Lia and Lara will seek the One Piece

by Kestix

Fan Fiction ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Now it's already the third round for the strange chicken loving being that was called Clair, Dexter and Kara. What will it do if it has the chance to roam the world of One Piece? And will it be able to hold on to its love of Kurama? Will the Straw Hats be their enemy, their ally or is there maybe no connection to them at all?

Follow it and see how it builds its own crew and sails the Grand Line, leaving chaos and doing questionable things on her road to the One Piece. But remember, only one thing is sure, there will be chicken! 



Yeah, my third story, if you exclude the one shot^^. Hope I won't struggle with a good end, as I have with the others.... But be warned, there is a high chance that I will have to place it on Hiatus for some time. But that won't happen until I reach the current One Piece storyline. And maybe I will kill them off somewhere along the line, remember the Grand Line is dangerous^^.


The cover is made by NBadonK, and remade by OnLin3. The size was not matching RR's standards....

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Chapter 147, Arc 8 ago
Chapter 148, Arc 8 ago
Chapter 149, Arc 8 ago
Chapter 150, Arc 8 ago
Chapter 151, Arc 9 ago
Chapter 152, Arc 9 ago
Chapter 153, Arc 9 ago
Chapter 154, Arc 9 ago
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Chapter 161, Arc 10 ago
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I love a good pirate story!

And that is what this is. A blood in the water, swashbuckling tale. Where the MCs are basically just straight up evil with masks on to hide it. 

Ironically. When they actually do put on masks they stop pretending to be good. 

And all this set in the world of one piece. One of my favorite worlds ever created. 


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No Harem (thumbs up) :) So awesome

Dude i support u all the way because there is no harem (which made this novel great so far and unique). Usually in these kind of novel i see over powered MC's making harems, but this one focuses on one, which makes it much unique and sets this story apart from all other stories which is much better. 

Just occasional spelling mistakes which the author corrects within a short while of release

Kestix prove that OP MC's can live withhout harems to those harem crazed authors and readers.

Dude also ur mass effect world was the best written novel so far (as of 4 chapter of Lia and Lara will seek the One Piece). So awesome writing skills, and story u displayed in there.

  • Overall Score

 I enjoy reading your work,some times you seem to change from a steady pace of story and then have moments when you rush but I read your other stories and enjoyed them first ones good,I enjoyed the naruto one which seemed to change pace and the third one was great bearing in mind I watched some of the naruto anime and had no idea what to expect with the third one so for me that one was great I know one piece and thought the bit in story 1 was good so I'm really looking forward to this can't thank you enough for the many happily wasted hours keep up the good work.

Death God
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all in all i really enjoy reading this story and hope it continues. This story and the naruto one inspired me to start writing and coming up with plans. For my own stories i haven't posted anything yet, but i just want to say this is a great story to read and i hope it continues hopefully becoming longer than the dexter naruto story. 

p.s. I am also saying this to hopefully get more people to read an enjoyable story. Also i hope this story can inspire more people to write stories of their own. 

Thanks for the story Kestix and please continue with it, please don't put it on hietus like so many other writers do to their stories.

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I manage to make it through close to 50 chapters before I had enough when Kizaru, the by far strongest admiral, is beaten by a fucking chicken that is a member of the protagonists crew (presumably the comic relief character...).

At this point, the power trip reached the same kind of levels as playing a video game with god mode, it stopped being fun, there's almost no force in the entire one piece universe that can touch our protagonists. Why? Because of their comic relief of a pet chicken.

I have no qualms about overpowered characters, but there's a limit to how overpowered you can make your characters before it just gets boring, and this story breached that limit.

What is the point of gathering power and training montages if there are no real adversities in the world that can justify using your full power in the first place?

The protagonists, while strong, shouldn't be anywhere near kizaru's level (and they know it), but their pet chicken can kick his fucking ass... Which would make their pet chicken a fighter at the same kind of level as gol d roger or sengoku, whitebard and shanks. (Whitebeard being commonly referred to as the strongest man in the world...)

This never semeed to be a very serious story, but considering the apparently edgy and depressing backstory behind the protagonists, I expected it to be something more than just Lia and Lara steamroll through everything.

The story is your average power fantasy, the style is your average power fantasy style, the grammar has a few holes in it but is legible, the story seemed to be heading down an ok path until a certain chicken was introduced to it, there are very few original characters in the story, the one piece character copies are fairly true to their original selves but there's nothing special going on in this department.

Our protagonists are actually mostly evil, but for some reason gather a crew of goody two shoes and put on a facade around them... Yeah I don't know, this stuff looked somewhat promising at the start but it's just not very good in the end, like your regular power fantasy everything falls into the protagonists lap and all challenges are designed to be a walk in the park (to such an extent where calling them challenges seems like too much). I still held out some hope for this stuff getting better because of the good reviews, but when Kizaru got his ass kicked by a fucking chicken I had my fill.

It's very clear the author doesn't intend to do much with the awesome worldbuilding that has been done for one piece, it's a world that superficially apepars like one piece, but under the hood is something else entirely.

  • Overall Score

Yay! Finally it's here! Btw i love all your novel starting from the first clair!

  • Overall Score

It's a Kestix original series

If you've found yourself here then you've either read the first two (Plus the One-shot) or you need to now, Nuff Said.

  • Overall Score

Well, I don’t really know how to write a good review, english isn’t my mother language, so here my opinion in it’s crudest form. The story is getting better and better, Dexs/Clairs Adventure was funny but not so well written and this one is definitively way better. There is some kind of plot going on and there is more than one or two well developed and the MC is more and more likeable. Seriously his/her meeting with Kurama is the best thing that ever happened to him/her. In conclusion, very good story and author, recommended to anyone who is able to support a bit of cuelty.

Mr Weirdo
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I love this story and can only recommend it to anyone who likes funny and powerful mcs.

This is a story is great, because Kestix has a very unique writing style which makes the characters very lively and intersting.

It is one of my favourites and it makes me check ever hour for new Updates.

Thank you so much for doing all this!👍🏻

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Very enjoyable to read and all the characters are very well developed specially Lara, All the characters feel neseccary and interesting to read about. I would be ready and happy to branch out a bit more from the original storyline of One Piece, allthough ill enjoy the story either way!