be strong,” praised Larn in awe. He was looking up to his badass sister.

“Oh dear,” muttered Leo, who had continued reading the article. He had paled when he came to the section that described the doings of his daughter.

“What is wrong?” Asked Luna concerned, there couldn't be much worse than Whitebeard's death.

“Lara has become a Warlord, only to then betray the Marines in the middle of the war. She helped Whitebeard in freeing Ace and then used the wounds of Whitebeard to finish him off, before eating the newly grown Tremor-Tremor Fruit herself.

It is unknown where she is now, but there are rumours about her flying ship travelling through Paradise. Experts think that she is now on a level that could compare to the Admirals or the remaining Yonko. People fear what she will do with a power such as this,” read Leo out loud.

Larn whooped in joy, but his parents were solemn. They knew that this will make the life for their daughters harder and more dangerous. And very well might also be a danger to themselves. The World Government will now want to know about their origin, more than ever. If they learn about their home on Numuro they won't be safe anymore.

“We still have enough gold to buy a small boat. We will leave the moment we only hear rumours about investigating agents,” assured Luna. Her husband nodded in agreement but didn't lift his eyes from the news.

“Look even Lia has a new bounty,” said Larn while holding a poster up. This one still showed the old picture of Lia, but her bounty has risen from 300 Million to 700.

“Dad, when can I go and join their crew?” Asked Larn suddenly.

Leo, who does not want his youngest to ever become a pirate, sighed deeply, before addressing him with a soft smile. “We can speak about that once your force blade can reach beyond the ten-metre mark.”

Larn pouted, creating force blades was hard and he only can make one that extends a meter. But he knew that it was needed if he ever wants to join his two sisters. They are strong and so he too has to become strong.

“I'm out, training!” He announced and sprinted to his room, from where he took his sword for training.


A note from Kestix

The bounty of the rest of the crew will come in the next chapter. Also, no one knows about Lia's attack on Impel Down. Not the normal populace at least. the World Government is holding these news down.

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darksideskna @darksideskna ago

i don't get it why people are saying lara betrayed White Beard sure she withheld some of her powers but no one knows about it, she destroyed the dead body of white beard but he was dead to begin with, the WB pirates should support her because it's better her than blackbeard getting the gura gura no mi fruit.

narberalsd @narberalsd ago

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More!

Rawrking @Rawrking ago

thanks for the duo update. nice to see some thoughts/reactions from the peanut gallery lol

999999 @999999 ago

keep up the good work

Azaira @Azaira ago

The news cow > The news coo

I don't get how everyone immediately knows that Lara betrayed Whitebeard. Rather, she didn't really betray him? The only thing she did was disintegrate his body upon death, and linking her to that would be rather difficult. The only people that could know she healed him are those that were in the immediate vicinity - war is LOUD, and you have to pay attention to understand what she did, which was heal him partially. She also needs to have some form of alliance or agreement for there to be a betrayal. Basically, she helped, visibly, which is probably also what caused his body to disappear. Which is probably a good thing for those who could see what Blackbeard was after, which would be obvious when the fruit appears and his reaction. Basically, she helped keep it away from an actual betrayer to Whitebeard. Destroying his body might be cruel, but he might have even preferred that to the alternative with Blackbeard.

The constant flak of 'betrayal' just doesn't work well.

    Zariox @Zariox ago

    Meh, try to think how people saw it: A warlord suddenly start killing marines, steps near Whitebeard and 'apparently' heals him, his cuts gone, his skin looks healthier, obvious signs of being healed, even Kizaru tried to stop it.

    From only that people would think she was in hand with Whitebeard since the start and was a spy or something, add to note that the marines control the news.

    And since people saw her killing Whitebeard and consuming his fruit... Yes, he was already dead, but c'mon, we villagers B and Townie C know that all dead bodies fall on land. People just don't die on their feet.

    Yes, it's quite convoluted but frankly, on a global scale is what would most likely happen in that scenario, we know and think different because we're reading it from the point of view and toughts of the perpetrator itself. tongue-out

      Azaira @Azaira ago

      That's more like tricking them, or using them. Betrayal requires some form of alliance. She helped Whitebeard, but that doesn't beget an alliance. I'm not actually sure if news of her acceptance of Warlord Status would have circulated in the news yet, especially with the execution being so prominent.

      Thief fits more. Destroying a dead body isn't exactly criminal, and is actually quite common with powers like theirs. Doing so to prevent an enemy from obtaining something would actually be a common tactic, methinks. She 'used' -betrayed- the World Government, then used the situation to her advantage with Whitebeard to steal what they wouldn't have recovered anyways. She just manipulated everything to her advantage

      The problem that I see, is that the battle is far too convoluted for the common populate to even make sense of.
      Her 'betraying' a man she had only met once, for a couple measley minutes, that may not have even been broadcast at all, just doesn't make any sense. 'Tricked' him(if they could even follow a conversation from hundreds of meters away), 'stole' from him, etc - Yes. Betrayal? no.

      Pixulior @Pixulior ago

      The word betrayal has always been used as a means to vilify dissensters or anyone else the one using the word doesn't like.

      Imagine someone being born into a kingdom and living his life there in poverty, so he emigrates to another country where he has better prospects by selling information about his home.

      The kingdom would call him a traitor, even though he has never received anything from them, nor has he sworn any vows or made any promises to be loyal to them.

      Whenever a government screams 'traitor' the accused automatically loses credibility, so they will have a difficult time finding a new home in addition to being hunted by the 'betrayed', because nobody will trust a traitor.

      So no, it wasn't a betrayal, but the marines don't like Lara, so they'll call her a traitor as many times as they can. For governments truth has sadly always been optional.

royaldarknes @royaldarknes ago

[ He is forbidden from killing this new upstart, but he is free to send some of his minions at him]

you mean her ? (lara)

Feriko Leonardi @Feriko Leonardi ago

Thanks for the chapter

I have been waiting for this