Chapter 11: The awakening

“Ha…ha…” Shiina panted.

[The condition has been reached. Evolution shall take place] A voice appeared in Shiina's head.

He tossed and turn. His body turned red and his sweat create a pool under him. His perfectly proportioned body started distorting slightly and becoming transparent, revealing Shiina’s true body within it.

Shiina's breast melted from his chest and fell onto the floor beside him. The water used for his disguise wiggled and circled around Shiina. It started moulding itself and what appeared in Shiina's place is a fat man with one horn, Lord Gamberdash Vilsage Stiod the lll. Suddenly, ‘Lord Gamberdash’ suddenly distorted and became an old man, Marcus. The water then distorted yet again to form one of the maids of the Gamberdash Mansion. Then the water continued to transform Shiina into any appearance he could think of.

Balls of flame appeared around Shiina's body and started floating around him. They grew bigger and smaller alternately and circled Shiina like fireflies. With every cycle of expanding and compressing, the flames grew deeper in colour and the room became one degree hotter.

Dust are swept off the ground and gusts of wind rampaged. Swirls of wind appeared around Shiina and slowly increased in intensity, slowly turning to mini tornadoes. The gusts of wind grew stronger and stronger, shaking loose rocks off the walls of the cave.

A piece of rock flew off the ground and and started shrinking. More and more rocks started floating and started shrinking like the first piece. Gradually, more and more of such mud ‘marbles’ formed and they slowly merged into one. The merged mud ‘ball’ slowly cracked and fell apart. In its place, a piece of black shard is leftover.

Although these elements all appeared in the small room, they did not interact with each other. Suddenly, the water around Shiina shined bright blue. The balls of dark-red flames shined bright red. The mini tornadoes shined bright green. The blacked shard flowed slightly yellow and black. The lights came together combined into a single ball of light shining in all colours of its components. The globe of light flickered and appeared in front of Shiina’s face. It entered Shiina's for head and headed straight towards Shiina's magic stone.

The globe of light merged with Shiina's magic stone without resistance, transforming it from a impure crystal into a slightly more pure-looking crystal. A small stream of mana flowed out of Shiina's magic stone and travelled around his body, slowly strengthening it.

Just when Shiina's transformation is about to end, a small black crystal exited Shiina's magic stone and entered Shiina's cone-like horn. Mana filled Shiina's head, the immense pressure forced his eyes open which glowed black.

“Aaaaaaaa!!!!” Shiina let out a small scream in pain and his small purple horn slowly lengthened and formed a longer black-coloured horn.

After Shiina's body finished its transformation, Shiina fell unconscious.

[Evolution complete. One horned ogre has evolved into great horned ogre.]

[Due to outside intervention, great horned ogre has evolved into dark horned ogre]

… …

After an entire day, Shiina finally opened his eyes.

“Uh…I'm alive?” Shiina looked around with blurry eyes.

“What is this?” Shiina suddenly shook wide awake. He looked at his own body in disbelief.

“My mana has increased? Even my body…feels stronger?” Shiina threw a punch towards the wall on his right. On contact, the wall cracked.

“Wow!” Shiina looked at the result of his punch in awe. He had yet to used even half of his strength and yet he managed to damage the wall…if he was to use all of his strength, just how terrifying will the results be? Compared to his measly strength from before, currently his strength is incompatibly way higher. His strength has undergone a great change.

Shiina looked at his fist with a wide smile on his face. “I've got to show this to Lucas! He will be so shocked!” Shiina excitedly turned around towards the living quarters and was about to break into a sprint. However, he stepped onto something and tripped and fell onto his back, hitting his head in the process.

“What is this…” Shiina sat up in pain as he rubbed his head which now has a small bump on it.

Shiina looked down towards the cause of his fall.

Shiina's face turned pure white, his pupils shrunk and his lips quivered.

“Lucas?” Shiina fell onto his knees.

Underneath Shiina, laid Lucas's corspe covered in dried blood.

“Hey Lucas…why are you sleeping here?” Shiina muttered.

He gave Lucas's body a small shake.

“Lucas…wake up…” Shiina shook Lucas strongly.

“Hey…Lucas…don't scare me…” Shiina shook Lucas harder, a single tear flowed down his cheeks.

“No…no…NO!” More and more started overflowing from his eyes.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Shiina screamed at the top of his voice.

Despite only spending 2 months together, Shiina and Lucas have already have a bond akin that of close kins. The time spent together with Lucas has been the most fun Shiina had throughout his 12 years of life. Unlike the brothers in the Gamberdash Mansion, Lucas treated Shiina more casually and more ‘big brother’-like. Lucas already has a special place in Shiina's heart.

“Even though…even though I told you I did not need help…why did you still come?!?!” Shiina cried.

Shiina started banging his against the wall.

“Why… WHY!!!” Drowned in grief, Shiina continued banging, destroying the wall with his strengthened horn in the process.

“I should have been the one to have died! I should have been the one to have died! I should have been the one to have died! I should have been the one to…”

{What a good chance…}

“Huh?” Shiina stopped his self-harm and looked around blankly.

{Good job at keeping my body alive for all these years. Your reward? I shall fulfil your wish, death.}

“Wha…” Before Shiina could continue his words, he felt his head go blank. Pain struck every part of his body.

He felt as if his body was being ripped in two. Shiina wanted to scream, but to his horror, he could not move his mouth. In fact, he could not move any part of his body.

Shiina felt his eyelids become heavier with each passing second.

“Goodnight, Shiina Motoyu.” Outside his control, his mouth suddenly moved.

‘Shiina’ suddenly stood up, he took on a cool pose.

“I, Saigo Masamune, have been reincarnated!!!”

This is the last line Shiina heard before his consciousness fell into a deep slumber.

At this moment, Shiina's red eyes turned completely blue.

… …

Saigo looked around with interest.

“So this is rebirth?” He looked down at his hands. He slowly clenched it and slowly loosened it.

“I have expected a slow integration…but this is somewhat different?”

Saigo faced the direction of the living quarters. He took a mighty step forward and his body flickered. At the next second, his body appeared 5 metres away.

“…wow…” Saigo sucked in a breath in disbelief.

“What's with this specs?!?! Isn't this a bit overpowered?”

Saigo started running with a complicated footwork and within seconds, two Saigos appeared at the middle of the room.

“Ninja art: shadow clone jutsu~” Saigo let out a small laugh.

“I should take some time to get use to this body. Although I have been awake for two months already, image training will not get me anywhere with using magic or this body. As for the metal gear tiger… let's see what happens if it does not get a meal.” Saigo let out a small laugh as a cruel glint flashed in his eyes.

“Base on this guy's memories… yup… I should not enter the dungeon. It will not be a joking matter if a boss-class Monster suddenly pop out and kill me… yup.” Saigo nodded at his decision.

“Well…off to training. The earlier I get use to this body, the better.”

Just as Saigo is about to begin his training, a small object at the corner of the room,mostly covered by Shiina's dress, caught his eye. He walked towards the dress and to his surprise, a golden light flashed and a 7cm by 15cm golden tile flew out. The golden tile suddenly turned illusion-like and entered Saigo's chest.

“The status plate?!?!” Saigo let out a small cry in shock.

He patted his chest for a moment, he felt his face, he jumped around and flashed about the room.

“There is nothing wrong with me? Then what happen to the status plate?” Saigo looked around in confusion.

“What if…” an idea appeared in Saigo's head.

With a slight anticipation, Saigo said in a joking manner. “Status.”

A 7cm by 15cm golden screen instantly appeared in front of him.

“Whoa is this for real?!?!” Saigo looked as if his eyes is about to pop out.

The golden screen read:


Name:Shiina Motoyu

Race:  Dark-horned ogre

Magic amplitude:Middle element magic talent

Skills:Middle tier water magic, middle tier earth magic, middle tier wind magic, middle tier flame magic, Unique skill dagger creation

The status screen turned suddenly blurred and became clear.


Name: Saigo Masamune (Shiina Motoyu)

Race: Dark horned ogre


Magic amplitude: Supreme dark magic talent
Middle elemental magic talent

Magic capacity: middle tier(normal)
Top tier(Lord of element mode)

Skills: Supreme tier Dark magic, Middle tier Water magic, Middle tier Fire magic, Middle tier Wind magic, Middle tier Earth magic, Unique skill: dagger creation, Darkness conversion

Title: The one who rules darkness, the possessed, hero, the        reincarnated one

Average physical Attack:500/(0)

Average magic Attack:300/(1000)

Average physical resistance: 200/(Not applicable))

Average magic resistance: 250/(1000)

“Wow… was this supposed to happen?” Saigo tried touching the screen. However, his finger slipped right through.

“This is…somewhat different than the one Shiina got? I mean… there is a level, it tells me my overbal status, my titles…" Saigo scratched his head in confusion.

“What's with the numbers beside my status? What doe the not applicable mean?Whats with 'the possessed'? ”

“Well I guess it does not matter now…I can always find out after getting out of this shit hole. As for the dead little demon over there…”

Saigo looked towards Lucas's corpse.

“What an eyesore.” With a small flicker of his body, Saigo appeared next to Lucas's corpse. He picked it up like picking trash. Just when he was about to toss the corpse into the dungeon, Saigo's hand suddenly froze in space.

“Wha…” Saigo tried moving his hand. But no matter what, his hands just will not throw Lucas's corpse.

“Your will is still here?!?!” Saigo cried out in surprise.

Saigo threw Lucas corpse to a side.

“It seems that you will only prevent me from doing something that you seriously do not want to do…” Saigo heaved a sigh of relief.

“Well…at least this will not get in the way of my normal life. After I get use to this body, I am sure you will completely disappear anyways.” Saigo muttered.

“Watch carefully Shiina, for you have the best seat to see the rise of the hero , even if it's only for a while.” Saigo grinned and began his vigorous training.






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