Chapter 4 The feeling of being useless


On the afternoon of the fourth day, Erwin found himself in a secluded region of the training grounds with J.J.

"Well look at you, flirting with Elliana as if your so much better than us," J.J. says while acting like a stereotypical bully, all in all it's a cliche way of treating people. "You should really stop pestering Ellie with your weakness." 

On Earth these he didn't have the guts to attack anyone least of all Erwin, however in this world the diffrence in stats made attacking Erwin nothing more than an adult stepping on a child. J.J. hits Erwin in the gut with the butt of a magic staff. Even though, J.J., as pyromancer, has low physical his assault on Erwin easily brought Erwin to his knees. Erwin with no plausible means to defend himself could only take the blow now and drink a healing potion later. Erwins eyes are filled with fear all he can do is lie on the ground and curl into a ball. J.J. starts getting angrier at the weakness that Erwin shows sweat beads down his red spiky hair, he can't believe that someone like him could ever talk to someone like Ellian, if even I can't.

J.J. coils his legs to stomp on Erwins fingers. He knew Erwin would heal them, so he didn't feel bad about crushing a digit or two. He dropped his leg with all his weight behind it.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Erwin screams in pain as his knuckles disjoint.

"What can't handle it, you little bitch," For reasons unkown to Erwin, J.J. continuously gets angrier the more pain he causes to Erwin. 

J.J recoils his leg in attempt to chrush another finger. He puts on a wicked smile and prepares to stomp.

"AAAAHHHH!," to Erwins surprise it isn't him screaming. He raises his head up and J.J. is on the floor holding his stomach with a heavy leather training ball sits next to him. In the opposite direction he see's three diffrent kinds of stares, an angry glare from Raiko Yamamoto, a concerned look from Elliana Charles, and an indifferent gaze from Jeanne Evastus. Erwin guessed what had happened Raiko used her abillitiy Speed of Light, an ability that sped up an object proportional to the mana applied to it, to attack J.J. with the force of a professional baseball pitch.

"Are you all right?" asks Elliana as she crouches next to Erwin. Raiko begins dragging the unconsious J.J. out to the training ground, more than likely to be punished by Freud, and Jeanne leans against the wall taking the role of idle obsever. Elliana examines Erwins recently stomped fingers.

"Your lucky, if this was broken it would take longer to heal,"

"If I was lucky this wouldn't happen in the first place plus your an excellent Healer anyway I'm sure it would heal fine," Erwin gives a wry smile as if to show he had a handle on everything. Ellie sighs and begins to chant a healing spell.

"The Sword lost his shield

he refused to let her die

the gods were forced to yield

he refused to let her lie"

Erwin smiles he likes the sounds of chants they sound very poetic to him. According to modern scholars chants are a recalling of historical records, and by reciting them, people pray to the gods for the ability to use their mana to create magic, this applies to humans as well as other humanoid creatures. The light that encompases Erwin's fingers dissipates leaving a fully healed finger. Ellie smiles at her acomplishment and gazes into Erwin's eyes.

"Elliana, may Erwin and I have a moment alone?" Jeanne asks finally reacting to any of the events.

"Of course, Ms. Evastus," she responds her face turning red because she was caught having a moment with Erwin. She quickly scurries off without looking back to show her blushing face. 

"Here, drink this it'll stop your incessant shaking," Erwin looks at his arms they're shaking uncontrolably were they like this the entire time. He takes the bottle and drinks a swig of it which causes him to cough a lillte, this is his first time drinking hard liqour. Jeanne shows her first full smile, actually, her entire face seems to soften at the sight of Erwin gaging. Erwin notices this and thinks he might like this face more than her normally cold face.

"so I can guess what this conversation is about," he says after his coughing fit is over.

"Good, I thought I would have to have this conversation with someone who didn't understand his position, but at the very least you're a perspacious man," her smile immediately shifts to a nuetral one, yet her features stay the same showing the compasion she feels. "I have an old friend, Alphonse, a succesfull blacksmith living on the outskirts of town. He was reluctant to take on a student, even more so when he found out you're new to this world, but with a wie bit pressing he's agreed to take you as an aprentice. I presume you have no cavil on starting tomorrow" 

"not at all," he responds. Erwin is happy thinking that he wouldn't have to fight, yet he still felt dejected as if it wasn't his choice at all, that the world had decided he has no worth fighting. Jeanne rested a hand on Erwin's shoulder knowing full and well what it meant to feel useless.



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