Silver Amelia

by Feirut

Original HIATUS Drama Fantasy Female Lead Magic Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Amelia used to be a positive, brimming girl loved by those around her. Once tragedy had befallen, her view of the world has changed. Her sight was no longer filled with blooming flowers. Her eyes bore those of an actor. Her body knew what true pain was. Lastly, her heart was filled with the resolve to continue her Grandfather's legacy. The dream of a world that accepted diversity.

However, in a series of events, Amelia was jolted with another realization. The ancestors of her family, Laurel's Royalty, descended from a being far from what humans could call a relative. Now, her ancestral blood forcefully awakened by a grand scheme, Amelia found herself unsure of her own identity and purpose.

Would she live as a human and only lay the foundations for diversity? Would she accept her newfound identity and become immortal?

Even so, no matter what option she chose, she needed to prepare on how to accommodate the Heroes summoned from another kingdom.


Author's Notes:

This novel is a participant of WriTE

This novel will be re-written after I finished it and gained more experience in writing. Anyway, feel free to join Amelia's journey.

My first work.

Light gore only. Added traumatizing content just in case. Comedy is less prioritized when the story moves.

Tags will be added as the story goes.

Feedbacks are appreciated.

Release schedule: 1-3 chapters per week (Updates on Weekends)

Unknown Chapters: Stalled (Read at your own risk, but the continuation will be posted at a later time)

Feel free to join this discord:

*Cover is mine.

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Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Before the Banquet ago
Chapter 2: Night of the Banquet ago
Chapter 3: Taking a Stroll ago
Chapter 4: Father and Daughter 1 ago
Chapter 5: Father and Daughter 2 ago
Chapter 6: Days before the Tribe 1 ago
Chapter 7: Days before the Tribe 2 ago
Chapter 8: Baggage 1 ago
Chapter 9: Baggage 2 ago
Chapter 10: Proving Ritual ago
Chapter 11: Proving 1 - A Certain Meeting ago
Chapter 12: Proving 2 – A Child and what used to be a Child ago
Chapter 13: Proving 3 - Amelia's Horn ago
Chapter 14: Proving 4 - Deep Slumber ago
Chapter 15: Proving 5 - Moon Child ago
Chapter 16: Proving 6 - The not so Calm Days Before the Lightning Storm ago
Chapter 17: Proving 7 - Golden Goat ago
Chapter 18: Proving 8 - Trial by Lightning ago
Chapter 19: Proving 9 - Return ago
Chapter 20: The Tribe 1 ago
Chapter 21: The Tribe 2 ago
Chapter 22: The Tribe 3 ago
Chapter 23: The Tribe 4 ago
Chapter 24: The Tribe 5 ago
Chapter 25: The Tribe 6 ago
Chapter 26: Alabaster Caves 1 ago
Chapter 27: Alabaster Caves 2 ago
Chapter 28: Alabaster Caves 3 ago
Chapter 29: Alabaster Caves 4 ago
Chapter 30: Unnecessary ago
Chapter 31: Budding ago
Chapter 32: Arc 1 End ago
Intermission 1: Clipped Wings ago
Intermission 2: Taboo 1 ago
Intermission 3: Taboo 2 ago
Intermission 4: Fae and Elaine ago
Chapter 33: To Fargan ago
Chapter 34: Making a Move ago
Chapter 35: Lingering Feelings ago
Chapter 36: Make Me ago
Chapter 37: Dialogue ago
Chapter 38: Deadlock 1 ago
Chapter 39: Deadlock 2 ago
Chapter 40: Deadlock 3 ago
Chapter 41: Letter ago
Chapter 42: Tail ago
Chapter 43: Reminder ago
Chapter 44: A Token of Promise ago
Chapter 45: Amelia's Gift ago
Chapter 46: A Glimpse 1 ago
Chapter 47: A Glimpse 2 ago
Chapter 48: A Glimpse 3 ago
Chapter 49: Shackles - Arc 2 End ago
Intermission 5: King Chasers ago
Intermission 6: Storm Caller 1 ago
Intermission 7: Storm Caller 2 ago
Chapter 50: Troubled Times 1 ago
Chapter 51: Troubled Times 2 ago
Chapter 52: Troubled Times 3 ago
Holiday Special: Once Upon a Timeline ago
Poll ago
Chapter 53: Troubled Times 4 ago
Chapter 54: A Hero's Answer 1 ago
Chapter 55: A Hero's Answer 2 ago
Chapter 56: A Hero's Answer 3 ago
Chapter 57: A Hero's Answer 4 ago
Chapter 58: A Hero's Answer 5 ago
Chapter 59: A Hero's Answer 6 ago
Chapter 60: This and That 1 ago
Chapter 61: This and That 2 ago
Chapter 62: By Kanna's Side 1 ago
Chapter 63: By Kanna's Side 2 ago
Chapter 64: Request 1 ago
Chapter 65: Request 2 ago
Chapter 66: Request 3 ago
Chapter 67: Request 4 ago
Chapter 68: Request 5 ago
Chapter 69: Request 6 ago
Re-write Progress ago
Chapter 70: A Fairy, a Dragon, and a Goblin 1 ago
Chapter 71: A Fairy, a Dragon, and a Goblin 2 ago
Chapter 72: A Fairy, a Dragon, and a Goblin 3 ago
Chapter 73: A Fairy, a Dragon, and a Goblin 4 ago
Chapter 74: A Fairy, a Dragon, and a Goblin 5 ago
Chapter 75: Ties ago
Chapter 76: Take a Look Around You ago
Chapter 77 - A Path Towards East - Arc 3 End ago
Arc 1-3 Afterword ago
Intermission 8: A Glance to the Past - Kanna 1 ago
Intermission 9: A Glance to the Past - Kanna 2 ago
Intermission 10: A Glance to the Past - Argent ago
Chapter 78: A Fork in the Path 1 ago
Chapter 79: A Fork in the Path 2 ago
Chapter 80: A Fork in the Path 3 ago
Chapter 81: A Fork in the Path 4 ago
Chapter 82: Moving Forward 1 ago
Chapter 83: Moving Forward 2 ago
Chapter 84: Moving Forward 3 ago
Chapter 85: Virtual and Reality 1 ago
Chapter 86: Virtual and Reality 2 ago
Chapter 87: Virtual and Reality 3 ago
Chapter 88: Virtual and Reality 4 ago
Chapter 89: Virtual and Reality 5 ago
Chapter 90: Virtual and Reality 6 ago
Chapter 91: Virtual and Reality 7 ago
Chapter 92: Virtual and Reality 8 ago
Chapter 93: What Matters Not 1 ago
Chapter 94: What Matters Not 2 ago
Chapter 95: What Matters Not 3 ago
Chapter 96: What Matters Not 4 ago
Chapter 97: What Matters Not 5 ago
Chapter 98: A Mix of Ash and Snow ago
Chapter 99: A Mix of Blood and Snow ago
Chapter 100: A Mix of Fear and Snow ago
Chapter 101: Lightning Beast ago
Chapter 102: A Temporary Resolution ago
Chapter 103: A Cause for Change 1 ago
Chapter 104: A Cause for a Change 2 ago
Chapter 105: A Cause for a Change 3 ago
Chapter 106: A Cause for a Change 4 - Arc 4 End ago
Chapter 107: Two Heroes and a Royal 1 ago
Chapter 108: Two Heroes and a Royal 2 ago
Chapter 109: Two Heroes and a Royal 3 ago
Chapter 110: Two Heroes and a Royal 4 ago
Chapter 111: Two Heroes and a Royal 5 ago
Chapter 112: Two Heroes and a Royal 6 ago
Chapter 113: Two Heroes and a Royal 7 ago

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Naju Silver
  • Overall Score

Well I'm honestly surprised of the lack of reviews on this story and comments. 

This story is outright good. Seriously. It reminds me of JP light novels that gets translated just with better characters and depth. 

Of course there are some issues sometimes with some details not getting explained sometimes for instance: the Mc meets and fights a being she never expected to face and wins. Then suddenly afterwards she has a 3 months time limit before she faces the "organization" behind it. But from what I remember there were no conversation telling the MC about it. Only MUCH later do you find out why.

Before that you just think and wonder if you missed a chapter or something.

But don't let my small gripe stop you from picking this up. The story, plot and characters are all well done with even good dialog between characters. 

I came into this story with very low expectations and was surprised by a story of an author that doesn't even have English as his/her first language nor much experience in writing a story.

So well done author and I hope you keep on going until the end. 

  • Overall Score

Don't get scared away by the "rewrite"

As the title reads, don't get scared away by the prospect of an eventual rewrite, for it is planned only after the conclusion of this wonderful story. And, well, while the author isn't at the level of a professional in writing, it is in no way as poor as I expected when I started reading. It was a glad surprise.

I really liked the story so far. A likeable and smart MC, a realistic plot and setting, a great everything. Well, minor grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing that really disrupts flow. Only once did I feel like a couple chapters were bad, but I really enjoyed all other chapters. Also, no plot holes, that I've spotted, at least. 

And remember to start reading from the prologue, first "chapter" is essentially a note saying where to start (although it doesn't explicitly tell you to start at the prologue, it is implied) Third is like a Q&A, and second is a compendium of information to be used when you forget some minor information and want to check it out without having to search the chapters. (I never felt the need to do so though) 

  • Overall Score

A pretty good story with a somewhat original theme an likeable characters. We don't have the typical reincarnated, summoned or whatever protagonist here, she is a "normal" resident of this world. 

The story could use some polish, more descriptions, a bit of depth added to some characters, etc.

But overall I like it.

The reason I have it 4 stars? To motivate the author to try harder to improve his writing. No story deserves 5 stars, not even he top of this site.