Chapter 18: Anger

“What is going on?!?!” Shiina exclaimed while his eyes darted around the forest.

“Teary-eyed monkeys? What are they doing here? Where am I?!?!” Shiina took a step back, away from the monkeys.

He raised the dagger up with shaky hands. Cold sweat soaked his back and his legs trembled.

“STAY AWAY!!!” Shiina screamed.

“[fireball]” Shiina chanted and he launched a giant fireball towards the closest monkey.

“KRRRRRAAAAAA” the fireball exploded upon contact with it’s stomach, leaving it with a burnt, gaping hole with intestines spilling out.

“FUEEE!!!” Shiina let out a soft scream before taking a step back with a pale face. He only expected the fireball to leave a small wound on the monkey. How would he have thought that he would become so strong? Just by using a low-ranked flame spell, and the same percentage of mana, he was able to severely injure the E-ranked teary-eyed monkey greatly.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!!! Are... you okay?” Shiina swallowed his fear and asked the dying monkey as he slowly approached it.

“KRRRRRAAAAAA” the monkey roared and within seconds, it completely recovered.

“Wha!?!?” While Shiina was stunned with the monkey’s sudden complete recovery, the monkey charged towards Shiina. It crossed 5 metres in an instant and appeared right in front of Shiina.

At this moment, the remaining 6 monkeys watching from the side acted. They surrounded Shiina and launched claw attacks and bites towards him.

“Don’t panic, Shiina.” A commanding voice appeared in his head.

Hearing the somewhat familiar voice, although it was somewhat violent, Shiina seemed to have calmed down in an instant. The voice filled him with warmth, and made him feel as if everything was all right, even in the current situation, it was as if someone was protecting him.

“Raise you dagger to block. Jump backwards and chant with me...” the voice guided.

Following it’s instruction, Shiina raised his dagger in front of him and opened his mouth.

““[darkness conversion]””

Shiina’s body turned black.

The attack of the recovered monkey was blocked by the dagger.

The attacks from the monkeys surrounding him passed right through him.

Shiina landed 2 metres away from the monkeys’ formation.

“Now! [Darkness arrows]!!” The voice commanded.

“D...[Darkness arrows]!!!” Shiina screamed out.

Darkness-attribute mana gathered in his hand and blasted outwards.

Darkness arrows of all sizes splashed in all directions.

However, before the arrows hit their target, they wiggled...and turned into slush.

“Wha...” within Shiina, the source of the voice, Saigo’s jaws dropped.

The slush-like ‘darkness arrows’ smashed onto the monkeys, merely making them take a step back.

“I did it!” Shiina exclaimed in happiness.

“What the hell is this?!?!” Saigo retorted. “Why are you feeling so accomplished?!?! You did not kill even one!!!”

“But killing these innocent monkeys is a bit...” Shiina muttered.

“Innocent? INNOCENT? They just tried to kill you!” Saigo facepalmed.

“FUUEEEEE!!!” Shiina cried out. “ I’m sorry I’m sorry!!! But... they must have a reason for doing so...”

“GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! So are you just gonna let them kill you?!?!”

“No... but I can just run away...” Shiina played with his fingers as he muttered.

“Do you really think that they will let you run? Look. They are attacking you right now.” Saigo sighed.

The teary-eyed monkeys roared and attacked Shiina again.

Shiina panicked and swung the dagger in his hand randomly. And as expected, he only hit empty air.

At this moment, a monkey sneaked up behind Shiina and unleashed a sneak attack!

It’s eyes glowed and rather than using magic to recover, magic power is poured into its arm, inflating it twice it’s normal size.

“What a troublesome kid!” Saigo snorted. “[takeover]!”

Saigo took over Shiina’s body and swung his dagger-wielding hand behind him.

However, less than a second later, Saigo is ejected from Shiina’s body and crashed into the room within Shiina’s soul. But his efforts were not wasted. The monkey behind Shiina was split into two.

Just when Shiina regained back his control, he stumbled and fell forward. With a roll, he dodged all of the remaining attacks.

“I... I killed one of them?” Shiina stuttered.

Seeing the bisected monkey, Shiina’s face turned pale and he vomited on the spot.

Inside the room, after thinking for a while, Saigo grinned.

“Yup! You killed one! Good job!” He laughed as he clapped. “Now there are only 18 more, go kill them all!”


“What’s wrong? You have killed one already, another one or eighteen wouldn’t hurt right?”

“This...” Shiina’s body shivered.

“KRRRRAAAAA” the remaining monkey screamed and attacked.

“Look. They have already gotten over their friend’s death. Kill them or they will kill you.” Saigo said.

The monkeys worked together threw out claw attacks filled with bits of mana from all directions.

Shiina held up his dagger to block. However, just when he blocked one from the front, his back would get scratched. Once he turned around, his sides would get struck.

Bit by bit, injuries slowly accumulated.

“Haa...haa...” Shiina panted as his eyes blurred. Saigo has stopped giving advices for a few minutes now, causing Shiina to be stuck in the middle of the onslaught.

“Come on.” Saigo suddenly said. “If you don’t kill them, they will kill you, you know”

Shiina didn’t answer as he continued to block.

Suddenly, a monkey behind Shiina started glowing. Mana flowed into its arm, causing it to bloat.

With a swipe, Shiina’s arm was ripped off.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!!” Shiina screamed out in pain and held his wound with his dagger-wielding arm.

At that instant of inattentiveness, the monkeys all glowed and strengthen their arms.

Using their hand as a knife, they stabbed it through Shiina’s body.

Blood spilled out from his wounds and Shiina vomit predicts out blood.

“Look. They have stabbed you.” Saigo coldly said. “If you don’t do anything, you will die.”


“Come on. KILL THEM.” Saigo slowly said.

At this point, Shiina could not think at all. One of his arms is gone. His body is covered in wounds.
His body is riddled with gaping holes.


Shiina stared up to the sky.

“Why is this happening to me?” Shiina thought. “I just want to live normally with Mother... Why am I always being bullied by Father? Why am I always feeling pain?”

“Here comes the pattern!!!” Saigo screamed out in his mind in joy.

“I don’t know why you are still listening to that poor excuse of a Father, but if you don’t want to feel more pain, if you want to fulfill your desire...FIGHT! KILL THEM ALL!!” Saigo roared.

His sight started to turn red. From the outside, Shiina’s eyes could be seen getting cloudier and cloudier...from a glossy pure, dark red.


Killing intent poured out of Shiina’s body like a river, causing the monkeys around him to jump back in terror.

Inside the the room within Shiina’s soul, a giant magic circle the size of the room appeared.

“Yes... why must I suffer? It’s all their fault!!!” Shiina roared.

Blood red soul strands congealed in the middle of the magic circle, forming a human shape.

Within a second, a blood red Shiina is born.

“Hello there, soul of emotion born from anger.” Saigo casually said. “ I guess you should be {Shiina of anger} calling you Wrath should be cool.”

Wrath let out hmph before placing her(?) hand on a wall.

“[takeover]” she(?) coldly chanted and took over Shiina’s body.

“Another female huh.” Saigo sighed.

“Just what is wrong with Shiina?!?!” Saigo complained before taking a seat beside Emp. He waved his hand and a screen appeared on the other side of the room.

“Well...whatever. More importantly, let’s see what Wrath can do~”

... ...

Outside, killing intent stretched out like tentacles, wrapping themselves around the teary-eyes monkeys, causing them to freeze in fear.

Demonic beasts near the scene ran away in panic.

An ordinary bird frothed from its mouth and fell from the sky, diving from shock before slamming into the ground.

Wrath slowly picked himself up while staring daggers at the nearest monkey.

With a swing of his dagger, the monkey’s head was chopped off. As it had already used up all of its mana to strengthen its attack power, it had none left for recover. Thus it died on the spot.

[Reincarnator’s experience points has reached a certain point. Reincarnator’s level increases from LV 9 to LV 10 .All stats increase.]

[Reincarnator has reached LV 10. Achievement, The Beginner, unlocked. Lord’s assimilation with the world has been increased from 15% to 20%. Ex-skill [darkness moulding] unlocked. Unique skill [create dagger] shall evolve.]

[Evolution complete. Dagger create with [create dagger] can now be enchanted with magic]

“[Wind blade]” Wrath chanted. The dagger in his hand glowed green and a small magic circle appeared on it’s blade. A blade of wind covered the dagger, extending it slightly.

“KILL.” Wrath coldly spat.

He lowered his stance and with a powerful leap, he appeared in front of a monkey.

He swung his dagger and sliced the monkey’s head in half like cutting through butter.

“Enchant,[fire blast].” Wrath chanted and the dagger in his hand glowed red and its temperature rose.

He threw the dagger towards a group of teary-eyed monkey and it stabbed into a tree right beside them.

Before the monkeys could react, the dagger exploded. Killing five monkeys in one go.

“Ohhhh?!?! So the daggers can now be sharpened or used as bombs huh.” Saigo mused as he enjoyed the show. “Twelve more...”

“KRRRRRAAAAAA” six monkeys surrounded Wrath and attacked.

“[Aegis shield]” Wrath chanted. A mana shield appeared covered Wrath, blocking the monkey’s attack.

“[create dagger]. Enchant, [Aqua whip].” A blue dagger appeared on Wrath’s hand.

He swung the dagger and it’s blade extended and whipped out. Within a second, all monkeys around Wrath died.

“[Wind scout].” Wrath closed his eyes and used the wind to feel for the remaining monkeys.

Wrath swung the whip-like dagger, cutting all of the trees in its way, it cut towards the remaining monkeys.

“KILL.” Wrath coldly spat out. He enchanted the dagger with [wind blade] and started to swing it randomly, cutting through every tree around him, including the monkeys.

Reincarnator’s experience points has reached a certain point. Reincarnator’s level increases from LV 10 to LV 11 .All stats increase.]

“Good job, Wrath.” Saigo called out. “Come back now!”

However, the only answer given to him was a snort.

“KILL. KILL. KILL.” Ignoring Saigo, Wrath continued swinging his long and sharp dagger.

He destroyed tree after tree, eliminating every demonic beasts or animal that was flushed out.

“Isn’t this pretty bad?” Saigo muttered.

The direction Wrath was killing towards is the direction to the upper level of the Million Beast Forest.


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