Chapter 3:white palace

“Fumu fumu,I see.So this was why I couldn't tell that you were a female.” Saigo Masamune said as he played with a bloody woolen ski cap in his hands.

“I had always killed you quickly with a little squeeze on the neck and didn’t bother to have a good look at you." Saigo mused aloud.

“Coupled with multiple layers clothing,it's no surprise that you appear just like a male.Yup,I am soooooo smart.” Saigo deduced as he flattered himself.

“By the way,when are you gonna get up?” Saigo turned his head and asked a depressed and curled up naked women.

“I…I can never get married now…fueeee”the ‘defiled’ Akami Yozora mumbled through her tears.

“Oh don't worry about that…”

“Eh?” Akami’s dead eyes shined in expectations as she waited for the anime cliche…

“You are dead already so you can't marry anyways.” Saigo snickered as he gave Akami an innocent smile.


“Besides,who would want to marry a thief scum like you?”


“Oh wait,you're a scum but at least you have your face!That’s a small plus!”

“Hey hey hey stop right there!”

Saigo stopped his grand speech and looked straight at Akami.

“What?Why are you interrupting me when I am praising you?”

“Praise? Wasn't that just a bunch of insults?I am hurt!Comfort me!Let my self-esteem recover!In fact,return me my clothes!”

“Fine fine here you go.” Saigo tossed the pile of clothes back to Akami.

Akami caught her clothes with joy.

“Get dressed and lets go.”

“To where?” puzzled,Akami asked.

“Out of this place of course.”

Shocked,Akami immediately asked, “There is a way out of here?”

“I don't know.”

“Then how do we…”

“If there is no route to be seen then find one.”Saigo quoted from a certain hero.

Enlightened,Akami nodded her head.”OK!”

“By the way Akami.” Saigo looked straight at Akami and called out.


“When are you gonna where your clothes?Are you an exhibitionist?”

Akami looked down and realised what Saigo was talking about.With a blush, “Saigo you,IDIOT!!!” screamed as she tried to cover herself as well as she could.

“Oh,you have a great body too.” Saigo nonchalantly said.

“Just turn around already!!!”

On the white plain,two shadows could be seen running while leaving after images in their wake. It appeared that one shadow was chasing after the other. These shadow are of course Akami(the one being chased) and Saigo(the one chasing).

“What did you just called me?” Saigo roared.

“Shut up!Perverted demon lord!” Akami replied and struck out her tongue,agitating Saigo.

“It seems that you have not learn anything from before…”Saigo’s face turned dark.

“Bleh,you can't overtake me!You have chased after me so much over this few months my speed is now way higher than yours!Hahaha!” Akami cheerfully laughed out.

“Oh really?”Saigo let out a dark grin.


Saigo stopped and got into a sprinting position.Puzzled as to what Saigo was doing,Akami stopped as well.

“You will regret stopping.” Saigo took a deep breath and took a step forward with all his strength.A burst of power exploded from his legs as Saigo closed the distance between him and Akami within a second.

“Eeeekkk!!!What’s with this speed?” Akami hurriedly turned around and prepared to run.Just right after she took off,Akami felt something grabbing her neck.

“Huh?” Due to inertia,Akami’sbody flew forward while her head remained in place…*crack* Akami’s neck broke as she lost consciousness.

A few minutes later,Akami’s eyes opened.Right in front of her was the hero(demon).

“Kyaaaaaaa!!!Demon!!” Akami tried to run off,only to be stopped by a gently smiling Saigo Masamune with a grab on the head.

“Come on don't run,let me educate you a bit about manners before you go…” With a squeeze of Saigo’s hands,the white world was yet again,stained with red.

Another few moments later, “Saigo!Can’t you none a bit more gentle?You haven't change that habit a bit over this few months huh.”

“Shut up.You reap what you sow.Besides,who was the one who forced me to continuously do this over this few months???” Saigo glared with irritation within his eyes.

“But still…” Akami pouted as she stood up as if nothing had happened.

Saigo and Akami continued their journey.

Saigo let out a sigh. “We had been walking and running for months already,why haven't we see the exit yet?”

“Is there even an exit?” Akami softly asked as doubt filled her eyes.

“There is no choice but to keep going…”



The pair walked in silence.

“Say…” the awkward silence was broken by Akami after merely a few minutes.

“How did you die?” Akami asked.

“Huh?Why do you want to know that?”

“Isn't it strange?Merely a while after I was killed by you,I woke up here.A few days later I found you here as well.It shows that you died either only a few moments or a few days after I did.”

“Oh?Good deducation Sherlock.”

“Since we have nothing to do,may you tell me?” Akami asked while tilting her head,using her charm to try to get Saigo to answer.

“Well…I guess there is no harm in telling you.”

Akami’s eyes glowed in delight.Partly due to being able to know more about the companion traveling with her,but mainly to find out which heavenly person has avenged her.

“I got killed by a magic wielding elf.”


There was no shock,pity or even the slightest bit of laughter could be seen on Akami’s face.She placed one hand on her forehead and another one on Saigo's.

“I am not sick.”

“Are you sure?”

A vein popped out from Saigo’s head.A few moments later,a mangled corpse could be seen on the ground.

“Why did you have to do that?!?!?!” the revived Akami complained.

“Oh,I'm so sorry for that,I slipped.” Saigo replied.

“So your ‘slipping’ involves crushing my neck 3 times,breaking my bones 10 times?”


“I was sincerely worried you know!”

“Oh just shut up already.”

“Why you…if don't get revenge today,I am not Akami Yozora!Take this!” Akami cried out as she got on her feet and threw a punch at Saigo.

Without even looking at her,Saigo use both of his hands to grab Akami's wrist and using his hips as a pivot,Saigo flipped Akami with a hip throw.

“Gabreusbsjsh” Akami smashed onto the ground with an ugly sound.

Looking into the distance,Saigo's eyes widened in shock.With shaky hands,he pointed at what he saw.

“Oi Akami look at that!”

“Geez what is it?” Akami groaned as she looked towards the direction Saigo was pointing to.Similarly to Saigo,her eyes widened as well,even some teardrops could be seen in it.

“A palace!” Both Saigo and Akami cried out in joy.

A large,white palace stood on the white plain with a line of darkness.

“So many people!”Saigo exclaimed.

It must be understood that Saigo's shock is justifiable.After all in all the months Saigo was in heaven,the only person he had met was Akami.

Saigo and Akami looked at each other in happiness and without further delay,started sprinting towards the white palace. Unbeknownst to Akami,Saigo controlled his speed to be slightly slower than Akami…

“Whoa so many people!”

“What no traps?”



“Saigo,what did you just say?”


“You didn't just said ‘trap’ did you?”


“Why are you one step behind me?Don't tell you were going to use me to scoutshdjdndjk.”

Akami was silenced with a grab.

However,unlike before,there was audience this time.Chaos filled the world.

“Murder!Murder!” “Ahhhhh!!!!!Someone was just killed!!!” “Fuck!Get me out of here!!!”


“Saigo!!!Why did you have kill me…what's going on?” the revived Akami got up and asked.

“Kyaaaaaa!!!The woman is a zombie!!!”

The crowd went noisy for a different reason.

“Wha…what is happening?”

“I…don't know?”

“Aaaahhhh!So noisy!All of you,shut up and get into the line!”a  man,wearing a white robe,with wings flew out of the palace as he shouted.

“Whoa,a angel.”Akami said in fascination.

“Whoa,a chicken.”



Akami raised her hands to cover Saigo’s view of the angel’s wings.

“What's that?”

“A human body.”

Akami lowered her hands.

“What is that?”

“A chicken.”



“What is wrong with you?”

Saigo let out a small laugh and gave Akami a pat.And chaos blown out again.

“Akami,you must look at the big picture.”

The revived Akami looked at Saigo in puzzlement.

“What do most humans eat?”


“The answer is anything that is not human or is not a pet.”


“That chicken over there is not a human nor a pet.”


“Therefore it is food.”

“You're fucked up you know?Demon lord.”

Blood was spilled and the angel flew over to Saigo.

“What is going on here blehhgfhfy…”

The angel stained the ground with vomit.

“Oi,are you okay?”

“Wha…what is that…?”


“That's obviously a fucking corpse!!!” an unknown person retorted from within the crowd.

“Oi Oi don't let the cat out of the bag so early.” Saigo snickered.

“You bastard!You shall be arrested for murder and obstruction of justice!With the authority of the god,[create holy sword]!” a sword of light appeared in the hands of the angel(chicken) as he charged towards Saigo.

“Oh?So Magic is real after all.” Saigo dodged the angel with minimum and stretched his leg out.The angel tripped on Saigo's foot and fell.

“I'm afraid you got something wrong.” Saigo stepped on the angel’s sword wielding hand and*crunch* the angel’s hand broke.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!” the angel screamed out in pain.

“I am the hero,the only one who can deal justice here.” Saigo's a cruel light flashed pass clear blue eyes. “For corruption and attempted murder.” Saigo proceeded to crush the angel’s head.

The crowd went quiet.

“Wow so weak,or is it that I am too strong?”Saigo mumbled..

From the castle,many shadows led by a faster one can be seen flying out.

“Muuu.You didn't have to kill me Saigoaaaaahhhh!” Just when the revived Akami got up,she exclaimed.

Saigo and Akami were surrounded by an army of angels.

“Please come along quietly if you don't one to get hurt.” an angel wearing heavy armour who was obviously the commander,said coldly.

“I did nothing wrong.I refuse.” Saigo nonchalant replied.

“Very well.Battleon 5,CHARGE!!!” the armoured angel commanded.

“Raaahhhhh!!!” the army of angels roared as they charged towards Akami and Saigo.

“Fue?!?!?!Why an I involved?!?!?!” Akami’s cries of despair was drowned out by the roar.

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