Dammit, dammit, dammit I got caught up in the moment and got myself involved in some extra-dimensional war, thinks Erwin who was quickly regretting his decision to join a battle when he had no experience fighting an any way. Erwin had done some thinking and the probability that 23 inexperienced soldiers go to battle and all 23 come back is terrifyingly low, as such his excitement for going on a hero’s quest had quickly plummeted.

Freud Bellimere leads the class into the castles training grounds where many soldiers train with both swords and magic. Erwin takes sight of the weaponry and begins to internally panic, however the sight of magic causes him to quiver with excitement, no no I can't let the fire balls and lightning bolts confuse me. We're heading into a dangerous situation and I need to be ready for it. It isn't like Erwin could coward out and attempt to get out of this situation, when literally everyone else was joining the battle, it would only increase the hatred of his peers but it isn't like he wanted to risk life and limb fighting elves and werewolves.

The group is welcomed by a woman with porcelain skin and golden blonde shoulder length hair that glistens even in the moon light. She wears a tightly fitting, but not provocative, white habit that accentuates her natural curves for all intents and purposes in any world she would be considered a beauty. Every boy, and even some of the girls, blushed at the sight of her to the point that they didn't even notice when she began to speak.

"Welcome, I am the high priestess of the gods, Jeanne Evastus," Jeanne speaks with a soft voice as if the sound would break her at any moment yet everyone could hear her without problems as if she was speaking with them individually.

She picks up a phone sized slate of metal out of a crate. "This is a solima slate an ancient creation given by the gods so we could fight the creatures of this world. Drop a small amount of blood on the face and it will display your experience in levels. Your strength will be quantified and displayed on this screen as well as any abilities that you may have."

The guards begin handing out Solima slates to all the student. Erwin brimming with curiosity pricks his finger and drops some blood on the slate causing it to glow with bright red and black text began to form.


Name: Erwin Schmeid Race:Human
Class: Blacksmith  Level: 1
Strength: 10 Magic: 10
Defense: 10 Resistence: 10
Agility: 10 Abilities: Translation, Transmutation

Pure tens across the board. Is that good? Is it bad? It's ten-time better than someone with ones, Erwin curious on how his stats measure up to his peers’ glimpses Leonardo's slate glowing bright red. Leonardo, with Freud standing next to him, stares at the slate as the red-light changes into black text.

Name: Leonardo Antonio Race: Human
Class: Vanguard Level: 1
Strength: 100 Magic: 100
Defense: 100 Resistence: 100
Agility: 100 Abilities: Translation, Limit Break, Book of Armaments


"You're a Vanguard like I and you started with higher stats than I, to boot." Freud laughs while patting Leonardo on the back. "You even have two combat abilities, at level one, that's rarer than an ophalsto's pearl."

All the students, in fact, acquire high stats. According to the soldiers that huddle around, all the students have battle oriented classes and their starting stats are at least 30% higher than the average soldier, from the soldier’s perspective these students really were heroes with the blessing of gods. However, as Erwin learns, this doesn't apply to his stats and class. Se realizes that they are lower, and the blacksmith class isn't used combatively.

"So, what's on your solima slate, eh Erwin," asks Johnathan Jones. J.J. snatches the slate from Erwin sweaty palms and is brought to hysterics by what he saw. "Why are your stats so low?" J.J. hands Erwin's solima slate to another classmate.

"Ah shit, he's right there 10s," Jason Morrison exclaims his face contorted in a sadistic smile.

"That's fucking hilarious," agrees Michael Williams. To these particular students, Erwin's exceedingly low stats are form of divine punishment, and as such any persecution towards Erwin is completely justified. The three begin laughing manically because of the opportunity that has just presented itself.

Jeanne who was observing the students, attempting to spy weaknesses in new recruits, hears laughter in the crowd. She walks towards the laughter with the intention of stomping out any form of civilian ease.

"May I see what's so funny," her cold gaze froze the three. Their laughter immediately becomes silent and their idle posture becomes upright. As if she called them to attention with her eyes the three go into suspension. Michael hands Jeanne the slate that caused all the commotion and she inspects it fascinated by its contents.

"So, you are Erwin Schmeid?" She asks. Her emotionless face as cold as ice, yet Erwin observes the slightest curling in the corners of her lips as if she's happy about what she had just discovered.

"Yes, mam," responds Erwin. His face turns pink so he shifts his gaze away from her face and looks down at the floor.

Jeanne responds by gently lifting his chin raising it back up so eye contact is reinstated. "Your class is an artisan based and your stats are average for that class. I apologize but It seems you might have no use on the field." Her facial expression looks quite somber. she thinks this news would lead to Erwin sinking into a depression. Erwin with a dejected face looks down at his feet again, and thinks to himself, hell yeah! Sweet vindication. Now I have a great excuse to not fight, laze around in a castle, and still reap all the rewards of being in a new world.

The kind-hearted teacher, Jessica see's the look of sadness on her student's face and attempts to ease his mind, "Don't be so down on yourself, Erwin. I have a non-combat class too "scholar" so it isn't like I'm gonna be much help in a fight either."

Jeanne’s eyes dart from Erwin to Jessica, "Oh, a scholar you say, you might have the potential to be a new War Mind." Since humans were not as strong or magical as the other races they heavily relied on the tactical and logistical prowess of people who had the genius to. Without raising a single blade, they've change the course of entire wars, these people have been came to be known as War Minds. Not all war minds have been scholors, their potential to be a war mind is well known. "You might be the most valuable person in this country. I'll have you moved from physical training to tactical classes immediately."

Jessica Walls stares shocked at the sudden importance placed on her, "Pardon?" is all she can muster as several soldiers escort her back into the castle to learn from the finest minds in the kingdom.

"Don't worry, Erwin, we won't leave you behind," Ellie says with a smile on her face.

"Oh no, I wouldn't want to be a burden," He responds attempting to wriggle out of fighting.

"You might have proficiency in support magic," Jeanne offers. Erwin and Ellie give her a confused look. "I suppose I should explain, Magic, and the use of it, boils down to two parts. A magic circle and a chant by using both of these in succession a spell can be cast, of course, as in any rule there are exceptions, but we'll cover that on a later day."

"So, how does that relate to proficiency, as you called it?" Isabella asks. At this point, much of the class is paying attention to the explanation of magic.

"Any person can use any spell, if they know the circle and chant, yet the magnitude and consumption of the spell will be different based on the individual user of the spell, of course this does not apply to spells which can only be used by people who have the ability. We have taken the initiative and retrieved an array of books containing spells for all classes so please peruse them while your training, you might be surprised at your hidden proficiencies." As Jeanne ends her explanation, the class is excited to learn what kinds of magic they can use. Even though it was night, in this universe, many of the students had just woken, up so they practice magic into the late night.

Over the next few days the newly ordained heroes received rooms in the castle as well as personal maids to help them with basic living. Much of their free time was spent learning about the world they had found themselves in. They also spent a large amount of time understanding the new powers they had recently been given. What magics they were proficient in and what weapons they had skills with for some classes like pyromancers and archers this was easy for others this was not so easy.

Erwin falls in the latter category, he has low profanely with every form of magic. The only magic he can use with proficiency is the transmutation skill, which is a unique for the blacksmith class, yet transmutation lacks any real potential. Transmutation is an ability that has to be triggered with a magic circle and chant, while many combat abilities only require chants and some can be activated immediately. From the perspective of his classmates, Erwin is viewed as dead weight, nothing more than someone to drag the team down, this didn't improve public opinion of him.


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