The blue-eyed hero and the red-eyed assassin.



Chapter 21: Arrival at the Gamberdash Mansion


Chapter 21: Arrival at the Gamberdash Mansion

“Remove all disguise magic and reveal your true face. If you do not do so, you will be arrested immediately as a suspected terrorist.” A guard called out.

“Next.” At the gate, a guard holding a box, with a light bulb above it, called out.

The light bulb suddenly shone and the box started beeping.

The guards near the gate instantly picked up their spears and pointed it towards a man.

“You did not remove your disguise magic. Men, bring him way.” A guard with more fancy armour, who seemed to be the leader of the guards, said coldly.

“Aaahhh!!!” The man tried to run but before he could get far, a spear was pierced into his chest, ending his life immediately.

Everybody in the line felt turned blue and a few of them hurriedly removed their disguise magic.

“Now that we are here, how do we get in...” Saigo sighed as he looked at the scene at the front of the line.

30 minutes after separating from Emilia and Desmond, Shiina and Saigo have finally arrived at the West gate of the Gamberdash City.

The city is surrounded by a 3 metres tall stone wall with a gate at the North, East, South and West sides of the city.

The North side of the city is the most prosperous, mostly occupied by nobles.

The East side of the city is the second most prosperous, mostly occupied by commoners with high income or merchants.

The West side of the city is occupied by commoners while the South side of the city is a slum.

“What’s with this level of security?!?!” Saigo complained. “Does this mean that no matter how we enter, Gamberdash would always know that we are coming?”

“Kill our way in?” Shiina’s eyes glowed as he prepared to summon a dagger.

“Wouldn’t you still alert him!?!?” Saigo retorted. “We need to find a way to enter without letting him find out that we are approaching. This way, he will not be able to prepare bullshit answers before we can interrogate him.”

“They have magic detectors stationed at every gate. So even if you use your supreme disguise magic, we will still be found out.” Saigo sighed.

“Can’t we use [darkness conversion] to enter through the shadows made by the wall?” Shiina suggested.

“Nope, we can’t.” Saigo immediately answered. “We can’t pass through the wall after all. However...”

Saigo looked around and immediately thought on an idea.

“Shiina, follow my instructions carefully.” Saigo instructed and explained his plan.

Shiina nodded without any hesitation. After comprehending Saigo’s instructions for a moment, he took a deep breath and chanted silently.

“[disguise].” Within seconds, his horn disappeared and his face started moulding itself into an extremely disfigured face, completely different from Shiina’s original face.

Shiina turned away from the line and ran away into the forest as ‘quickly’ as possible, letting everyone behind him think that he was running away from the line in fear.

After escaping from view, Shiina hid himself on a tree close to the end of the line with [camouflage]. After waiting for the line to increase by a few people, he joined the back of the line with another face.

When nobody was looking, Shiina used [darkness conversion] and entered the shadow of the person in front of him.

Using the shadows casted by the line as a path, he traveled through them and stopped in the second person in the line’s shadow.

After waiting for a few minutes, when it was the person’s turn to be checked, the light bulb flashed and a beep was sounded out.

“Men, arrest him.” The guard leader ordered and the person was surrounded.

Using the shadow casted by the spears, Shiina steadily transferred himself from one guard to another and entered the city without any trouble while all of the Guards were occupied with the framed person.

Using the same method, Shiina travelled from shadow to shadow and emerged from the shadows in an alleyway.

“Fuuu....” Shiina heaved a sigh of relief as he wiped away the sweat that appeared on his forehead. Being strangely bad at using [darkness conversion], it took Shiina a great
amount of effort to maintain the ‘darkness state’.

“Good work.” Saigo’s voice appeared in Shiina’s head. “Lets take a break until night time before confronting Gamberdash. Using darkness as cover, we can strike before he has time to prepare.”

Shiina nodded and entered the street after using [disguise] to change his face into that of a young women.

“Let’s buy new clothes first. There is no way that we can ambush Gamberdash at night with such bright and frilly clothes. We will be caught before we can attack him.” Saigo suggested.

“But we have no money.”

Saigo thought for a moment before coming up with a solution.

“Lets register as an adventurer. We can sell some of the more common herbs we got from the forest there.”

Shiina nodded and made his way to the city’s only Adventurer Guild.

An Adventurer Guild is a place for adventurers to take up jobs or sell materials. It is an organisation which can be found in all cities in the world of Esteria.

After walking for 10 minutes, he finally arrived at a giant building.

He entered the Adventurer Guild in silence and quickly scanned the area.

The main hall have multiple wooden tables laid out at regular intervals with chairs in between at one side and at the other side, 5 counters and a notice board can be seen.

“Welcome!’ A waitress with short, brown hair greeted. “Please approach any of the counters if you are looking for jobs or selling materials. If you are here to dine, pease take any empty seat.”

Shiina gave the waitress a slight nod before walking towards a empty counter.

“What may I help you with?” The counter staff asked.

“I would like to register as an Adventurer.” Shiina answered.

“A...are you sure?” Looking at Shiina’s youthful face and body, she could not help but ask.


“Very well.” Upon hearing Shiina’s confirmation, the counter staff hurriedly prepared the necessary documents.

“Wasn’t there supposed to be a test for people, under 15 years of age, who want to register as an Adventurer?” Shiina couldn’t help but wonder while his face remained expressionless.

“You are currently wearing a rather beautiful dress. Do you think that the staff would risk irritating a person who might be a noble?” Saigo laughed.

Shiina’s eyes slightly widened in realisation.

After waiting for a minute, the counter staff took out a piece of document and placed it in front of Shiina.

“Please fill in the required information and the guild card will almost be completed.” the staff explained.

Shiina nodded as he wrote down his name, race, element talent and weapon of choice.

As Gamberdash had never publicised Shiina’s name, Shiina did not hesitate in writing his true name as nobody will be able to recognise it.

As for race, element, and weapon of choice, he wrote an ogre, water element talent and dagger respectively.

Lastly, Shiina was given a guild card, which has the information he had written down previously printed on it.

He pricked his finger with a needle as instructed by the staff and dripped a drop of blood onto the Guild card.

The Guild card glowed and a letter G appeared at a corner of the card.

“Your Guild card is now complete.” The staff politely said with a bow.

Shiina waved his hand, causing the Guild Card to merge into his hand.

Crafted with an ancient magic, every Guild Card is able to fuse with the owner once it was personalised, keeping it safe from thieves.

Shiina gave a slight nod before digging his hand into his fake breasts. Secretly using [shadow moulding] to take out a perfectly preserved herb from the shadow casted by his cleavage while the staff looked in awe.

“Flareo Fern!” The staff exclaimed as she appraised the herb handed over by Shiina.

Flareo Fern is a rare medical plant which was part of a recipe of a high-grade fire element pill, which can in turn be concocted by an Alchemist of the fourth level.

“Sell.” Shiina simply said.

“We will purchase it for 5 Gold!!!” The counter staff hurried answered, unwilling to lose the chance to by a rare herb for the guild.

The money used in Esteria: 10 iron coins=1 copper coin, 100 copper coins=1 Silver coin, 10 silver coins=1 gold coin, 100 gold coins=1 white gold coin.

In any continent of Esteria, 5 iron coins are more than enough to buy a decent meal.

Hiding his surprise of the high price of the herb, Shiina nodded and handed the Flareo Fern over to the counter staff in exchange for a heavy pouch containing 5 gold coins.

After checking the contends of the pouch, Shiina nodded and took out a gold coin to exchange for some smaller coins.

Without lingering for long, he left the Adventurer Guild stealthily.

Upon exiting the Adventurer Guild, Shiina entered the closest alleyway, getting away from the guild as quickly as possible.

“Shiina, we are being followed.” Saigo casually warned.

Behind Shiina, 2 to 3 thugs covered in scars are following silently.

Shiina let us a soft snort.

After moving through a few more alleyways, he came to a stop.

Just when the thugs were about to approach Shiina, their heads popped of their necks.

Without knowing how they were killed, they died.

In front of them, Shiina held a dagger covered in wind which was forming a blade.

“Hmph.” Shiina snorts before walking out of the alleyway and joining the street, throwing the 3 insignificant insects out of his mind.

He entered a clothing store and exited with a normal dark-coloured shirt and pants and a dark cloak that was able to cover his entire body.

He took a light stroll around the city until it was about nighttime before heading towards the Gamberdash Mansion stealthily.

By the time he arrived at the Gamberdash Mansion, it was midnight.

“I’m here.” Shiina and Saigo muttered, with cold light flashing in their eyes.

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