Chapter 17: Good morning Shiina

Saigo stared at Emp with wide eyes.

“There’s nothing there!?!?” Saigo exclaimed.

Under Emp’s skirt, she(?) was not wearing any panties. However, instead of a nice view, there was only a blank space.

Saigo examined Emp from head to toe. He reached out and poked ‘her’ chest.

“Mn...” a small reaction could be heard from Emp.

“? ‘She’ has boobs but nothing down there?” Saigo muttered as he poked ‘her’ chest a couple more times.

“Shiina’s physical body might be messed up but it should not have messed up the soul as well...right?” Saigo continued to amuse himself with the only entertainment in front of him.

“Why is the form even female anyways? Well, my form is female too so I can’t say anything but still...wait a minute...” Saigo hurriedly placed his hand on his crouch.

A small teardrop glimmered as it flowed down his cheeks.

“As’s gone...yup...” Saigo hugged his legs and swung his body from side to side.

“Although I did not mind it much when I was in Shiina’s body since what’s done is already done...why is my soul affected least these smaller boobs helps me save some of my masculinity I guess...” Saigo’s eyes turned blank as he started to comforted himself.

He leaned against Emp and let out a sigh.

“I guess there is nothing I can do, so let’s forget about it.” Saigo straightened his legs and laid back lazily.

“But I must never let Akami see this.” Some amusement could be seen on his face. “If she does see this, it shall be the end of her new life.” Saigo cracked his knuckles and a sadistic look appeared on his face.

“Shiina is still not awake yet?!?!” Saigo complained as his body slid down Emp’s side and his head landed on ‘her’ lap.

“There is a low chance of being attacked anyways, I guess I can take a nap?” Saigo yawned as he muttered.

Saigo looked up at Emp. “Wake me up if we are seriously attacked okay?”

Although Emp did not answer, ‘she’ gave a extremely slight nod.

Saigo smiled and he slowly drifted off to dreamland.

... ...

*shake shake*

Saigo yawned as he turned his body face down.



*shake shake*

“Zzzz...five more minutes...zzzz” Saigo muttered lazily as he adjusted his position.

*shake shake*

“FUCK OFF!!!” Saigo subconsciously clad his arm in mana and slammed it towards the source of the shaking.



*shake shake*

“Huh?” Saigo slowly opened his eyes.

In front of him, Emp is looking at him with an emotionless look on her face. Behind her is a large pool of blood...

“Good morning~” Saigo casually said as he sat up and stretched.

Emp seemed to be looking at Saigo with a slightly colder look...

“A demonic beast is approaching?” Saigo casually asked.

Emp nodded and pointed at the other side of the room. A screen appeared, revealing the world outside. There, a small monkey is poking Shiina with its small finger.

“It’s already here...” Saigo scratched his cheek as he laid back down on Emp’s lap.

“Do I really have to fight it? Seems troublesome. It looks harmless too.” Saigo thought.

“Teary-eyed monkey. G-class demonic beast. When alone, it will seem harmless. To create sympathy. To prevent itself from being attacked. When it is in a group of at least 10. Will strike without hesitation nor mercy. As a group, E-class.” Emp coldly said.

“... you can talk!?!?” Saigo looked at Emp in shock before clearing his throat.

“It seems that I have to get rid of it before it joins up with it’s group...” Saigo got up on his feet and stretched.

“[take over]” Saigo chanted and his translucent black body shone and merged into the walls of the room.

Saigo’s view changed from that of the room into that of darkness.

Saigo opened his eyes slightly and peeked out.

Right in front of him, the teary-eyed monkey looked at him with caution.

“[darkness conversion]” Saigo whispered and his hand turned black.

The teary-eyes monkey jumped back in shock.

“I need to get it in one move...” Saigo slowed his breath and waited.

After 5 full minutes, the teary-eyed ape lowered its caution and approached Saigo slowly.

“Now!!!” Saigo thrusted his hand out towards the teary-eyed monkey’s throat.

“[Devour]” a small tornado formed on Saigo’s palm, absorbing the teary-eyes monkey’senergy.

The teary-eyed monkey struggled, but Saigo’s arm did not bulge. It widened its mouth, trying to call for help.

“It’s useless.” Saigo coldly said as he crushed the teary-eyed monkey’s throat.

“KKkkkeeeee” it let out a soft screech before closing its eyes and hung limply from Saigo’s hand.

Saigo let out a small sigh as he softly placed the teary-eyed monkey on the ground.

Suddenly, the teary-eyed monkey widened it’s eyes which glowed in all colours.

“KKKKKRRRRRAAAAAA” all of the teary-ape monkey’s injures healed within a second and the it released a ear piercing screech.

Saigo hurriedly covered his ears and jumped a metre away.

The teary-eyed monkey looked at Saigo with savage, bloodshot eyes, unbefitting of it’s name.

It’s body inflated and blood flowed down all of its orifices.

“KKKKKKRRRRRAAAAA” the teary-eyed monkey roared and it...farted.

“What the fuck?!?!” Saigo exclaimed as he covered his nose with one hand and readied his other hand in a blocking position in case of projectile.

“Blow wind blow,[gust].” Saigo chanted and a small magic circle appeared on his blocking hand. A gust of wind blew and scattered all of the fart.

“What the hell was that?!?!” Saigo muttered as he lowered his guard. In front of him, the teary-eyed monkey laid limp on the ground, seemingly as if literally completely drained.

“It’s dead now right?” Saigo kicked the corpse and sigh.

“I guess I should get out of here before the other teary-eyed monkeys come. I don’t have that much time here.” Saigo looked around and jumped onto the nearest branch.

“Hide my presence, [camouflague]. Create a real illusion, [disguise]” Saigo chanted and water and leaves covered his entire body.

After a second, only plain air remained in his place.

“Using water to remove my scent and using leaves as a camouflage sure is hard.” Saigo complained as he leap from branch to branch.

After running for 10 minutes, Saigo finally came to a stop.

“I should be 10 kilometres away from there now. As long as other demonic beast do not attack, Shiina should be safe...” Saigo muttered.

However, just then, his reincarnator’s curse activated.

“KKKRRRRAAAA” a roar could be heard right beside his head and a small hand with protruding claws swiped towards his face.

Saigo leaned back and performed a backflip while kicking out towards the source of the attack.

The assailant was blown back and smashed into a tree.

“A teary-eyed monkey?!?!” Saigo exclaimed as he hurriedly looked around.

Numerous red eyes stared at him from the darkness of the forest.

“Oh shit.” Saigo cursed. “Why is my disguises not working nowadays? Demonic instincts?

“If I can’t run then I shall take you head on! God of war, bless me with a dagger to fight my enemies. [create dagger].” A dagger appeared on his hand and he charged towards the nearest teary-eyed monkey

“Die.” With a single slash, the teary-eyed monkey’s head flew.

However, with a roar, the decapitated head’s eyes shined in all colours and a new body grew from it!

“What the hell?!?!” Saigo exclaimed as the recovered monkey attacked him with it’s friends.

“[darkness conversion]” Saigo chanted and his body turned black.

The monkeys’ hand passed right through him but the recovered monkey’s claw stabbed straight into his chest.

Saigo spat out a mouthful of blood as he hurriedly slashed his dagger and cleaved therecovered monkey right int half.

“Haa...haa...”Saigo panted. “The recovered body is made of magic?!”

The recovered monkey did not get up this time.

“So... it can use magic to completely recover once huh. As expected of a demonic beast which can live in the top level of the million beast forest.” Saigo mused. “Since I killed it the second time right away, the first one could not do this bullshit...”

“But how did those monkeys find me? I should have erased all scent or fart from me using disguise...” Saigo casually thought aloud while the monkeys leap around to surround him. “Maybe i can’t easily erase smell made from magic?”

“Another 19 huh...” Saigo played with the dagger in his hand.

“[Darkness arrows]” Saigo casually chanted and arrows made from darkness-attribute mana shot towards the monkeys around him.

Some of the stronger monkeys dodged with some difficulty while the weaker one were pierced through the head and fell one by one.

Saigo readied himself and prepared to slaughter the rest of the monkeys.

However, just then, his conscious wavered.

“Huh?” Saigo could only let out a dumb shout before his soul dragged back into the room in Shiina’s soul.

In the room, Saigo was ejected from the wall and landed in Emp’s embrace.

“Shit!!! Time’s up now?!?!” Saigo exclaimed as he looked at the screen on the wall in resignation.

Shiina’s body collapsed and [darkness conversion] is cancelled.

The monkeys moved towards Shiina with caution and anger in its eyes.

As if it was saying, “for our fallen brothers!”, the largest monkey raised it’s arm and roared as it smashed it down towards Shiina’s head.

At the same time, Saigo sighed and brought Emp deeper into his arms.

“Even if I were to die, at least I have a beautiful...women in my arms.” Saigo closed his eyes and anticipated the embrace of nothingness.

Just when the monkey’s arm was about to land on Shiina’s face, Shiina’s eyes opened.

His blood red eyes shone, exposing the blankness within it.

Shiina’s right arm slapped the ground, flipping his body away from the danger.

Saigo opened his eyes and looked at the screen in relief.

“Thank you plot armour.” Saigo put his hand together and prayed.

“Good morning Shiina.” Saigo casually said.

Shiina’s blank eyes slowly cleared, revealing a bright red eyes.

“What the hell is going on?!?!” Shiina cried out.


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