Chapter 20: Emilia Straya

“We’re finally back to the Gamberdash City.” Shiina and Saigo groaned.

In front of them, a city bustling with life could be seen. At the north side of the city lies the Gamberdash Mansion.

Three months has passed since Shiina and Saigo had started their journey back to the Gamberdash Mansion.

Shiina and Saigo’s current stats:


Name: Saigo Masamune/Shiina Motoyu

Race: Dark horned ogre

Level: 21

Magic amplitude: Supreme dark magic talent
Middle elemental magic talent

Magic capacity: middle tier(normal)
Top tier(Lord of element mode)

Skills: Supreme tier Dark magic, Middle tier Water magic, Middle tier Fire magic, Middle tier Wind magic, Middle tier Earth magic, Unique skill: dagger creation, Darkness conversion:Ex-skill(s): devour, darkness moulding

Title: The one who rules darkness, hero, reincarnator

Lord’s assimilation with the world: 25%


Average physical Attack:310/(620)

Average magic Attack:330/(660)

Average physical resistance: 310/(Not applicable))

Average magic resistance: 330/(660)

“Let’s go.”

Saigo and Shiina exited the forest and got onto the road to the city.

Just then, a horse-pull carriage could be seen traveling towards them.

Shiina stepped to the side to make way for the carriage to pass.

However just as the carriage was about to move pass them, the driver pulled out a whip and swung it towards Shiina.

“Get out of the way, you darn beggar!!!”

Shiina let out a snort before taking a step forward.

With a small movement, he dodged the tip of the whip and wrapped his hand around the whip.

He pulled on the whip, causing the driver to fly towards him. Within that split second, he punched out with his other hand, breaking some of the driver’s bones.

“AAAAAHHHHH!!!” The driver roared out in pain before taking a step back.

“[great strength]!!!” The driver chanted and a white aura surrounded him.

His muscles popped and he released a punch towards Shiina.

Without fear, Shiina took another step forward and punched out to meet the driver head on.


The driver’s hand gave way first and broke.

Shiina’s fist continued on it’s original course and landed on the driver’s chest.

The driver spat out blood and was blown a few metres away.

“That punch felt stronger than I thought. Strengthening?” Shiina thought.

Strengthening is magic that can multiply the users basic stats.

Physical strengthening uses mana to execute.

Magic strengthening takes up vitality in exchange for greater firepower.

The cheapest and weakest strengthening magic multiplies one’s basic stat by a small amount in exchange for a great amount of mana or vitality. They are inefficient but may save one’s live when in a crisis.

Despite their great number of uses, it was unknown why Gamberdash did not teach such a skill to Shiina.

“To be able to hire a E-ranked person with a strengthening skill, the one in the carriage should be someone with great authority. Shiina get out of here quickly before he come out.” Saigo called out to Shiina from within the room.

Shiina nodded and got ready escape. However, before he could get away, the owner of the carriage stepped out.

“A little girl?” Shiina muttered.

The person who cave out of the carriage was a thirteen-year old little girl dressed in a bright and frilly dress.

“What is going on Uncle Desmond?” The girl asked.

“Please hide Young Miss!!! This person is dangerous!!!” The driver roared.

“You attacked me first. Don’t make yourself look like a hero.” Shiina coldly spat out.

Slight killing intent appeared deep in his eyes as he shot a [fire arrow] towards the driver.

“Protect, [water orb]!!!” The girl hurriedly chanted, creating a small ball of water in front of the driver to block the incoming fire arrow.

“This girl is very skilled.” Saigo commented. “To be able to cast a magic spell with only a single phrase, she is quite something.” (Although Saigo and Shiina can cast just by saying the magic’s name)

“What do you think you’re doing.” Shiina coldly said.

The girl trembled and took a step back.

“Those who oppose me...kill.” Within the room, Wrath’s eyes glowed.

killing intent poured out of Shiina’s body and assaulted the girl.

The girl turned pale and fell onto her knees in fear.

“Stop stop stop.” Saigo hurriedly stood up and gave Wrath a little kick, causing Shiina to lose his source of killing intent.

“Don’t kill just because of a small incident like this. Do you want to be known as a serial killer?” Saigo let out a sigh.

After the birth of Wrath, Shiina gets irritated easily and became trigger happy. It too quite a bit of training from Saigo before Shiina could stay calm for a relatively long period of time.

Shiina snapped out of his anger and looked straight at the girl.

“I’m sorry for attacking so suddenly. Recently, I just get angry a bit easily.” He slightly lowered his head and apologised.

“...Don’t... worry about it.” The girl’s face regained some colour as she stuttered, slightly stunned by Shiina’s sudden change.

“Young Miss!!!” The driver got up and hurriedly limped to the front of the girl. He spread out his arms to block the girl from Shiina.

“When your carriage was passing by me, although i had already moved out of the way, your driver tried to strike me with his whip to get me ‘out of the way’.” Ignoring the driver, Shiina coldly said to the girl. “Can you give me a satisfying explanation?”

The girl gently patted the driver’s and walked in front of him.

‘I’m very sorry for the troubles caused. The truth is, I am, Emilia Straya, a student of the Demonic Empire Academy and I came to this city during the Academy’s yearly break for family reasons. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I prolonged my stay and messed up my schedule. At this rate, I would be late to the Academy’s new semester, even if I were to use the spatial portal, which may result in bad punishments. Thus, Uncle Desmond was trying to bring me back to the Academy as quickly as possible.” Emilia explained as she lowered her head.

“I am sorry for causing you trouble. I am willing to compensate you with anything to appease your anger.” She continued.

Shiina stared at Emilia in silence.

After a while, he let out a sigh.

“Fine. I’ve broken some of your driver’s bones. Consider that as punishment.You’re free to go.” Shiina casually said.

“I thank you for your generosity.” Emilia bowed and prepared to support the driver back to the carriage.

“On one condition...” Shiina suddenly said, causing Emilia to freeze on her spot.

“...What condition?’ Emilia asked.

“Seeing that we are about the same size, give me one set of your clothes as compensation.”

“You want one of my dress?” Emilia looked at Shiina in confusion.

“Look at me. My clothes are in shreds. I can’t enter the city like this.” Shiina coolly said. At this point, Shiina was fine with wearing clothes meant for either gender. Seeing that the driver’s clothes would be too big, Emilia’s clothes should be the best option.

Emilia let out a soft sigh in relief. “If that is the case, it’s fine.” She entered the carriage and and returned with a neatly folded dress in her hands.

“Thanks.” Shiina accepted the dress and started walking towards the forest. “Hurry up and give your driver some treatment before it’s too late.

Without looking back, Shiina entered the forest and used [clean up] on himself, revealing the beautiful face that was under all the mud. He swiftly changed into the dress and after shortening it with a dagger to increase the ease of movement, he returned to the road.

Utilising what he was taught, he approached Emilia with great grace.

Recognising the dress, Emilia and the driver looked at Shiina with a stunned expression.

“This dress is not bad. You have my thanks for giving me such a high quality one.” Shiina thanked honestly. “Allow me to give you this as a little show of gratitude.”

Shiina waved his hand and his shadow rippled. A stalk of multi-coloured grass appeared from it and flew into his hands.

“This is called the Rainbow Charm. A herb with an effect of increasing rate of recovery greatly once consumed.” Shiina casually threw the Rainbow Charm towards Emilia who caught it clumsily.

The magic Shiina just used is [darkness moulding]. Using this magic, Shiina can change the hype of shadows as he wished. By surrounding an object with his own shadow, Shiina could store the object within it.

However, this method of storage takes up ten percent of Shiina’s total mana capacity.

“Until we meet again.” By habit, Shiina bowed slightly with a curtsy and walked away from the stunned duo.

““Beautiful...”” the duo could only mutter before snapping out of their trance a second later, only to find that Shiina was already ten metres away.

“M...may I know your name?” Emilia hurriedly shouted out.

“I’m Shiina. Shiina Motoyu.” Shiina waved his hand slightly without turning back.

“If you ever come to the capital of the Demonic Empire, feel free to find the Straya clan!!!” She could not help but shout out, hoping to make a small connection with the beautiful and strong girl in front of her.

“Sure thing.” Shiina casually answered before continuing his journey.

After moving a hundred metres away from the duo, Saigo finally spoke. “Not bad, Shiina. To be able charm a young noble from the Demon Empire’s capital, what more a girl, you are quite something.”

“What are you talking about?” Shiina looked forward with a confused look.

“Nothing much. I guess you will understand in the future.” Saigo mused. “Anyway, do you want to go to the Demonic Empire in the future after dealing with our current problem?”

“What for?” Shiina asked. He had never considered what he should do after settling his problems.

“We should try entering the Demonic Empire Academy. We will be able to learn more about our world there and we can also train our magic there. Since they accept students based on talent, we will be able to enter without a hitch!” Saigo suggested.

After thinking for a while, Shiina nodded. “You’re right. If we have the chance, we have to go! From there, we can plan what to do next.”

At this moment, Shiina’s eyes turned cold.

“But Mom’s matter comes first. After that, we can break all ties with this family and travel the world!”

“Yup.” Saigo agreed as he took a deep breath, preparing his mind for what is going to happen.

... ...

Meanwhile as for Emilia and her driver...

“Uncle Desmond, are you alright?” Emilia asked in concern.

Desmond, the driver, nodded his head while putting his hand on his chest.

“The herb that Shiina gave us was extremely effective. Alongside with Young Miss’ water healing magic, I have almost completely healed.”

“That’s good.” Emilia heaved a sigh of relief as she relaxed on the seat.

“I did not expect that such a talented individual, who has reached such a level at such a young age, would appear here.” Desmond could not help but sigh. Who would have thought that he would accidentally provoke such a strong person. He had even caused Emilia to lose he of her precious dress.

“Shiina Motoyu...where have I heard of this name before?” Emilia wondered as she laid down on the chair.

“That name certainly seems familiar.” Desmond started thinking hard, trying to find out where had heard that name.

“Well...whatever. We can find out in the future.” Emilia yawned. “This trip to break off my marriage has been a waste of time. To think that the fiancé was not there to acknowledge the cancel...”

“It can’t be help Young Miss.” Desmond consoled. “We can always find another opportunity to do so.”

“I know I know. Let’s just hurry back to the capital of the Demonic Empire, Soladis!”

“Yes!” And the carriage’s speed was raised.

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