Chapter 5:Shiina Motoyu

In the demon continent of the world eisteria,there lies a large mansion.This mansion is by no means small,rather,it was the biggest one in the city of belmor.Just from a glance,anyone can tell that it belongs to a noble.Large artistic statues decorated a garden full of flowers of all kinds,giant fences that protects it from intruders,and a great number of maids and butlers shows off the great wealth that the noble holds.

Today,marks the day where a new life is born in this very mansion.

“Wwweeeeeehhhhh!!!” the cries of the newborn could be heard from the servant quarters.

“There there don't cry.” a beautiful women draped in a tattered clothes said as she gently hugged the infant in her arms.She was the mother of the newborn,Nagisa Motoyu.

“Hmp!!!As expected of my noble bloodline,at least this one doesn't look too bad.As the illegitimate child of I,Lord Gamberdash Vilsage Stiod the lll, of course he has the best of genes even if it was tainted by yours.” a fat man with a twirly moustache said without hiding his disgust towards the infant.If not for a small horn on his forehead,Lord Gamberdash would have seemed like a stereotypical noble.

Despite the birth of his child,Lord Gamberdash did not seem happy at all.It is not a surprise,after all,he already had close to a hundred children.Although Lord Gamberdash already had many wives,most of his children are born from the maids serving him in his mansion,and Nagisa have just joined their ranks.

“Hmp,if he proves to be useless,you can fuck off with him out of this house.”

“Yes my lord.” Nagisa lowered her head and replied.

“Being the great person I am,you can have today off,from tomorrow onwards you shall return to work.Leave that boy with the caretakers,they will be in charge of his growth for the next few years.” Lord Gamberdash said indifferently as he exit the room.Leaving Nagisa with the other maids.

After Lord Gamberdash left the room,the tension dropped,allowing the maids around to finally speak their mind.

“Congratulations for giving birth!”

“Although being the son of that trash,he looks really pretty!”

“Have you decided on his name?”

The excited maids threw a volley of questions towards Nagisa.Unflustered by the questions and comments,Nagisa slowly replied. “This child’s name shall be Shiina Motoyu.”

“Doesn't that sound like a female’s name?” a maid asked.

“Fufu,why does it matter?This child looks extremely feminine despite being a boy.Its fine its fine.” Nagisa gave a slight laugh as she answered.

The next day,despite her extremely fatigued body,Nagisa left Shiina with the caretakers as per her orders and proceeded to complete her job as a maid.Of course,having just gave birth,Nagisa was unable to do her job well,which resulted in a beating from Loed Gamberdash and his legitimate wives.

“This is fine,as long as Shiina can grow up without harm..” Nagisa thought.


6 years later,in the garden of the mansion…

“Sssssshhhhhhiiiiiiiiinnnnnaaaaaaa!!!” a well-groomed young boy with a single horn on his head screamed.Behind him were many other children,similarly have a horn on their heads,following the boy like the subordinates of a gang.

“Kyaaaa!” a younger child also with a single horn on his head let out a small yelp.

From first glance,this young child of 6 years of age seems to be a little girl,but he is a boy.Although he has a female-like face,he is a boy.Although he acts more feminine than a typical girl,he is a boy.Although he is wearing clothes that is towards the cute side of the spectrum,he is a boy.I repeat,he is a boy.This is Shiina Motoyu,the 108th child of Lord Gamberdash,the one and only child of Nagisa Motoyu.

“H…how can I help you,big brother Brandon?” Shinna timidly asked.

“You bitch…how many times have I told you to clean up!!!” Brandon screamed yet again.

“B…but Uncle Demel told me not to clean up after you…”

“Because of that I got scolded god dammit!Even if that bitch of a caretaker tells you not to clean,do you think that my orders can be defied by you?Just clean without letting him know.” Brandon unreasonably demanded.


“Huh?!??!” Brandon snarled. “You dare to talk back!How insolent!For a illegitimate child like you to even try to defy me,one of the great true child of Lord Gamberdash!You have the nerves.”

Brandon threw a kick towards Shiina,sending him a metre away.Shiina did not resist,after all,what's the point?Even if he were to fight back,Lord Gamberdash will favour his true child more and get Shiina punished anyway.Once Shiina tried to resist and the result?1 week in the prison under the mansion with no food.Back then,Shiina almost died due to starvation.Therefore,the best method of avoiding punishment,is to not resist.This was the fate of all illegitimate children.To be the punching bags of the true children.

After getting beaten up a couple of times by Brandon and his gang,Shiina was left by the pavement.None of the maids who passed by offered him help.No other children helped him up.Shiina was just left there to suffer.

After resting for a bit,Shiina slowly got back up on his feet and made his way back to his room as if nothing has happened.The bullying was a daily occurrence after all,Shiina was used to it.If Shiina ever goes back to his room without even a single bruise,that will truly be weird.

The daily schedule of the children,regardless of wether they ar illegitimate children or true children of Lord Gamberdash,went like this:
-After waking up at 8 in the morning,eat breakfast made by mansion’s chief.
-finish eating by 9 and attend classes until 12.
-eat lunch at 12 and after that,free time for all.
-finally eat dinner at 7 and free time for all.

Usually,during the free times,the children will be overseen by Damel,commonly known as Uncle Damel who is the caretaker.But no matter what,he is only one person.Damel could not truly oversee all of the children below working age.He could only afford time to help Shiina once in a long while.As a result,Shiina was often bullied by many other children,mainly by the true children,due to his feminine looks and his timid personality.

“Mum..when can I see you again…it's been 2 years already.” Shiina muttered on his bed.

Just as Shiina was about to drift off to sleep,he heard a knock coming from the door.Despite his fatigue,Shiina dragged his body to the door and opened it.The visitor was a maid.

“Lord Shiina,Lord Gamberdash awaits you in the main hall.You are to report immediately.” The Maid said in a monotonous tone.

“Lord Father is telling me to visit him?Furthermore in the main hall?What does he want me for?” Shinna asked the maid.

“I wasn't told of the purpose of the visit but I believe that it's is for your status plate bestowal ceremony.After all you are already 6 years old.” The maid replied.

Status plate ceremony.For normal people or demons,it is merely the act of buying a status plate from a nearby adventurer guild and giving them to a child of 6 years of age to see their status.But for noble children,especially for illegitimate children,it is a life changing moment.The status plate shows their worth,whether it is worth it for the Lords spend money to raise them up.If the status plate show something good,the child shall be raise with care.If the results are trash,well…the child is treated as one too and shall be kicked out of the house.

To put it simply,it was time for Shiina’s judgement.

“Oh…I will go immediately.”

“Please do.” The Maid bowed and walked away.

Shiina closed the door and leaned on it.

Shiina took a deep breath and… “FUEEE!What do I do.What do I do.What do I do.What do I do.What do I do.What do I do.What do I do.What do I do.What do I do.What do I do!!!”

Shiina grasped his head and fell on his knees as tears started flowing out of his eyes.

“What do I do.What if I am deemed as useless?What if I get kicked out?I can't live on my own!Mum save me!!!” Shiina started sobbing.

After a while,Shiina finally got up,he wiped his tears and steeled his will.He took a step out of his room and approached the main hall.

“Shiiiiiiinnnnnnnnaaaaaaaa you’re lllllllaaaaaaatttttteeeeee!” apparently the Gamberdash main family loves to scream.

“Kyaaa!!!I’m sorry.I’m sorry.I’m sorry!!!” Shiina continuously bowed as he apologised.

“Hmp,if you turn out to be another waste,I will just end you life right here.” Lord Gamberdash sneered as he stood up from his seat.

“Heeeeeee!” Shiina took a jump back in fear.

“Hmp,stop wasting my time and give me your hand.”

Shiina reached out his hand slowly which was then pulled by Lord Gamberdash.Lord Gamberdash took out a needle and pierced Shiina’s skin.

“Ouch!” Shiina let out a small exclamation of pain.

“Just shut up already!You are a boy aren't you!Man up a bit.” Lord Gamberdash said as he directed a drop of Shiina's blood towards a 7cm by 15cm golden tile.

When the blood dropped on the tile,the tile shined brightly.When the light disappeared,words appeared on the empty tile.

Name:Shiina Motoyu
Race:One horned ogre
Magic amplitude:Low element talent
Skills:Unique skill dagger creation

When Lord Gamberdash was reading through the Status plate,he sneered when he saw Shiina's low element talent.

“Hmp,disgraceful.Although you have the rare ability to use all elements,you only have low talent.How wasteful.”

However,when Lord Gamberdash gaze turned towards the last line,his eyes almost popped out.

“U…unique skill?!?!” Lord Gamberdash could not believe his eyes.He rubbed the status plate,he wiped it with his expansive-looking coat and even brought a new status plate to give Shiina a retest.

Shiina's eyes went blank when he saw Lord Gamberdash pacing around with Shiina's status plate in hand. “How did I do??? ”he thought.Although he only seem a bit scared on the surface,inside,he was crying and praying.

“Hahahahahaha!!!YES!!!YES!!!The heavens have blessed me!!!It is time for I,Lord Gamberdash Vilsage Stiod the lll,to rise in power!!!” Lord Gamberdash roared as he laughed.

“Um…Lord Gamberdash?How did I do?” Shiina asked timidly.

“Lord Gamberdash?Who are you calling Lord Gamberdash?!?!”


“Call me Dad for fuck sake!” Lord Gamberdash gave Shiina a hearty smile as he said.

“Shiina,tell me whatever you want.For proving to be worthy of my bloodline,let me give you a reward!Haha!” Lord Gamberdash laugh as he offered.

“Dad?”Shiina probed.

“Quick!Tell me!Tell me!”

“Can I meet my mum,Nagisa Motoyu?”

The hall went silent.

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