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Chapter 7:6 years later

“Fair maiden,may I have a dance with you?” a red-faced,well-groomed young man who's emmiting a rich aura of nobility asked as he extended his hand.

“Thank you for the offer kind sir,I would very much love to have a dance with you.” the maiden in question performed a curtsy and reached out her hand to gently accept the hand extended by the young man.She gave a bright a smile that captivated many of the men present.Being hit by the cuteness emitted by the great beauty in front him,the young man gulped.He even forgot about the piercing eyes of envy aimed at him.

Hand in hand,the maiden and the absentminded young man danced throughout the ballroom.Despite being the only person with enough courage to invite the beautiful maiden,the young man could not help but feel his mind go blank when he looked into the maiden’s clear red eyes.Having a perfectly proportioned body,a cute face that seemed to be carved from jade but at the same time soft as cotton,the only thing that could describe the maiden is a heaven-sent goddess.

Indulging in the great pleasure in being able to dance with a world-shaking beauty,the young man wished that time would simply come to a stop.However,time awaits no man.To the young man’s terror,time passed quickly and wothin moments,the music ended and the maiden remove her hands from the young man’s.

“Wait!!!” the young man could not help but shout out.

“Yes?” the maiden turned around and asked with a confused look on her face.

“M…may I please know your name?” the young man stuttered as he asked.

“My name?My name is…”

All around them men perked their ears and tried to eavesdrop.If they had a pen and paper in hand,they might have already be preparing to jolt down her name.

“…Shiina Motoyu!” the ‘maiden’ answered as ‘she’ gave a final curtsy before leaving the ballroom.

“Shiina Motoyu…I have decided!I want her as my wife(concubine)!” was what many man in the ballroom thought,unbeknownst of the stray path they were about to step onto.

… …

Outside the ballroom,Shiina met up with Lord Gamberdash.

“Have anybody found out that you are a man?” Lord Gamberdash asked.

“Esteemed father,from what I saw,there is nobody that had found out.” Shiina answered with a slight bow.

“Good,it shows that the money spend in training you for the past 6 years were not a waste.”

“Thank you for the praise,esteemed father.”

6 years have passed since Shiina has started with his new training schedule.The once 6 year old,feminine little boy who was only a bit taller than a metre have grown into a 12 year old young woman…man.Normally when a man grows,he will grow wider shoulders,more buff etc.But for Shiina,he grew more feminine instead.

“Lets go back now.” Lord Gamberdash said indifferently.With a wave of his hand,a carriage connected to a mechanical-looking horse appeared from thin air.

The item Lord Gamberdash just used is a storage ring,a ring made with the legendary space magic,that can store any non-living thing.The total storage space is 10m^3.The item Lord Gamberdash took out is a magic item called magicide carriage,a magic item commonly used by nobles to get from place to place.Just by pouring mana into it and giving it an order,it will automatically bring the owner to the desired destination.

“Get in.”

“Yes,esteemed Father.” Shiina gave a slight bow and took a seat in the magicide carriage.

Lord Gamberdash entered the carriage and place his hand on a crystal orb in the middle of the carriage. “To the Gamberdash Mansion.” Lord Gamberdash said to thin air while pouring mana into the orb.

Upon hearing Lord Gamberdash's order,the eyes of the mechanical horse lit up and the mechanical horse let out a small roar.Within seconds,the space between the armour parts of the mechanical hours early lit up and the mechanical horse started moving like a real horse.It started galloping towards Gamberdash Mansion.

Lord Gamberdash and Shiina sat in the carriage in silence.


A ring on Lord Gamberdash's hand, that seemed to be always glowing, brightened slightly.

“Take off your clothes.” Lord Gamberdash suddenly said,breaking the peaceful silence within the carriage.

Shiina eyes twitched.He hesitated for a moment before slowly removing the dress from the top.If one looks attentively into Shiina’s eyes at this moment,one can tell that it has went blank,devoid of any colour.The bright eyes Shiina had displayed to the crowd in the ballroom was nowhere to be seen.

Before long,a peerless beauty was standing naked in front of Lord Gamberdash.

“Hm…not bad…” Lord Gamberdash reached out his right hand and grabbed Shiina’s left breast and gave it a strong squeeze.

“Aah…” Shiina eyes twitched yet again before letting out a soft moan.

“Good…very good.You have managed to merge water magic’s disguise spell with your nerves,allowing you to perfectly disguise as girl.If no one uses a anti-spell technique on you,no one will be able to tell that you are a man even when engaging in intercourse!” Lord Gamberdash let out a small laugh as his eyes filled with greed,which slowly changed into lust.As of now,Shiina’s body is like that of a heavenly goddess who can charm anyone,even Lord Gamberdash is not an exception.

“Come on…give Daddy a little kiss…” Lord Gamberdash grabbed Shiina’s face and forced it onto his.His tongue intertwined with Shiina’s.

This was not the first time this had happened.Even when Shiina had just learned the disguising spell,Lord Gamberdash had pushed him down in his room and raped him.No matter how much Shiina struggled,no matter how much Shiina begged,no matter how much Shiina cried,Lord Gamberdash just didn't stop.Even when the spell wore off when Shiina lost conscious,Shiina’s feminine face was enough to keep Lord Gamberdash going.From then,whenever Lord Gamberdash felt like it,he would get Shiina to enter his room after after using the disguise magic.To ‘harvest’ the best sensation from Shiina Lord Gamberdash had even …removed Shiina’s genitals so that he can become a ‘true’ girl.

Presently,Shiina has,unknowingly, attained a new skill…{multi-persona},the skill to host multiple personalities.Whenever Lord Gamberdash had his way with Shiina,his mind would automatically force Shiina’s consciousness to sleep while a mindless puppet takes over.Thus resulting in the current Shiina,the mindless little doll for ecstasy and lust,{Shiina of emptiness}.

“Ha…ha…” Lord Gamberdash panted as he continuously thrust without minding the look on Shiina’s lack of reaction.

“Here…I...go…” Lord Gamberdash spat as he delivered one final thrust.

*Splish*he came within Shiina’s artificial *****a.

“Huff…huff…”Lord Gamberdash panted as he finally took out his ***k.

“Destination:Gamberdash Mansion status of travel:arrival.” a mechanical voice sounded out.

“Clean yourself up before coming to find me again later after supper.”Lord Gamberdash said as he arranged his disheveled clothes before leaving the carriage,leaving the naked {Shiina of emptiness} within it.

While Lord Gamberdash was leaving the carriage, the glow on his ring dimmed slightly.

{Shiina of emptiness} got up slowly.

“Oh mana within me,[wash up]” {Shiina of emptiness} chanted in a monotonous tone as a magic circle formed around him.Within seconds,Shiina was completely clean.It was extremely shocking that Shiina managed to master low-tier water magic [wash up] to the point that he could use it with such a short chant…if only it was not due to its constant usage after every session of ‘servicing’ Lord Gamberdash.

{Shiina of emptiness} put on his dress before closing his eyes.When he opened it up again,Shiina’s blank eyes have returned back to clear ruby.With a slight hint of blankness.

“He has done it again…” Shiina looked down at his body and muttered.

Tears started flowing from his eyes as he fell onto his knees.

“Why me…why me…”he thought as he started bawling.His perky breasts,his well-proportioned butt and his artificial *****a ,turned translucent before staining his dress with water.

If not for the words “obey your daddy” constantly appearing in the letters,given to him by Lord Gamberdash,from his mother,he would have long escaped from the mansion.

Footsteps could be heard from outside the carriage,the owner knocked on the carriage’s door several times before opening it.It was Shiina’s magic teacher,Arch magus Marcus Anvegalon.

Seeing the state Shiina was in,Marcus seemed to age a bit as his wrinkles increased.

Without saying a word,Marcus brought Shiina into his arms.

“Don't cry child…” anger could be seen rising from within the depts of Marcus’s eyes.

“There will…be a day when you will get your revenge…when that day comes I will help you.” Marcus gritted his teeth and said with a complicated look in his eyes.

“Shiina or Demon emperor’s mission…” Marcus thought.

After Shiina cried on Marcus's shoulders for a while,Shiina raised his head and wiped his eyes.

“Thank you Grampa Marcus.I…I am alright now.” Shiina with a forced smile.

Marcus gave a slight nod before releasing Shiina.

“I will look for esteemed Father now…” Shiina reapplied his disguising spell before running off,leaving Marcus in the courtyard.

… …
“Esteemed Father.” Shiina greeted with a slight bow.

“Mn…sit.” Lord Gamberdash acknowledged as he pointed to a chair on the other side of the table he was sitting at.

“Yes.” Shiina gave a other slight bow before taking a seat in a graceful manner.

“Eat.” Lord Gamberdash ordered with a word.

Shiina picked up the utensils placed on the table and started eating the food presented to him.

Despite being relatively terrible towards Shiina,Lord Gamberdash still had his mansion’s cooks prepare a good meal for Shiina.

“Shiina,how many years have you been training in this mansion?” Lord Gamberdash suddenly asked.

“S…6 years esteemed Father.” Shiina replied softly.

“Hm…6 years huh…” Lord Gamberdash seemed to be in deep thought.

The silence continued for the next few minutes before it was yet again broken by Lord Gamberdash.

“It is time for the next step in your training.” Lord Gamberdash said decisively.

“Next step?” Shiina asked.

“Yup,next step.Follow me.” Lord Gamberdash said as he stood up.He had already finished his meal.Shiina got up in a hurry before following Lord Gamberdash,not even finishing half of his meal.

Lord Gamberdash led Shiina into the magicide carriage and after pouring mana into the magic orb,he ordered “To the Millions Beasts Forest:Middle level”

After a moment,the carriage started moving towards the destination.

“Esteemed father…why are we going to the Million Beasts Forest?” Shiina asked softly.

“You will know when we arrive.”Lord Gamberdash brushed Shiina’s question off without giving it another thought.

After an hour of silence, “Destination:Million Beasts Forest:Middle level Status:Arrived” a mechanical voice sounded out.

“Get out of the carriage.”Lord Gamberdash said indifferently.

After a slight hesitation,Shiina got off the carriage.

“Okay see you in 3 years.” Lord Gamberdash said as he closed the door.Within seconds,the carriage disappeared from Shiina’s view.


Shiina had trouble registering what just happened in his brain.


An armoured tiger appeared from the woods next to Shiina.

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