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Chapter 1:Saigo Masamune (rewritten)

“Mom!!! Hurry!!! Next episode!!!” Saigo Masamune urged.

“Alright alright, be patient for a little bit.” His mother revealed a gentle smile as she opened the CD box. She took out a new CD and replaced the one in the CD player.

Meanwhile, Saigo was shaking in excitement in his seat. His bright blue eyes shone in excitement and his mouth revealed a bright smile.

“Go go power ranger~” Saigo sung as he swayed from side to side.

His Mother laughed softly as she pressed the play button. The television flashed and revealed a stand-off between five people in colourful, tattered costumes and a turtle-like monster.

“Ha ha ha. You shall never beat me!!!” the turtle-like monster sneered as he launched a missile towards the five people.

“NO!!! Look out Power rangers!” Saigo screamed at the top of his voice.

The missile exploded in front of the rangers, flinging them backwards.

“Aaaaahhhhh!!!” The rangers let out pained scream as they fell on their face. Their helmets cracked, revealing their true face covered in blood.

“Nnnoooooo!!!” Saigo stood on the edge sofa as he looked at the television intensely.

The red ranger punched the ground and slowly picked himself off the ground.

“Like I will ever give up!!!” He screamed. “Lets go guys!”

The other members of the squadron stood up one by one.

“How can I give up if you are still standing?” “This isn't enough to bring me down!” ‘Here we come you monster!” The rangers shouted.

The five power rangers stood in a line and performed their role call. Then they forced their tattered body forward towards the monster.

Using martial arts and teamwork, they slowly cornered the monster.

“This is the end! Guys! Lets use the power bazooka!” The red ranger exclaimed as he threw his weapon into the air. His weapon combined with the other’s weapons and formed a bazooka.

““““Powered bazooka! FIRE!”””” The squadron announced and a bullet is launched towards the monster.

“NNNNNOOOOO!” The Monster cried out its final words and it exploded.

“Yay the power rangers win again!!!” Saigo cheered as he lose his balance. He slipped and fell off the sofa and landed on the ground with a thud.

“Saigo!” His Mother cried out as she hurriedly picked Saigo up.

However, rather than crying due to pain, a small smile could be seen on Saigo's face.

“Don't worry Mom, a hero won't cry from this!” He declared with a wide smile plastered on his face.

And that was the beginning of the rise of a hero.

… …

“Dad! I want to train!!!” Saigo suddenly declared.

“Oh? Why is that so?” His Father put down his news paper as he asked with a smile.

“I want to get as strong as those heroes on TV!” Saigo exclaimed as he posed.

His dad let out a small laugh as he readily agreed.

At this point of time, Saigo was 4 years old.

… …

“98,99,100!” A young boy with well-defined muscles counted as he finished one final push up.

“Hu…” he let out a small breath as he fell onto his face.

“Saigo! Are you alright?” His father asked in concern.

The young boy is Saigo Masamune. At this point of time, he is 10 years old.

“Ha…ha…” Saigo laid on his back as he panted.

“Yup!” Saigo exclaimed.

“Don't overdo it!” His father ‘scolded’ with a smile.

“Okay! I know!” Saigo said as he revealed a wide smile.

… …

“I…I’ve liked you for a long time! May you go out with me?!?!” A beautiful girl cried out.

Her jet black hair waved in the wind.

Her face is cherry red.

Her soft lips quivered as she looked straight with her somewhat moist eyes.

“I thank you for your feelings but I'm sorry. I have no intention of going out with anybody right now.” A boy with clear blue eyes replied as he slightly bowed.

“I see…” the girls shoulders shook as she lowered her head. A teardrop fell and she broke into tears.

“I'm sorry. I will take my leave now.” The boy bowed before exiting the scene, leaving the girl behind (who was later consoled by her friends).

The blue-eyed boy entered his classroom and approached his seat. However, just as he was about to take a seat, a palm flew towards his back.

Without looking back, the boy leaned to the side, dodging the palm with minimum effort.

He pulled the arm forward and used his palm to push the attacker’s shoulder forward.

The stacker landed on the boy's table with his face planted in the table and his arm behind him in an arm lock.

“I… I give up…” the attacker raised his other arm in defeat.

“Oh… it’s just you Jack.” The boy coldly said as he released his arm lock.

“Ow ow ow. What do you mean it's just me, Saigo?!?!” Jack cried as he shook his hands in pain.

“Nothing much.” Saigo, now 18, said as he shrugged his arms. “And what's with attacking me so early in the morning?”

“Oh… that.” Jack cleared his throat and he smoothen out his clothes. He stroke an attacking pose. His pain expression disappeared, replacing it was a face of great jealousy.

“I heard that you were just confessed to by Christina, the madonna of class 3.” Jack gritted his teeth as he spoke.

“Yes. What about it?” Saigo looked at Jack in confusion.

“Die you bastard!!!” Jack screamed as he swung his fist towards Saigo.

“Why?” Saigo tilted his head slightly as he lightly pushed Jack’s fist, causing it to change direction and miss him.

Tears flowed down Jack’s cheeks as he cried. “Why are you, a cold guy, always getting confessed to?!?! Is it because you are good looking? Is it because you love super heroes? Is it because you are cool?!?!” He lifted his fists as he sent a rush towards Saigo.

“I got a feeling it's all of them combined.” Saigo sighed as he dodged all of the punches with minimum effort.

He grabbed Jack’s left hand and pulled it behind him. At the same time, he kicked Jack's legs, causing to lose his balance and fall straight on his face.

“There they go again.” “Aaaahhhh!!! Saigo looks so dreamy!!!” “How many times has this happened this month?” Whispers could be heard around Saigo and Jack.

“It seems that you were the one who helped me with my popularity, Jack,” Saigo let out a small laugh as he slight kicked Jack.

“Why… why only you…” Jack grieved on the ground.

… …

2 years later.

A handsome young man walked down a busy street.

He let out a small sigh as he stared towards the sky.

“Just how do I become a hero in this present time and age?” He frowned as he softly whispered.

“I have already been training for around 15 years, and yet I forgot about this problem? How careless of me… it's not like there is a job all about being a hero…”

Just then,a scream and a shout could be heard outside the alleyway on the streets.

“Help a robber!!!”

“Get out of the way if you don't want to die!!!”

A man wearing a mask was running,with a knife on his right hand and a purse in the other, straight pass the alleyway Saigo was in.

At that moment,Saigo looked up with a frown on his face.

“How dare you get in the way of my thinking.”

Surprised at his sudden entrance,the robber struck out with his knife.


Saigo's displeasure deepened.

He dodged the knife using minimum movement and grabbed the robber’s wrist with his left hand.

Saigo then trusted his elbow into the robber’s abdomen.

When the robber lost his balance,Saigo wrapped,the robber’s wrist with his hands.

Using his body as a fulcrum,and his back towards the robber’s wrist,Saigo gave the robber an overhead throw.The robber landed on the floor in front of him with a thud,a faint sound of cracking could be heard.Saigo had broke the robber’s wrist.

At that moment,Saigo felt a drop of satisfaction drip into his sea of consciousness.Saigo felt his blood flowing with great speed throughout his body.He heard his own heartbeat beating.He felt alive.

“Ahhh~h,so this was what I was missing.”His eyes sparkled with delight.A grin crept up his face.It was as if he had found a new toy. “ So…I just needed a villain to stop…”

Saigo turned the robber onto his face and wrapped his hands into a locking position.Saigo looked down at the robber and smiled.

“Hey there mister,stealing is no good you know?”

Saigo exerted more force into his arm.Dealing more pain to the robber.

“Hey!Can you hear me?”

Saigo slowly increased his strength.The robber’s head sprung up in pain and he roared.The robber struggled to break out of his predicament but to no avail.More cracking sound could be heard as the robber's arm started bending in an ungodly angle.Saigo had broken both of his arms.With the addition of a slight pull, the robber roared out in pain and stopped moving as his arms got dislocated.He has fainted due to the great pain.

“Tsk.How weak.”

Saigo got off the robber and picked up the stolen purse and walked towards the bystanders casually.

In the eyes of of the bystanders,a demon with cold blue eyes was walking towards them.

“Oi,do you know who does this belong to? ”Saigo turned to a young girl and inquired.


The girl took a step back with shivering legs which eventually caved in,causing her to fall down onto her knees.

“I…it belongs to the women in a business suit over there…Sir!”the girl stuttered,trying her best to be as polite as possible so as not to anger Saigo.

Saigo looked at the girl with a questioning face,seemingly displeased,thus causing the girl to shudder in fear.

“I had just apprehended a robber,why is everyone looking at me like that?”

Everywhere he looked,bystanders who met his eyes either trembled in fear or turned around in a hurry.


Just as Saigo was getting more and more confused, an exclaim broke his train of thought.

“ My purse!”a women in a business suit walked out with a relieved expression.

“Did you retrieved this for me?Thank you very much!This is my only momento of my late husband.”

The women in her mid-fourties thanked Saigo over and over again with tears in her eyes.

Seeing the vast amount if gratitude he was given,Saigo couldn't help but let out a gentle smile.

“It was nothing.Well I got to go now,take care not to lose your purse again.”

Saigo warned her and then walked away.

With the disappearance of the ‘hero’,the crowd dispersed.

As if he was forgotten,the robber was left on the ground.

“Hey get up.I know that you are awake.”

The relieve face of the business women turned cold as she snorted at the ‘robber’.
“Hee hee,I was found out?”

Suddenly,everything in the surroundings stopped in their tracks.Be it the cars,pedestrians or even the birds flying in the sky,they all froze.

The robber’s disfigured body floated up and was set upright.His bones cracked and as if reversing time,his dislocated shoulders wiggled back to their original positions and his torn muscles and bones revert back to their original appearances.In mere moments the robber's battered body had returned to normal.

“Hm,no matter how many times I see this it is always so disgusting.”the business women sihpghed as she shook her head.

“Well well,as long as it works anythings fine…”the robber laughed off the comment. “So what do you think of this time’s candidate?”

The business women smiled and replied “Saigo Masamune ,17 years old.Currently attending school at Amazakura high school.Is very popular in and outside of class due to his great looks and great sense of justice.But who would have thought that he would have such a twisted view of the word hero…”

The business women's smile turned similar to those of a devil’s. “Why isn't this interesting…”

“Well isn't it?I found him myself!”the robber boasted,seemingly forgotten about heat Saigo had done to him earlier.

“It doesn't matter,let's go back and finish the report.That is when the real fun starts…”

Just as the business women finished her sentence,wings sprouted from her back and with a mighty flap,she flew to the skies.

“Hey!!!Wait for me!!!”The robber yelled as he sprouted wings and hurried followed after her.

Of course,all of these happened were unbeknown to Saigo.

After the winged pair left,time started moving and the street became busy again.It was as if nothing had happened at all.

One year later,at a certain street dead in the middle of the night…

“No no noooo!!!Stay away you demon!!!”

“What demon?Look properly,its the hero.The HERO.”

Screams could be heard from a secluded alleyway,breaking the illusion of a quite night.

The ‘hero’,Saigo Masamune stepped forward in front of a trembling man who was lying in a pool of mysterious liquid…

Saigo bent over to match the eye level of the man.

“You know what you did wrong right?”Saigo asked gently.

“Y…ye..yes.I broke into and stole from the store opposite the street…”the thief stuttered as he answered.

“Good…knowing your mistakes and owning up to it is the first step on how to be a proper human after all…”Saigo gave the thief a reassuring smile,with his clear blue eyes glinted with the light from the moonlight.

Seeing the smiling demon,the thief relaxed his shoulders,seemingly thinking that he was off the hook.

Suddenly,Saigo reached out his hand and placed it on the thief’s head.

“No matter how ‘harsh’ my methods are don't you think calling me a demon is a bit too much?”

Saigo’s hand turned into an eagle’s claw and grabbed onto the thiefs neck.


A slight crack could be heard from the thiefs head.The thief roared out in pain.His eyes and face turned red in anguish and his veins popped out.The thief struggled to get Saigo's hand off him but to no avail.No matter how any times he tried to move it,it did not bulge.The only effect his resistance had was Saigo putting even more strength into his arms.

“Hey.Do I seem like a demon to you hm?”

Saigo forcefully tilted the thief’s head upwards until he looked eye to eye with him.

“Hey.Tell me.What do you see?”

Saigo's warm eyes turned cold,his clear blue eyes darkened into a deep blue,seemingly as if it wanted to swallow the thief whole.

The thief’s fear skyrocketed to unprecedented levels.Although he wanted to speak,his throaty clogged up as he shivered,unable to stand up against the eyes of the ‘hero’.

“Hey…HEY!Not answering?Well… no matter,anyways,just die.”

The thief’s eyes widened.In face of death,he struggled with all might.He kicked and punched,but all he have done had absolutely no effect whatsoever.He struggled and struggled and he went soft…


Liquid and brain matter splashed out and defiled the walls and stained the face of the hero.

Saigo looked up and relaxed his arms.The hero smiled.

“Another one down,but there is still many to go…”

A cold grin appeared on his face as he let out a sigh of ecstasy.

“Yup,nothing beats the sastifaction of doing a good deed.”Saigo muttered as he walked out of the alleyway whistling.

It was unknown how many criminals have breathe their last breath from Saigo's hands over the past year.The only thing that was know was that there was so many that it was hard to count,even Saigo had lost track after the 20th one.The police have tried to capture him for mass homicide but to an avail.Despite not covering up his tracks at all,the police were unable to lock onto Saigo due to the lack of clues such as the mysterious murder weapon.Even if the police were to catch a glimpse of Saigo,using the power of the protagonist,was somehow had his face not remembered and in the worst case where the police officers had a good look his face,he would blow it out of their heads by knocking them out or simply killing them.Nice and simple.

“I have recently made a name for myself huh…”

The blue-eyed demon,the blue-eyed killer and the taboo criminal.These are merely a few of the ‘exagerated’ nicknames given to him in the underworld.By the way,Saigo knew about this from one of his targets(victims).

“Why is there no trace of the word hero in any of my titles?Did they have poor eyesight?To have seen the great me as a criminal…maybe I should ‘clean their eyes’ next time…”

Saigo muttered as he scratched his head.

Suddenly,a shadow appeared in front of him.It drew out something that appeared to be a gun and pulled the trigger without hesitation.The bullet flew at great speed towards Saigo’s.If it were someone else,he or she will not have been able to do anything before being killed.However,this is Saigo.A superhuman,a hero,and a…demon.Saigo was fully capable of dodging the bullet at close range.

“Oh interesting,a handgun?”Saigo thought as he tried to move his body away from the trajectory of the bullet.

"With the authority of the gods,[Stop]"

It was at this moment where Saigo felt his body turn stiff,he could not move.

“What?!”Saigo's eyes widened in shock.


Saigo could only afford to say this word before the bullet pierced through his skull.

“So this is how I die?But I still haven't finished what a hero have to do…”

Saigo collapsed on the floor as his conscious wavered.


“Long ears?”

Long blond hair,long ears,and peerless beauty. That was the last thing Saigo saw,before his conscious disappeared from this world…




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