Chapter 4:reincarnation

“Die!” 5 angels in formation,holding lances of light,charged towards Saigo.

Saigo let out a sigh. “You guys have magic and yet are using it so poorly…”

Saigo dodged the angel who was the closest to him with minimal movement.He grabbed both of the angel’s arms and directed the angel’s body towards his comrades…

*stab*the lances of the other angels stabbed into the body of Saigo’s meat shield and pierced through it slightly.However,the length of the laces that pierced through the meat shield’s body was not long enough to even touch Saigo.

“W…why…” the angel(meat shield) cried out in dismay as he breathed his last breath.

“Let me teach you how to use a lance.” Saigo gave the angels an evil grin.

“Hup.” Saigo ripped off the meat shield’s arms and threw away the remaining corpse.Now in his hand was a hand holding a lance of light. “Here I come!!!”

Saigo charged towards the angel on the right.Just as that angel was about to lift his lance in defiance,his head was already pierced through by Saigo’s lance.Saigo then leaped away from his position to escape from the others.

““““With the authority of the god,[create holy bow and arrow]!!!”””””

The angels surrounding Saigo and Akami chanted and bows and arrows of light appeared on their hands.

“Take aim…”the armoured angel commanded in a deep voice.

“Shit!” Saigo muttered under his breath. “Akami get your fucking ass here!!!” Saigo as he turned around and stabbed another light lance wielding angel who was at the extreme right of the the formation.Akami hurriedly scampered towards Saigo.

“FIRE!!!” the armoured angel commanded.

At the same time,Saigo pulled the strangely blushing Akami towards his chest as he used the new angel corpse and the two lances of light to cover both himself and Akami.The result…was a mangled corpse and two shattered lances of light.

“Akami,kill the lance-wielding angel on the extreme left of the formation if you want to live!”


Using her great speed,Akami similarly dodged all approaching attacks,albeit with difficulty,and approached the angel on the extreme left of the formation.She ran towards her target and with a leap,she gained enough height to wrap the angel’s head with her thighs.Although this may seem to result in a fairly ‘comfortable’ situation for the angel,one must not forget,Akami has trained her legs by running away from Saigo over the past few months…

With a slight squeeze,the angel’s head exploded.

Just then,another volley of arrows were shot towards the Saigo and Akami duo,which were blocked in the same way as before.

After a few more rounds of the exact same style of slow massacre,the armoured angel broke.

“FUCK THIS!!!” the armoured angel’s eyes went red in madness.”Everybody,all charge at the same time!”

“Oh shit.” Saigo pupils shrunk.Akami,who was beside him,fell on her knees and started leaking a mysterious liquid…

“Tsk.” Just when the mass number of various types was weapons were about to strike Saigo and Akami,Saigo wrapped his arms around Akami,tightened his muscles and braced for impact.

Saigo's body was pierced all over by swords,spears,arrows,etc.However,his efforts were not in vain.Akami was not a bit hurt.

“Eh?”t ears unknowingly started flowing from Akami’s eyes.

“Saigo?Wh…why did you…Saigo!” Despite her cries,Saigo did not wake up.

“Huff huff.”the angels surrounding the duo panted. “Did we get him?” was on all of their minds.

“We got him…WE GOT HIM!!!!” an angel closest to Saigo screamed in joy.

“Wwwwwwhhhhhhooooooooaaaaa!!!!” the army’s roar of joy resounded throughout the white world.

“Saigo!SAIGO!!!” Akami,still pinned under Saigo went unnoticed from the eyes ofthe angels.

*clap**clap**clap* “What a great display of determination!”all of the angels looked up to find another angel flying up above.This angel,although was wearing a robe identical to the others,had four pairs of wings.

“Greetings,Lady Dina!”all of the angels,including the armoured one,prostrated in front of Lady Dina.Surprisingly,Lady Dina looked just like the business women Saigo helped a year ago!

“Interesting,how interesting!!!”Lady Dina exclaimed. “So even you are able to learn how to protect a loved one eh,boy.”

The bloody Saigo shook and looked up.

Mustering his strength,he spat out a sentence. “Loved one?Don’t make me laugh.The only one who can punish Akami is me,the hero.” Even in face of death,Saigo still did not throw away the self-proclaimed title of hero.

“The hero is benevolent.When someone is in danger,he saves them!” Saigo continued.

“Oh?I believe that it takes more love than merely a title to encourage you to protect her.After all,it is not confirmed what will happen to you when you are killed by an angel,not a human,in heaven.” Lady Dina chuckled.

“Shut it.” Saigo shot a bloody look at Lady Dina.Although he could not clearly see her due to blood loss,he could somehow tell that she was someone important.

“How interesting!For entertaining me so,I believe you should receive a reward no?”

“Lady Dina!” the armoured angel stepped forward,wanting to advice against Lady Dina words.

“By my name,[heal].” ignoring the armoured angel,Lady Dina chanted and pointed towards Saigo's tattered body.Within seconds,Saigo felt his body recover to its peak condition.

Before Saigo could get up, “Saigo!” a teary eyed Akami pulled Saigo down and wrapped him with her arms,not showing any intention of letting go.

“Akami…”Saigo called out her name softly.

“Saigo…”the teary eyed Akami replied softly.

Lady Dina cleared,her throat.

Saigo and Akami were brought back to the present.Akami blushed.Saigo looked indifferent,while his clear blue eyes were showing otherwise.

“Come with me.As a reward for entertaining*cough*enlightening me,I shall allow you guys to skip the line.” With a few words,Lady Dina led the army of angels back to the palace.

“Where have I seen her before?…”Saigo thought while pulling along Akami,whose face was still red and was frozen in her spot,in the same direction as Lady Dina.Obviously,Saigo had forgotten about the first person he had helped.


“Welcome to the palace of reincarnation.” Lady Dina introduced as Saigo and co. entered the white palace.

“Palace of reincarnation?What is that?” Saigo asked

“As its name implies,we control and guide your souls to where it is destined to go.Simple as that.” without impatience,Lady Dina answered.

“What is the difference between rebirth and reincarnation?”

“Rebirth only consist of being reborn as a baby whereas reincarnation includes rebirth as well as the retaining of memories with a slight catch.”

“What is the catch?”

“You have to spent the first sixteen years of your new life without your old memories.This will allow you to integrate into the world without problems.”

“Why us?Why are we chosen to join this ‘reincarnation course’?Surely it is not random right?”

“Of course not!You were guided by fate to come here!”


“Heaven is merely a large space for souls of the dead to wander.Depending on their destiny,they will come across different palaces such as that of rebirth,hell,reincarnation and so on.”

At this moment,the volley of questions and answer ended.This is because,they had reached the door of a room.When they entered,it was shockingly a…office

“Come on have a seat.”Lady Dina directed Saigo and Akami to a nearby expansive looking sofa.The battlion 5 had already separated from Lady Dina sometime ago.

“Let's get right down to buisness.” Lady Dina straightened up her back and asked, “are you guys willing to reincarnate into another world?”

“Aren't we here for that reason?” Akami couldn't help but ask.

Lady Dina shook her head. “Although this is the reincarnation palace,we also handle normal rebirths.If you don't wish to be reincarnated,you may still choose to be reborn into a world off your choosing.Afterall,you were fated to come here,unlike the normal rebirth,you guys are a bit more ‘special’.”

“What are the disadvantages of reincarnation?” Saigo asked.

“The disadvantages of reincarnation is…you are guaranteed to have a life full of trouble.Fate will always force you to get involved in great dangers,even before you regain your memories!This is why many people have decided not to choose reincarnation,after all,you will not have any wisdom gained from your first life to aid you in surviving these dangers.You have a higher chance of dying as a youth.”Lady Dina answered.”Although you can bring unique skills over,what is the point if you don't have the wisdom to use it to its fullest potential to protect yourself?You most likely will not even have the chance to be a hero before dying again.”

“…”Akami looked down,taking on a serious look,seemingly thinking of what choice to make.

“Sign me up.”Saigo said without hesitation.

“What?”Akami looked at Saigo with widened eyes,obviously shocked of Saigo's lack of hesitation.

“Oh?Why do you want to reincarnate?”Lady Dina asked with interest.

“I am the great hero,the world you speak is clearly calling out to me.”Saigo said with a shine in his eyes.

“Fufu,how interesting.”Lady Dina laughed.

“Oh and Akami is following me.”

“Eh why?!?”Akami cried out.

“Your punishment is not over yet,you think I will let you run?”


“Fufu what a good relationship.”


Lady Dina chuckled. “Okay,since the decision is made…”

“I haven't made mine though!?!”Akami's cries were ignored.

“It is time to get your own unique skill!”

Lady Dina picked up a extremely thick from her table and with a flip of her wrist,she threw the book up in the air.Just when the book was about to start its descend,it broke,separating into into individual pages which floated down like leaves falling off a tree.The pages shined as they danced around Saigo and Akami,each page doing their best to entice Saigo and Akami into pick them.

“Now,let's let fate decide,what skill will you get.” Lady Dina mused as she stepped to the side.

Saigo and Akami,as if in a trance,stood still at their spots without moving.

They reached out their hand and touched empty air.

Just then,two page from the ‘windstorm’ flew by touched Saigo and Akami's hand respectively.

The words turned illusionary.They peeled themselves of the page and flew into Saigo and Akami’s head,providing them all the information they need to use the new unique skill that they have acquired.

Upon receiving their new skills,Saigo and Akami jolted back from their stupor.

“Now then,since you guys have already received your new skills,off you go to rebirth!Elfy,if you please.” Lady Dina said enthusiastically as she gave an order to a blond-haired women in maid uniform who had mysteriously appeared in the room.

“Yes,Lady Dina.” the blond-haired maid replied in a monotonous voice. “With the authority of the god,[gate of reincarnation].the blond-maid chanted as she pointed to a spacious part of the room.
A line appeared in thin air and opened.

“Well then,good luck~”Lady Dina appeared behind Saigo and Akami and pushed them forward towards the portal.

Just then,from the edge of his eyes,he saw a pair of long ears on the blond-haired maid.

“Elf?Wait…it's her!Why is she?…Saigo thought.

However,without any chance to think further,Saigo and Akami were thrown into the portal…




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