Erwin Schmeid sits in excitement as his master, Alphonse, prepares a pot of stew for breakfast. Today is no ordinary day, it's the day that Erwin takes a step closer to making his own legendary weapon. A legendary weapon is a weapon with many special magic pre-assigned to it. Earlier in the week, Erwin had the opportunity to sharpen Leonardo's weapon, Rantzau, a sword held by the country as a national treasure and given to Leonardo. Erwin also had the opportunity to watch first hand one of Rantzau's brilliant moves. Without a circle or even chanting Leo activated Full Cowl, a move the coats the blade entirely in pure mana anything that touches the cowl of pure mana is slowly obliterated. After seeing the divine blade coated in a wonderful blue aura that could only be compared with heaven's light, Erwin couldn't help but to desire to create his own legendary weapon.

There is one problem however, it isn't like legendary weapons could just be crafted out of the blue. In fact, no one in modern time knew how to create a legendary weapon capable of multiple spells. The only thing a modern blacksmith could create is a magic weapon, which can only contains one spell. Be sure, a magical weapon is an excellent piece of equipment being sold by only high-level blacksmith's at extremely high prices, yet it wasn't like the too could be compared. It's as if a magical weapon is opening an oyster and finding a pearl while a legendary weapon is opening an oyster and finding a diamond mine.

Erwin, on this fateful day, is jittering in his chair because he was told that today is the day where his master would teach him the basics of crafting a magical weapon. For most students, this would be after years of training, to have someone learn it in only a month is quite remarkable, but at this point in time Al has stopped being surprised by Erwin's learning pace, simply accepting it as fact.

Erwin had several days ago seen Al using a strange material while making a magical weapon, and, of course, Erwin had some questions. One question led to five others, and by the end of it Al knew it was time to teach him the whole lot.

"Hey, boyo, don’t drown in that stew of yers!" Al yells to Erwin as he chugs the bowl down as if it were his god given mission, "I can understand yer excitement but it isn't if the anvil is running to the river. Besides before we can start the lecture, I need a supplies from town. Oh, and a bushel of rice for the evening"

Al hands Erwin a list of items that he needs to be fetched. Erwin doesn't like the idea of this side quest impeding his progress, but is willing to get it done to get to the story.

Erwin heads into the town of Telenbrim. Under the shadow of castle Grandfall and the protection of the Bellimere name, the town is one of the largest bustling cities in the country of Hegemara only beaten by the countries capital. The first time Erwin came into town he spent hours lost in its maze-like allies until finally finding his way back out, but today he has no such fears. Erwin walks with the familiarity of someone walking down their home town. He knows exactly where he is heading, and intends to get there without delay.

"Hey, Erwin," within a crowd of people Erwin sees a hand waving at him. The crowd moves on and Elliana Charles stumbles out with a red face and deep breaths of exhaustion. She begins speaking through her panting, "It's been a what, a week?"

"Yeah, Last time we talked was eight days ago when I repaired your staff after it was crushed by, what is called again? You said it was some big furry thing with a coiled tail," Erwin is slightly annoyed by the delay, but still enjoys the company.

"A nandibar broke it." She responds her expression quickly changing from blood red smile to a pale white stare. Whatever happened to her must have really scarred her.

Elliana regains her composure and once more smiles at Erwin, but instead of the friendly smile from earlier this one has a tinge of embarrassment to it . She looks down at her fingers and begins fidgeting with them as if she's a child caught causing mischief.

"so, um, I'm lost," she says refusing to make eye contact.

"Pardon?" Erwin responds with wry smile. Erwin decides to take this opportunity and lecture the usually doting Elliana.

 "I got lost," she says in almost a whispering volume.

 "I couldn't hear that," Erwin presses his hand around his ear in a cone shape. His mocking posture should have irritated Ellie, but she kept her same smile. Internally She's happy that Erwin is taking the initiative in the conversation, even if she is trying to hide it, "You've been living in this city for what a month, and you’re still getting lost in it. What would have happened if I hadn't showed up? Would you have simply wondered these streets for eternity. Become the city ghost that haunts the streets at dark foggy nights" Erwin places a hand on his chin and can't think of anything else to mock her about.

"are you done yet,"

"yes, and extremely satisfied."

"Alright. I was planning to meet Raiko in high district, but well, I took a wrong turn and now I'm just lost in the streets,"

Currently they're in the artisan district. High district is about 20 minutes away, helping Elliana wouldn't be any trouble at all. On most days Erwin wasn't too fond of this kind of fraternizing but today he's in a good mood. Even if it did delay, Erwin decides that helping her is worth his time.

"lucky for you, I happen to know the way to high district. Would you like me to guide you?"

"I'd be grateful if you did," She smiles at Erwin’s offer. She was actually quite worried about wondering the streets alone and at random. Plus, the fact that it's Erwin helping isn't too bad either.

The pair make their way to high district. upon entering high district, Ellie takes notice of a regal carriage being drawn by a colossal white stallion with a horn.

"Look a unicorn," Ellie's eye shine with the wonder of a young maiden. The unicorn is pure white with a golden mane and matching reins that are as gold as the purest ingot. It's no surprise that Ellie is enamored with. Erwin, in an opposite state as Ellie, is amazed at the sheer size and strength of the beast. The unicorn is easily twice the size of a normal horse and it's easily pulling a carriage meant for four horses.

"heayhnhnm!" The Unicorn wildly thrashes using it's shear mass to break its reins and releases itself from the carriage. Two guards rush the beast in an attempt to bring it to a calm, but they underestimate its strength. The Unicorn lunges forward driving its large horn directly under the collar bone of a guard, almost simultaneously using its muscular hind legs it kicks the second guard square in the chest easily breaking his ribcage and slightly puncturing his lungs.

Erwin takes a piece of graphite from his pocket, quickly etches a magic circle, and chants the transmutation spell.

"Please, if only for a moment,

let me enter your realm,

We will be one with Anselm"

Erwin transmutes a crude shield and mace from the stone building next to him and runs into battle without thinking. At this moment, the unicorn has set its sight on its master. A young girl no more than fifteen, wearing a regal red dress with black adornments, sits on the dirt. She is sitting paralyzed the closest thing to movement she can do is quake in fear, for the first time in her sheltered life she feels fear, true fear. Her once loyal steed looked at her with dark dilated pupils baring the canines once used to protect her. Is this the end? she thinks unable to move a single muscle.

Erwin rushes in and slams down his mace on the unicorn’s snout. To Erwin’s surprise, even in this situation, his attack simply bounce off doing absolutely no damage. But it did distract the unicorn which is all Erwin needed. The unicorn's attention turned towards Erwin. pouncing forward, the unicorn digs its large canines into Erwin’s left arm piercing through the shield but not being able to completely break it. The shear force of the unicorns tackle is enough for Erwin to drop his mace putting it out of his reach. Erwin uses his off hand to transmute the stone pathway to the hooves of the unicorn, and not a moment too late any closer and the horn would be going through his skull. Erwin unintentionally uses a high level tranmutation skill, simultaneous transmutation, which allows him to transmute all for hooves at once. This, however, did not impede the unicorn's ability to tear into Erwin's arm.

"Ellie, heal!" Erwin's panicked shout forces the still Ellie and the shivering wealthy girl back to attention.

"I'm on it," she responds lifting her magic staff to cast a single person healing spell without a chant. Erwin’s arm is healed allowing him to continue his fighting, while Ellie turns her attention towards the guards that were previously attacked.

"Hold her down for a few more seconds," exclaims the wealthy girl. Erwin continues to keep transmutation on and reinforces his shield as well as the unicorns stone bindings. The fear in his face is obvious, but the onlookers, who hadn't immediately ran, take note of his bravery.

"we aren't lost for time,

For she lie and endure,

the world echoes with Evasta's chyme

and we feel the cure,"

Erwin hadn't noticed the chant, but is surprised when the massive force biting down on his arm lessens. The unicorn’s eyes return to that of a normal horse and removes its canines from Erwin. The once feral monster that attacked people looks once more like the majestic beast of lore. Erwin happy to be out of such a near death situation wipes his brow and lies down unable to move his body anymore. Since transmutation is deactivated, Erwin's hastily made mace and shield as well as the unicorn's stone bindings crumble, the fact they had lasted that long was a testament to Erwin's growing skills at transmutation.

"are you alright?" Asked Ellie kneeling next to Erwin with a worried look on her face.

"Thankfully, you healed me, so I'm only exhausted," Erwin attempts to hide his fear behind a smile, but it's obvious what he's really thinking. Ellie smiles back deciding rather than condemning his impulsiveness she complements his bravery.

"Thank you, if it weren't for you my men surely would be dead," The lady gives a curtsy to Ellie and the weary Erwin. Ellie brings Erwin to his feet. Ellie thinks she's more worried about her men than herself. It’s rare to see someone more concerned about the conditions of other people in these times, Ellie takes note of this in the woman she just met.

Before they can continue the conversation a larger group numbering 10 secure the wealthy young lady creating a perimeter where people couldn't get any closer to the scene. These guards aren't just run of the mill city guards they appear to be battle hardened high-level soldiers. Their movements were precise and carried a silent dignity to them. Erwin knew if it were a battle between the 10 of them and every classmate, even with the element of surprise his class would easily be crushed.

"there’s evidence of foul play. Prepare to remove her majesty,"

"No not yet, I wasn't able to properly thank my heroes," Before she could even give her name, both her and the unicorn are ushered towards the inner city.  The entire situation completely vanishes the onlookers disperse, the carriage is removed, even the guards that were attacked have gone back to their business like nothing had happened. only leaving Erwin and Ellie stand in the middle of the street dumbfounded.

"Well, we should only be a couple of minutes away from where your supposed to meet Raiko," Erwin says finally breaking the silence.

"Oh god, I had completely forgotten," Ellie responds. The two walks down the street and Ellie's face isn't the usually happy one that most people love. It's sterner as if she's captured deep in thought.

"You ran in," She finally says looking at Erwin with soft eyes. The two stopped and Erwin gave her a quizzical look. "Even though you knew how weak you were, how anybody would have done better. Everyone, even I, simply stood there stunned, yet you ran in as if you were a hero from a movie. You're always doing that."

"Always? When have I ever done something like that before?"

"Well, I believe it was three years ago, when we first entered the academy. This small kid, no more than twelve, propably from the middle school, was being picked on by a senior. A real scumbag trust fund kind of guy, He had to have been 190 centimeters, yet even though you were much smaller than him you stood tall inbetween him from the kid. When the kid had the opportunity to run you immediately prostrated yourself, apologized, fully aware that you were now the target. You distracted him until the kid got help. From what I saw you tried to play it off, but you did get punched in the gut.

"You saw that? It's kind of embarrassing. "The thought of a girl seeing him in that kind of position makes him go red with humiliation.

"I thought it was pretty cool. I saw what was happening to that kid and simply stood there thinking how I might help, but you did help." She responds her smile slowly returning. "It's easy for someone strong to stand up and say they'll be a hero, but for everyone, even someone like Leo, would without strength buckle under the pressure and simply stand there. You on the other hand stand your ground even when you couldn't fight, even if it meant taking a couple of hits you got the results you wanted. To me someone like that is a real hero,"

"That's a nice thought, but in the end, I'm utterly useless. I don't have the strength to protect myself, let alone be a hero to others. In the end I'm better off doing what I always do and stay out it."

"Nonsense, don't forget what just happened. Even though you couldn't fight, even though you don't have any proficiency in magic, you used the only skill you had to protect everyone. In a terrifying situation, were everybody froze, you were able to calmly remain in control allowing us to succeed without anybody dying. so, don't call yourself weak... because you’re the strongest person I know... and I love that about you."

Ellie looks up with a red face, thinking what she had just said sounded like something from a romance film. By this time the two have reached their destination, and Ellie scurries away without looking back. Erwin simply stands their thinking so that's what she thinks of me.

"oh shit, I still need to go to the market."


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