The morning bell rang on a Monday morning in Forester Private High. As the bell began to ring the last person racing in the door was Erwin Schmeid. He'd spent the previous night hunched over his keyboard playing an MMO that had recently updated with a new raid. It was Erwin's first attempt at the raid and to put it simply it didn't go great. After several hours of bashing their heads against a seemingly unbeatable second phase, the raid party decided it would be best to temporarily retreat and attempt to gain levels. Erwin agreed to the retreat yet he decided rather than sleep at the already late time of midnight he would spend several hours grinding levels. Erwin's impulsive decision led to a nonexistent response to his morning alarm and caused the current sprint to towards the classroom.

Erwin, right before walking in the door, dropped his speed down to a brisk walk and trots into the classroom as if he wasn't sprinting. To any immediate onlookers the thin layer of sweat that covers Erwin’s brow gave away his ordeal but Erwin quickly wiped away the evidence with his uniform's sleeve. Erwin raised his head only to be met by the contempt filled gaze of his fellow student's. Their hatred is odd, it's true that Erwin wasn't an extremely sociable person far preferring to be playing games and watching moving to conversing with his peers, yet he still participated in class dialogue, did a fair share of any work, and gave everyone the respect they were due. The attitude of the class doesn't match up with the Erwin's personality.

"Good morning, Erwin, so why are you running into class so late?" asked a feminine voice coming from Erwin’s left. The voice is from the cause of Erwin’s persecution, Elliana Charles.

"Well, Ellie, I had some trouble with my alarm clock", replied Erwin without making eye contact.

"You were up all night playing some video game," retorted Ellie with deadly precision.

"More than likely," Erwin admitted

 "You really shouldn't be spending school nights awake so long."

Here comes the doting thought envious onlookers

"you could develop a serious issue like insomnia, or hypersomnia during school hours in some cases sleep deprivation can lead to premature heart failure..." Ellie began listing sleep related issues to Erwin; he knews that it woudn't cease until Erwin swore to stop.

"Okay, okay I promise that if any of those things occur to me than I will stop playing so late." Not exactly going cold turkey, but Erwin hoped this would be enough to end the conversation immediately.

From Ellie's point of view, she was having a pleasant conversation with a friend but this perspective isn't shared by observing students. Forester Private was one of the highest rated schools in the country, as such the majority of the student where moderately intelligent and come from families of considerable wealth. Of course, a few students hung at to the extremes, students that were extremely intelligent and come from poor families and complete idiots who have parents donate large sums of money to enter the school. To most of Erwin's classmates, he belongs to the latter of these groups. According to his classmates, Erwin was the lazy child of a Walt street hedge fund manager and big shot lawyer that sues corporations for millions. There have even been rumors that the reason Erwin showed up to class late was because he was getting high behind the school, from the perspective of his classmates Erwin was scum.

Of course, many truths tend to be distorted in gossip. In reality Erwin's mother worked as a criminal defense lawyer at respectable firm while his father was an accountant working at the IRS, and he neither had the funds or the desire to get high. He was in reality a boy from an upper middle-class family, who worked hard and got into the school via scholarships. He talked about video games a little too much and didn't appear to be invested in education so now Erwin simply is the person everyone hates.

"look at him walk in so casually"

"How dare he of all people talk to Eliana so casually."

"He's just some no life gamer."

Erwin heard bits and pieces of their whispers in the distance, yet hadn't given them much care. They've never even used physical violence against Erwin. He stood tall enough and with a physique that wasn't particularly in shape but wasn't scrawny enough to be a victim, so nobody had put in the effort to hurt him. While Erwin attempted to ignore the whispers some people with more direct forms of beratement intervened.

"You really shouldn't be harassing Ellie so early in the morning." a handsome blonde man standing a head taller than Erwin with a toned body walked up next to Ellie. Ugh this again thought Erwin as Leonardo Antonio attempted to save Elliana from a threat that doesn't exist.

"Ellie is he bothering you again?" Raiko Yamamoto, best friend of Elliana and a serious face on any day, stood in front of Ellie subconsciously shielding her from Erwin, as if he may attack at any time.

"No, I just wanted to talk to him," said Ellie.

Don't these things come in groups of threes thought Erwin having been in this situation before.

"Your so kind to talk to him out of pity" said a deep voice from behind Erwin. Erwin looked behind shocked to find Salvador Cortez standing behind him. Thought that a six foot giant like you would be more noticeable; how the hell did you get behind me, thought Erwin slightly impressed, well I've had this dialogue chain before, so I'll be taking my leave.

Erwin slinked out of the conversation and found a nice seat at the far side of the classroom. Erwin did wonder why does Ellie talk to me so much? From an external point of view their conversation could appear to be anything from friendly dialogue to flirting, but why would she talk to him at all? It's probably more of a pity situation. Which would make me her Quasimodo. 

Ellie followed Erwin with the intent to finish her conversation and sits directly next to him. Raiko sat next to Ellie while Leonardo and Salvador ploped in front of them and flip 180 to face each other. Damn, I thought everybody would have already picked their seats by now, thinks Erwin annoyed that he is sitting next to the four most popular students in class, he didn't want any more eyes on him then necessary.

"Alright everybody the bell rang, so let's get to learning." Jessica Walls their history teacher brought the class to attention with a chipper attitude.

Hhhhhmmmmm, out of nowhere a high-pitched squeal rang out from the surroundings, coupled with a golden circle forming within the ground. Before anyone had the time to react, a bright flash enveloped the room leaving it completely devoid of life.


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