Chapter 23: To Tyro

“Assassinate Duke Donner?” Shiina muttered.

“That’s right.” Gamberdash answered. “Duke Donner is a Tyrant Boar which has the bloodline of the Tyrant Beast, one of the few SS-ranked demonic beasts. Having such a bloodline should have allowed Donner’s clan, the Tyrant Boar clan, to be one of the strongest clans in the Demon continent. However, after many generations, the amount of the Tyrant Beast’s bloodline left in their descendants have dropped to an all time low. In this generation, it is calculated that the Tyrant Boar clan’s Tyrant bloodline will finally run out. Therefore, the Demon king has allocated lesser resources to the Tyrant Boar clan, resulting in the clan’s great decline.”

“Overcame by the guilt of not being able to help his clan rise in power in this generation, Duke Donner has fallen into depression and indulged himself in alcohol, gambling and women.” Gamberdash continued. “Given the fact that there is going to be an election for the position of the Demon King in a few years, if I were to ‘gift’ you to him, he will take it as a show of loyalty from our One-Horned Ogre clan. To get a higher chance of allowing his clan once again rise in power as well as satisfy his desire for beautiful women, he will definitely take you in. If you work with me, I can get you a chance to kill Donner.”

“I see... if I do as you say, I can indeed save a lot of time in saving Mother.” Shiina pondered.

“What do you think, Big Brother?” He asked in his mind.

“Hold up. Let us debate over this for a minute.” Saigo answered.

Within the room in Shiina’s soul, Saigo, Wrath and Emp sat around a table.

“Now then, let us start the meeting on whether we should accept Gamberdash’s offer.” Saigo announced. “What do you think Wrath?”

“Kill Gamberdash now.” Wrath simply answered.

“Okay...what about you Emp?” Saigo asked.

What answered Saigo was silence.

“Alright.” Saigo looked towards the screen. “The council has spoken. Even if Gamberdash has some ulterior motives, it doesn’t change the fact that we must save Mother. Since he has a method of helping us reach our goal earlier, we should take it.”

Shiina gave Saigo a slight nod within his mind before looking towards Gamberdash.

“What do you want in exchange for your help.” Shiina coldly asked.

“No no, I don’t need anything from you.” Gamberdash hurriedly denied.

“I am merely helping out of my own good will.” Gamberdash said as he hid his hands behind his back.

“Well, alright then. What’s the plan.” Shiina asked.

“For now, you should go back to the city and have a rest. Tomorrow night, I will personally pick you up at an inn called the Gabre Inn which is located at the west section of the city. Then, we will make our way to Tyro, the county Donner governs.” Gamberdash casually said as he dismissed Shiina.

Shiina threw a glance towards the coffin before giving Gamberdash a nod. Without any hesitation, he turned around and walked out of the room.Using [darkness conversion], Shiina stealthily exited Gamberdash Mansion.

After moving non-stop for half an hour, Shiina finally arrive at the West section of the city.

“That must be it.” Saigo mused.

A few minutes after Shiina stepped into the west section of the city, a signboard with the words”Gabre inn” appeared before him.

“It has been a long day. We should think about what to prepare tomorrow after a good sleep.” Saigo said with a yawned.

Shiina nodded a he rubbed his fatigue-filled eyes.

“Will you be eating or will be staying overnight?” A female staff greeted Shiina as he entered the inn.

“Staying overnight.” Shiina simply answered.

“Understood. It will be 2 copper coins for 1 night with breakfast provided.” The staff said as she guided Shiina towards the counter.

Shiina gave her a small nod as he placed 2 copper coins on the counter.

“Your room shall be... room 12. Here’s the key.” The counter staff casually said as he handed a key to Shiina.

Shiina gave the counter staff a slight nod before heading towards his room silently.

“Ooh...”Upon entering the room, Shiina’s eyes slightly glittered as he exclaimed in joy. “A real bed!!!”

The room only has a single bed, a table and a chair. It was a relatively simple room. However, for Shiina, who has slept in the wilderness for a year, it was godsend.

Without further ado, Shiina collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep.


“Wake up!!!” Saigo roared out within Shiina’s mind, causing him to jump up in shock.

“It’s already noon!” Saigo scolded as he took over Shiina’s body, helping Shiina to brush his teeth while he was still half-asleep. “We have yet to start our preparations. Wake up!!!”

A few minutes later, Shiina dragged himself out of the room and entered the inn’s main hall to have a quick breakfast. After which, he exited the inn and joined the busy street.

“First things first...” Saigo muttered. “Lets go to the pill store. We should purchase some mana recovery pills. All injuries we have can be healed with [darkness conversion] but that will take up quite a bit of mana. With mana pills, we should be able to last during emergencies.”

Shiina nodded before heading towards the general store. There, he randomly picked out some Rank 1 mana recovery pills, a few Rank 2 ones, a single Rank 3 one.

Medical pills comes in 10 different ranks, with Rank 1 being suitable for G ranked adventurers and Rank 10 being suitable for the god-like SSS ranked adventurers, which can be refined by alchemist of the respective ranks.

“That will be 25 silver coins.” The cashier blandly said.

Shiina simply nodded as he took out a gold coin from a coin pouch and paid.

“Next, lets buy some middle-tier magic scrolls from the magic store, some some rations, some...”


6 hours later, Shiina sat in a alley beside Gabre inn while holding a magic scroll.

After 3 hours of shopping, his wallet has been emptied out by half. However, he managed to buy everything he needed and stored them in his shadow.

For the next 3 hours, Shiina used the time to read through a middle-tier magic scroll, which he bought, containing the wind magic [supersonic]
“A middle-tier magic is indeed hard to learn. It took me merely 2 hours to learn a low-tier magic, but I have already spent 3 hours looking through this scroll and i still can’t understand it.” Shiina let out a sigh. “With it’s high mana consumption and it’s complicated magic circle, I doubt I can activate this during a battle.”

“Shiina, stop complaining.” Saigo scolded. “Although you only took 2 hours to learn low-tier magic, it took you 6 years to be able to use it just by saying the magic’s name. You have only just got the magic scroll, did you really think that you can master it in just a few hours?”

Shiina looked down in shame.

“However, those poor results may partly be due to the fact that you were learning them under close to no pressure.” Saigo consoled. “Once we hit the road, your learning speed should increase.”

Shiina could only nod dejectedly.

“We still have a couple of hours before we need to meet Gamberdash. Have a meal first and then continue to study the magic scroll.” Saigo instructed.

Shiina nodded as he walked out of the alleyway and entered the inn.


At midnight, soft footsteps could be heard as a carriage pulled by a mechanical horse appeared in front of Gabre Inn.

“Shiina, I’m here.” The door of the carriage opened and a voice called out softly.

Seconds later, a figure in the alleyway flickered and appeared in the carriage.

“Shiina!” Gamberdash called out in shock. The person who appeared in the carriage is Shiina.

“After using [supersonic], my speed has increased by around 5%. If i can master this magic, I should be able to increase that to 20%...” Shiina thought as he sat down.

“Since you’re here already, lets go.” Gamberdash broke out of his shock and said as he ordered the magicide carriage to go to the nearest city’s gate.

A few minutes later, he carriage arrived at the gate and Gamberdash took out a badge and revealed it to the guard.

Without saying a word, the guard saluted and made way for the carriage to exit the city.

“This is a badge given to a Noble to prove his authority. With this, a noble can enter any city or country.” Gamberdash explained.

Ignoring Gamberdash, Shiina closed his eyes.

“We will be going through some portals to speed up our trip to Tyro. On the way there, we may be ambushed by demonic beasts. When that time comes, I will be relying on you to handle them.” Gamberdash casually said.

Shiina remained silent and nodded.

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