Chapter 26: Tyrant’s dilemma

Saigo let out a sigh as he looked around the room.

“It’s currently a bit after midnight?” He said to himself as he looked at the door.

After thinking for a moment, Saigo stood behind the door and... let out a loud, seductive moan.

A few seconds later, he opened the door slightly and leaned out, revealing his naked upper body.

Outside, two male guards and a female maid blushed and hurriedly looked away upon seeing Saigo’s goddess-like body.

“Hmm…” Saigo thought as he closed the door. “The two guards outside are different from the ones before. They must have swapped within the few hours that I've been in the room. The maid seemed to be merely passing by. This room is located at the end of a hallway with a single room on the opposite side. It’s midnight, so the maid shouldn’t be here to clean… but rather to serve someone. That person lives in the room opposite to this room and is active at midnight. To be living so close to my room, whose existence should be kept a secret in this mansion, he should be...”

“Besides that, I was quite confident with that moan that I’ve let out. Seeing that the people outside have only blushed after I’ve personally went out, I guess, the room may be soundproof… or I simply suck at seduction…” Saigo thought as he walked towards one of the two windows in the room. He looked out and committed the floorplan right outside into his brain.

Afterwards, he looked through all of the cabinets and drawers in the room and came up with a few seductive clothings.

“Is this room where Donner fucks all of his women?” Saigo looked at his findings in disgust before putting on one which was the least revealing. “That brute has even ruined the only set of clothes I have on hand.”

After examining the entire room one last time, Saigo yawned and collapsed onto the bed.

“That should be enough for today… I’m sleepy…” Saigo muttered as he fell asleep, releasing his control over Shiina’s body.

… …

The next morning, at 7 a.m. sharp, Shiina’s eyes snapped opened. However, the colour of his eyes were not red, but rather, a deep blue.

Saigo yawned as he stretched. He had taken over Shiina’s body the moment that he had woken up, knowing that Shiina will only wake up in another hour.

After organising his thoughts, he raised up his right hand and chanted to create a dagger in his hand. He played with it for 5 minutes before allowing it to dissipate into the air.

Afterwards, he chanted and summoned a fireball. In that instant, an alarm setted off and a bulb implanted at the corner of the room started flashing. Less than a second later, Judom bursted into the room.

“Is everything alright, Miss Shiina?” Judom hurriedly asked, only to see a stunned Saigo carelessly extinguishing the fireball on his hand.

Saigo hurriedly got off the bed and bowed down with an apologetic look on his face.

“I’m very sorry! I was merely practicing magic by habit…” Saigo apologised with his face still facing the ground.

“It’s alright. Please raise your head.” Judom hurriedly said. “As long as you are fine.”

“I’m sorry…” Saigo apologised again after raising his head.

“As I’ve said, it’s alright.” Judom reassured. “Seeing your diligence in practicing magic, I’ve come to a decision. Allow me to turn off the magic sensor in your room. That way, you can practice magic as you wish without leaving your room too much. Besides, my room is right opposite your’s. If you need help, please do not hesitate in calling me.”

“Thank you very much, Sir Judom.” Saigo said with a face filled with appreciation.

“No problem. And forgive me if I’m wrong but I guess that the first thing I should help you with is to get you some new clothes?” Judom said with a laugh.

Hearing that, Saigo was reminded of his attire before letting out a wry smile. “Please.”

“I will arrange for clothes to be sent here in a few minutes. In the meantime, please go ahead and continue with your practice.” Judom said as he exited the room.

After Judom has left the room, Saigo pondered for a moment before getting back onto the bed and started practicing darkness magic.

“So there IS a magic sensor in this room. Luckily, I did not attempt to take out anything from my shadow last night. Although I did not expect for Judom to turn that nuisance off for me, it’s alright.” Saigo muttered as he formed a darkness arrow, which slowly extended to become a spear. “At least, I can practice magic without giving any hints of my strength away. And I have also confirm the fact that, since my skill, [create dagger], uses only mana from the surrounding and none from myself, mana sensors cannot pick it up.”

“Mana sensors can only pick up foreign mana which has already been absorbed and refined by someone. As for whether a person can sense a dagger being made, I need to test it out.” Saigo smiled as he moulded the spear shaped darkness mana into a ball. “Darkness moulding can not only be used to manipulate shadows, but also strengthen my control over darkness mana huh…”

Saigo separated the ball of darkness mana into 5 small balls and 1 larger one. His eyes focused as he surrounded the larger ball with the 5 smaller ones. Sweat flowed down his face as he started combining the 6 balls, forming a humanoid shape.

However, before the humanoid darkness mana could consolidate, it collapsed and transformed into particles which dissipated into the air.

“Tsk. Failed again?” Saigo’s face turned deadly white as he pondered on what went wrong.

“I guess creating a new magic spell is not so easy after all.” Saigo said with a frown. “Creating [devour] took me only a little bit of inspiration and a minute to make. What am I doing differently here?”

“Well… I still have plenty of time. I shouldn't rush it.” Saigo let out a sigh as he removed his control over Shiina’s body, returning to the room within Shiina’s soul.

“Oi Shiina!!! Wake up!!!” Saigo called out, waking Shiina who was still sleeping.

“Hmm? Good morning…” Shiina said sleepily.

“It’s already 8. Hurry up and get ready. Though we cannot go out, you can still train your magic. You still can’t use middle tier magic proficiently right?” Saigo scolded.

“Yes sir...” Shiina grumbled as he got himself ready for practice.

In the afternoon, a maid, who introduced herself as Cassie, brought Shiina his lunch, as well as a large pile of clothes.

That night, Gamberdash visited Shiina, informing him of his departure as well as reminded Shiina to get rid of everybody who knows of his existence in Tyrant mansion.

… …

Time passed and in a flash, 3 months went by.

“Wind, bring light to shame. [supersonic].” Shiina chanted and a dim light covered him. He started running around the dark forest, displaying great speed.

“Sink into the abyss, be locked in the great prison of the earth. [earth bind].” Shiina chanted yet again, causing a tree to sink 1 metre into the ground and stone spears to shoot out, surrounding it.

After repeating the use of [supersonic] and [earth bind] once more, Shiina came to a stop.

“Good job Shiina.” Saigo praised. “In this 3 months, you have mastered two middle tier spells to the point where you can use them in battle.”

“Haa...haa..” Shiina panted as he tried to catch his breath.

“But as expected, with your mana capacity still at middle level, you can only use up to 4 of such spells in one day.” Saigo laughed.

After remaining in his own room for a whole month, Shiina was finally allowed to use the small courtyard outside his room to train in the morning. However, there, Shiina restricted himself by using only half of his mana when training. Thus, revealing only at most, half of his combat power.

In the afternoon, Saigo would instruct Shiina to look through various books in the mansion’s library which ranged from ‘how to control mana 101’ to ‘species of demonic beast’, occasionally sneaking in books on the tyrant boar clan.

At night, on the days where he did not have to accompany Donner, Saigo would assist Shiina in getting out of the mansion with [darkness conversion] to train in the forest.

“Let’s go back.” Saigo said as he took over Shiina’s body, helping him sneak back into his own room using [darkness conversion].

The next morning, in midst of Saigo’s personal training, a knock came from the door.

“It’s me, Judom. Are you awake?” Judom asked from outside the room.

“Yes I am. Please give me a moment.” Saigo arranged his clothes slightly as he walked towards the door.

With a business smile on his face, he walked out and greeted Judom.

“How may I help you?” Saigo asked.

“I’m here to give you this...” Judom said as he handed Saigo a scroll.

“A magic scroll?”

“Yes. But it is not a normal magic scroll…” Judom smiled mysteriously, prompting Saigo to open it up.

“This is…” Upon opening the scroll, a river of information flowed into Saigo’s mind.

The name, [strength of the tyrant], appeared within his mind.

“The secret body strengthening technique of the tyrant boar clan!” Saigo exclaimed.

“Yes. This is that very technique that allowed the tyrant boar clan to remain in power.” Judom said with a smile. Next, he took out a container which contained a single drop of red liquid.

“This is a drop of the ancestor’s blood. After absorbing it into your body, you will be able to practice [strength of the tyrant].”

“Is it really okay for me to have this?” Saigo asked absentmindedly as he received the container.

“Of course it is. You were already eligible to learn this the moment you had married Lord Donner.” Judom answered. “And this is a present from me.”

Judom took out yet another scroll and handed it over to Saigo.

“This is not a magic book but rather, a cultivation method.”

“Cultivation method?” Saigo asked.

“Simply put, cultivation method allows you to gain experience points without having to kill anything.” Judom explained. “Besides the issue of talent, if a person is required to kill one monster to level up from 1 to 2, five to level up from 2 to 3, how many will he need to kill when he reach a level like level 50? It will be immeasurable! Though that number can be reduced or by killing a monster of around the same level or higher than that person, it will be very dangerous even if he was in a party. Therefore, when cultivation methods were discovered a few hundreds of years back, they were pratically godsent. To increase the number of strong people in the empire, the emperor had even made it compulsory for Adventurer guilds to hand out basic cultivation methods to people who managed to reach level 20 on their own.”

“As for middle quality cultivation methods, only upper class citizens will have a chance to get them. And as for high quality cultivation methods, such as the one I gave you, most of them belong to nobles.”

“Seeing your remarkable talent, I sincerely felt the need to give you this [tyrant’s dilemma] cultivation method. Perhaps you will become one of the swords of the the tyrant boar clan in the future. As long as you can understand the contents of the scroll, you should be able to successfully learn it.” Judom said with a shine in his eyes.

Listening to the description of the cultivation method, Saigo’s blue eyes became bloodshot, almost tempting him to start reading the scroll right away.

“Looking at your face, it seems like you had really not used a cultivation technique before. I will not disturb you any further. Go ahead and look through the scroll. I will check on you in a few days time.” Judom said with a laugh before returning to his own room.

Saigo took a deep breath before returning to his room, pondering on the reasons for Judom’s generosity.

“What does he gain from this? Does this strengthening technique and cultivation method come with a catch? Or did he sincerely wanted me to get stronger for the clan.” He thought. But not longer after, he fell into the temptation of strength and started analysing the cultivation method.


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