Chapter 19: return

“KILL! KILL! KILL!!!” Wrath roared as he swung his whip-like dagger around.

Trees toppled and the beautiful scenery was destroyed.

Demonic beasts that were in Wrath’s path were all sliced into pieces.

“Stop stop STOP!!!” Saigo screamed out in panic. “We still cannot beat C-ranked demonic beasts!!! CALM DOWN!!!”

“KILL! KILL! KILL!” Ignoring Saigo, Wrath continued his slaughter towards the upper level of the Million Beasts Forest.

[Reincarnator’s experience points has reached a certain point. Reincarnator’s level increases from LV 11 to LV 12 .All stats increase.]

“STOP ALREADY!!!” Saigo yelled out in vain.

“If you won’t stop...” Saigo’s eyes darkened. “I will stop you by force!!!”

Killing intent rivalling Wrath’s exploded from Saigo’s soul.

Wrath shuddered as he glanced towards his own chest, with great difficulty, he forcefully ignored Saigo and continued his slaughter.

“Fu Fu Fu... YOU DARE IGNORE ME!?!?” Saigo roared and his level of killing intent doubled, causing Wrath to stop in his place.

“Those who oppose me... KILL!!!” Wrath roared and removed his control over Shiina’s body. He dived into the room within Shiina’s soul.

“Go! Bring Shiina’s body to a safe place!” Saigo gave a order to Emp before throwing out a punch towards Wrath’s emerging head.

Emp nodded before chanting in cold voice. “Takeover.”

“KILL!” Wrath roared and met Saigo’s punch head on with his own.

A shockwave exploded from their colliding fist.

“Hmph.” Saigo let out a snort. He increased the amount of power in his fist, pushing Wrath back.

“GGRRRRAAA” Wrath roared and increased the amount of strength behind his fist as well, keeping him and Saigo in a deadlock.

“Just because yo are slightly stronger than Shiina, do you really think that you are very strong?” Saigo suddenly pulled back his fist, causing Wrath to lose his balance and falling forward.

Saigo spun his body around Wrath and punched Wrath from behind.

Wrath released a breath of cold air and he was browned into the wall at the opposite side of the room.

“For disrespecting me, the great hero, how should I punish you?” Saigo grinned and with a might leap, he appeared right in front of Wrath.

“I will only stop if you give in. Ready?” Without waiting for Wrath to answer, Saigo unleashed a storm of fists onto Wrath.

“ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!!!” Saigo roared.

More and more wounds appeared on Wrath’s body. However, from start to end, he did not resist at all.

After 5 minutes, Saigo finally stopped his onslaught.

“Ha...ha...” Saigo took in deep breaths as he panted. “Do you give in?”

Wrath remained motionless against the wall.

“’re not dead are you?” Saigo hurriedly squat down to check on Wrath.

Just then, Wrath’s closed eyes opened.

He punched Saigo in the face and tackled his unguarded chest, landing on it with a thump.

“KILL!!!” Wrath roared and started punching Saigo in the face over and over again.

But before he could land a third punch in, Saigo caught Wrath’s fist with his bare hands.

“YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!” Saigo rolled over, swapping positions with Wrath. He copied Wrath and punched him over and over in the face.

“Stop fighting.” A cold voice rang throughout the room.

Saigo stoped attacking and looked towards the source of the voice.

In front of him, Emp stood with arms akimbo.

“That’s enough.” Emp coldly said.

“Tsk.” Saigo clicked his tongue and and slowly got up.

However, before he could straighten his body, Wrath punched Saigo in the stomach, knocking him off his feet.

“I said stop.” Emp appeared beside Wrath and with an axe kick, she slammed Wrath’s head against the ground, knocking him out.

“YOU BITCH!!!” Saigo got up and wanted to beat up Wrath.

“Please stop. The Master is about to wake up.” A chilly aura exploded from Emp’s body which was completely different from Saigo’s killing intent.

Saigo shivered and ceased his attack.

Emp sat down next to the unconscious Wrath and Saigo plopped down beside her.

“Hey Emp.”


“Since you can talk...why are you not answering me?”


Saigo froze. A vein popped on his head.

He wiggled his fingers and gabbed Emp’s head.

A cold aura exploded from Emp.

Killing intent gushed out from Saigo, completely countering the Emp’s unapproachable aura.

“That won’t work on me, if I seriously don’t want it to, you know...”Saigo laughed and tightened his grip on Emp.


Blood covered the room.

“Now then...she mentioned that Shiina is about to wake up right?” Saigo took in a deep breath and shouted. “Wake the fuck up Shiina!!!”

“W...wh..what!?!?” Shiina jolted up in a flash. He looked around sleepily in confusion.

“I’m inside you.” Saigo said with a sigh.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! A ghost!!!” Shiina screamed out.

“I know that it is shocking but do you really need to react that way? Heck, we just talked less than an hour ago. Did you forget me that quickly?”

“Hmm?” Shiina tilted his head in confusion. “ are that bad person who wanted me to kill all the innocent monkeys!”

“Bad person?”

“And where am I? Aren’t i supposed to be in the cave...Lucas! Where is Lucas?” Shiina hurriedly got onto his feet.

Surrounding him was complete darkness.

“Hmm...give me a second...” Saigo nonchalantly said.

He walked over to Emp’s ‘corpse’ and gave it a few kicks

“Oi. I know that you are still conscious. Tell me, where did you bring us.”

Emp slowly got up. She raised up a finger and pointed towards a direction.

“In tree root. Hole covered with mud.” Emp coldly said.

“Oh... hey Shiina. Use the Earth-element spell,[earth shaping] create a hole to your left.” Saigo commanded.

Shiina aimed his hands towards the direction Saigo directed him to and chanted.

The walls rippled and slowly moved out of Shiina’s way.

After a few seconds, a hole was made and Shiina exited the tree root with caution.

“You’ve sure found a good hiding spot, Emp.” Saigo whistled and complemented.

“Where are we?” Shinna asked.

“Hmm...” Saigo looked around and saw a collapsed tree with it’s trunk cut cleanly in half.

“We did not move much from where Wrath stopped. Shiina, follow the trail made of destruction then turn 24 degrees to the left. I’m going to let you see Lucas.” Saigo said with a solemn look.

Knowing that he could see Lucas, Shiina followed Saigo’s instruction to the T.

After half an hour of walking, Shiina finally reached the start of Wrath’s destruction.

“By the way...bad person...” Shiina suddenly said.

“Who are you calling a bad person!!!’ Saigo retorted. “What.”

“Who are you? And from what I heard there seem to be a person called ‘Emp’ and a person called ‘Wrath’ in my body as well...who are you guys?” Shiina asked.

“Oh that? You don’t have to worry about it. Emp and Wrath are merely personalities made by your skill and I am something like your Guardian spirit.” Saigo casually said.

“Huh...what!?!?” Shiina exclaimed.

“Emp and Wrath are born from your [multi-persona] skill while i was born with you. Call me Big Brother if you want.”

“Thi...this is so sudden..”

“Well, take your time... hey look! There it is! The metal gear tiger’s cave!” Saigo seemly shunted out.

In front of them, a cave emitting a dense aura of mana could be seen.

“Lucas!!!” Shiina broke into a run and entered the cave in a hurry.

What appeared at the end of the cave was a wall with a hole in it. A foul smell could be smelled coming from the hole.

“Use [darkness conversion] to enter through the hole...”

Shiina nodded and hurriedly activated the skill.

He dived into the closest shadow and entered the room.

“Lucas!!! I’m ba...”

In front of him, a slightly rotten corpse laid on the ground.

“Lucas?” Shiina’s lips quivered. “Lucas, wake up...”

“He’s already dead. He died saving you.” Saigo gently said.

“” Shiina held his head and started crying.

Saigo remained silent as he let Shiina cry his heart out.

3 hour later, Shiina’s bawling has finally been reduced to sniffles.

“Have you cried enough yet?” Saigo gently asked.

Shiina looked up slightly, revealing a face covered in tears and snot.

“If you’re done, let’s hurry up and bury Lucas. You do not want Lucas to be eaten by the next demonic beast that will live here right?” Saigo said.

Shiina solemnly nodded before gently lifting Lucas up. Using [earth shaping], he made a door sized hole and slowly walked out.

Using his bare hands, he dug out a hole a few metres away from the entrance and gently laid Lucas’s body into it. After sparing one last look, he covered up the hole with mud.

Using a dagger created using [create dagger], he chopped out a stone slab from the cave and carved out the words: R.I.P. Lucas Lugios

He fixed the slab to the front of the hole and completed a simple grave.

As the final touch, he stabbed a dagger on the grave.

He placed his hands together to pray silently before standing up.

“Where to?” Shiina asked.

“Wherever you want to go.” Saigo answered.

“... I want to find out the truth about my Mother. I want to help her if possible.”

“Just so you know, your Mother is probably already dead. There are many clues that can support this.” Saigo coldly said.

“I... I had a hunch that Mother may be dead. But... she might still be alive!!! If she is alive and living well, good! But if she is suffering, I will help her! I will KILL!!!” A new determination could be seen within Shiina’s eyes.

“Good.” Saigo said with a nod. “Just remember that you may need kill your Father, Gamberdash Vilsage Stiod the lll.”

“I am prepared to do so.”

“Good. Our next destination shall be Gamberdash Mansion. Let’s beat every infomation out of that bastard of a Father!!!”

“OOOHHH!!!” Shiina pumped his fist in the air and cheered.

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