Chapter 24: Arrival at Tyrant’s Mansion

“Oh spirits of wind, guide my mana to form a magic circle of wind. Bless me with your agility and transform me into a child of wind. Grant me the speed to bring light to shame. [supersonic].” Shiina chanted and a magic circle appeared under his feet. The magic circle slowly rose and covered Shiina in green light.

With a flicker, Shiina disappeared from within the carriage and appeared in front of a giant snake. With a slash of the dagger in his hand, he left a white line on it’s body.

“SHHHAAAAAA!!!!!” The snake shrieked and swung its tail towards Shiina, only to hit empty air.

Shiina reappeared from the snake’s right and swung his dagger towards the same spot on the snake’s body. This time however, a glowing layer of air covered the dagger.

“Enchant, [wind blade].” Shiina chanted and the dagger sharpened, leaving a deep gash on the snake.

The snake roared out in anger and lunged towards Shiina. Just when Shiina was about to dodge to the side, the snake split into 3 and blocked Shiina’s escape route.

With nowhere else to run, Shiina escaped backwards at full speed. While running backwards, he dropped a bright red dagger onto the ground.

*BOOOMMM* Just when the snake was sliding over the dagger, the dagger exploded, flinging the front half of the snake’s body upwards.

Taking the chance, Shiina stopped running and chanted. He slammed his hand on the ground and a stone lance emerged from the ground in front of the snake and pierced through it.

“Haa...haa...” Shiina panted as he looked at the snake’s corpse.

[Reincarnator’s experience points has reached a certain point. Reincarnator’s level increases from LV 22 to LV 23. All states increased.]

Shiina’s body glowed slightly as his muscles strengthened and his magic power grew slightly.

“It has already been a month but I have only level up twice.” Shiina let out a sigh as he observed his body.

Compared to his feat of levelling up 10 times in 3 months previously, his current speed was indeed slow.

Shiina let out another sigh as he stabbed his dagger through the snake’s skull and dug out it’s magic stone. After which, he took a seat under a tree and closed his eyes.

After resting for a few minutes, Shiina recovered all of the mana he used and he opened his eyes.

He took out several magic stones, which he got from 1 month of killing, from his shadow and threw them into his mouth.

“[Devour].” Within Shiina’s soul, Saigo chanted and a small black tornado appeared in Shiina’s stomach which slowly extracted the mana within the magic stones and transferred it into Shiina’s own magic stone.

“Leave this to me. I can maintain [devour] for about 3 hours which should be enough to absorb all of the magic stones.” Saigo said as he directed strands of mana.

Shiina nodded and picked up the disfigured snake.

Pulling it behind him, Shiina slowly walked and after a few minutes, arrived at a path.

The path is a narrow one which could only allow one carriage to pass through at any point in time.

Currently, on the path, a carriage drawn by a mechanical horse was at rest.

“Gamberdash! It’s time to eat!” Shiina shouted as he roasted the snake with a ball of fire made by mana.

A few seconds after Shiina’s shout, the door of the carriage swung open and a fat, one-horned man dressed in fancy clothing came out.

When he saw the snake on the ground, his face turned pale and cold sweat trickled down his back.

“What’s with this disgusting creature!” Gamberdash shouted. “This isn’t my it?”

“Of course it is.” Shiina revealed a bright smile as he cut out a large chunk of burnt meat with blood still flowing out. “I might not be the best cook but I can guarantee you that this will taste great~”

On the first few days of Shiina and Gamberdash’s journey to Tyro, while Shiina was living off bland rations, Gamberdash would take out plates of heavenly smelling food from his space ring and have a feast.

However, one day, a D-ranked demonic beast attacked the carriage and angered Gamberdash into taking action. In order to show off his power, he used all of his strength to end the demonic beast’s life in a few exchanges. As a result, the low-grade space ring he wore on his finger couldn’t handle all the strength exerted on it and cracked.

Therefore, Gamberdash lost his access to all of his heavenly food and had to beg Shiina for some.

At first, Shiina did not wish to help Gamberdash in any way but after a small suggestion from Saigo, he readily agreed.

For the next few weeks, snakes, spiders, centipedes, became Gamberdash’s daily meal.

Whenever Gamberdash complained, Shiina simply answered with, “It’s all I can find. Suck it up.”

After eating the burnt, bloody snake meat, Gamberdash looked up towards Shiina wth a pale face and said. “We should reach Tebe city by tomorrow morning. There, we will use it’s portal to teleport to the capital city of Tyro, Tyrant city.”

Shiina nodded as he remained silent.

“Just in case, allow me to go through our plan one last time. Firstly, before your assassination, remember to break one of the pieces of jade that I have given you. Once you have broken it, one of my men will wait for you use outside the west side of Tyrant city for 1 week. Within 1 week, you have to find him and hand over the key Donner has. By doing this, you can slow down the absorption of your mother’s mana and extend your deadline by around 4 months. If he does not receive the key 1 week after the jade is broken, you will be presumed as dead and all men sent to assist you will be withdrawn. The same applies to your other targets.” Gamberdash speared his throat and continued.

“Secondly, if you succeed in your assassination of Donner, your next target shall be Duke Blake and following that, King Zavior. Duke Blake has the bloodline of the 3-eyed cyclops and King Zavior is a blue slime who somehow became very strong. For the assassination of Duke Blake and King Zavior, I am unable to help you with anything. Therefore, you are to handle them yourself.”

“Lastly, you are not to let anyone know that you are of our one-horned ogre clan.” Gamberdash strongly emphasised on his last point. “I will handle Donner and ensure that he does not spread anything out. But as for Blake and King Zavior, you are to handle them yourself. If anyone finds out that you are from our one-horned clan, forget about slowing down your mother’s mana loss, I will personally use various methods to speed it up and kill her.”

Hearing that, Shiina’s eyes sharpened. All of the killing intent bottled up inside him over the past month erupted from his body.

“You dare?” Shiina’s voice became cold as ice.

In front of Shiina’s killing intent, Gamberdash did not bulge an inch. Instead, he stood strong and looked into Shiina’s eyes with indifference.

Shiina and Gamberdash stared at each other in silence.

After a minute, Shiina took a deep breath and withdrew his killing intent.

“Fine.” Shiina said as he entered the carriage.

“Good.” Gamberdash entered the carriage and ordered the magicide carriage to finish the journey.

The next morning, the magicide carriage arrived at Tebe city and Shiina and Gamberdash used the portal just outside the city to teleport to Tyrant city.

“We’re here.” Gamberdash said as he stepped out of the portal with Shiina following behind him. Shiina had already turned his body into that of a girl’s and was wearing a fancy-looking dress.

Gamberdash took out his magicide carriage, which he kept before entering the portal, and ordered it to bring Shiina and himself towards the gate of Tyrant city.

Ignoring the line formed outside the gate of Tyrant city, the carriage traveled all the way to the front of the gate, incurring the anger of many of the people who were patiently waiting and attracting the attention of the guards.

Just as a guard was about to scream at Gamberdash to get into the line, Gamberdash took out his badge, causing the guard, who recognised it, to turn white.

“Inform Duke Donner that Duke Gamberdash is here to have a private meeting with him.” Gamberdash casually said as he tossed his badge towards the guard.

The guard clumsily caught the badge an hurriedly brought it to the head guard who picked up a board and spoke into it.

“That is something cold a ‘phone’. It is used to transfer information quickly. But since it’s range is small and it’s costly to use, it is only used to transfer important information from the gates to the Duke in charge.” Gamberdash explained.

“Why is it called a phone when this is another world. Coincidence? Even the shape is similar...” Saigo thought but decided to ignore it.

A few minutes later, the head guard ran over to the magicide carriage and hurriedly greeted Gamberdash.

“The duke will meet you in his mansion. This way.” The head guard hurriedly said as he guided the carriage to Duke Donner’s mansion, the Tyrant’s mansion.

Along the way, Shiina occasionally looked out of the carriage to familiarise himself with the city. With Gamberdash’s introduction and explanation, by the time the carriage arrived at Tyrant’s mansion’s courtyard, Shiina vaguely understood the layout of the town.

The situation of Tyrant city is greatly different from the situation at Gamberdash city, the capital of Oge. The North side of the city is mostly occupied by nobles, the East and West side of the city is mostly occupied by commoners and finally the South side of the city is a slum.

In Tyrant city, most of the nobles possess some bloodline of the Tyrant boar and most businesses in the East and West side of the city belong to the Tyrant boar clan.

“WELCOME!!! OLD FRIEND GAMBERDASH!!!” A loud voice boomed throughout the courtyard of Tyrant mansion the moment the carriage entered.

“Even after so many years, he is still so annoying...” Gamberdash silently cursed before stepping out of the arraign with a bright smile hung on his face. “Great to see you! You look as mighty as ever.”

Following Gamberdash, Shiina gently stepped out of the carriage, displaying grace with each step.

Without looking at Donner, he lowered his head and greeted Donner with a soft and gentle voice. “Shiina, child of Gamberdash, greets Duke Donner.”

“Ooh? I see that you have brought along a nice one huh.” Donner licked his lips as he said. “Raise your head.”

Shiina slowly raised his head with caution and finally laid his eyes on Donner for the first time...

The person who appeared before him was a middle-aged man with two large tusks on his forehead. He was draped in a bathrobe with a succubus at one hand and wine bottle in the other.

The strong scent of alcohol emitted by him explained his slightly flushed face and his casual appearance even when meeting another Duke.

“What you here for. You did not come just for a casual talk did you.” Donner casually said without looking away from Shiina.

“Duke Donner is as perspective as ever. If possible, may we have a private room to speak in?” Gamberdash flattered as he said.

“Shasha, go back to the club first. I will find you when I want round 2.” Donner dismissed the succubus after performing a deep kiss.

“Follow me.” After the succubus left, Donner casually said as he entered the mansion.

“Thank you very much!” Gamberdash threw a few more phrases of flattery before following behind Donner.

“Mission start.” Shiina silently whispered as he took his first step into Tyrant’s mansion.


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