Harima was in shock that once again he was getting rejected but since it was a game it was not a big of a deal but he started to think that he confessed to a dude and that made him go on crazy mode

"sorry, I didn’t tell you before because you were so cute while telling me this"

Freya could not resist laughing at this point and Harima was about to fall from his chair when something happened



Harima stared at the wall and listened the laughing person behind it and then the laugh stopped

Freya was laughing and then stopped when she heard someone fell from a chair on the next door

"it can’t be!!!"

"it can’t be!!!"

both ran to the front door and opened the door and looked to each other in shock



both screamed like crazy and Harima started to run downstairs and Freya went after him






Harima reached the main street and a motorcycle Honda CBR1000RR was coming at high speed and then, time stopped with Harima and the motorcycle rider looking to each other while the rider was trying to avoid hitting Harima with the motorcycle and then the rider jumped from the bike and fell off on Harima to make the bike avoid Harima and then the bike crashed on the entrance of Harima’s home building

"hey!! hey!!! are you alright?"

Harima then took the rider and he grabbed her boobs by mistake

"you are not going to be alright if you keep touching my boobs!!!"

"oh crap!"

Then Harima got hit by the rider and lost consciousness


Inside Freya’s Home

Harima woke up with an ice bag on his head

"good morning Venjamin"

the girl of next door was preparing lunch, |I have seen this before|

and the rider was on the couch, a blonde girl with not so long hair but it was not short either, her hair reached her shoulders, she was not from Japan, you could tell, her height was 1.70 cms

"are you alright?"

"yes, I just have this scrape on my ankle"

"let me check it"

Harima moved to the rider side

"Freya, do you have first aid kit here?"

"yea I do"

"please lend it to me please"

"I’m ok dude!"

"we have to treat it before it gets worse"

Freya and the rider were surprised that Venjamin was taking care of the scrape

"ok, this is going to hurt a bit"

"I’m used to feel pai-----ouch"


He finished and then

"ok, that should do it"

"no wonder you are a healer in the game Venjamin"

Harima stared at the Rider

"have we meet before?"

"sorry I didn’t introduce myself before, my name is Yamiko, I’m Izanagi in game"

"I’m Harima Jin, Izanagi? The real Izanagi?"

“yea, the same one”

"and my name is Annabel, or if you prefer Freya"


"I lied...."

Yamiko then said

"well, I guess I’ll have to check the bike"

"can you move?"

"yes, is not big deal"

Harima and Yamiko went and check what was left of the motorcycle

"I guess I will have a problem moving now"

"sorry you destroyed your motorcycle"

"I destroyed it because I didn’t want to kill you"

Harima was really worried because Yamiko lost her Motorcycle

"look, I think there is a place southwest from here where you can rent a motorcycle"


"I’ll take you there"

"you are not going anywhere, otherwise you will eat cold food"

Annabel was calling us for lunch

"ok, we will have to go after"


Inside Annabel home

"so, what were you doing here Izanagi?"

"call me Yamiko, we are not in the game at the moment"

"ok Yamiko"

"she was coming to make fun of you"

"oh Annabel, I wanted to say it myself"


"look, I knew for a while that you wanted to confess to Annabel"

"so, we decided to make a joke when you decided to confess and "

"we decided that Freya will say that she was a man"


"sorry I could not wait for you Yamiko"

"you girls are mean"

"but don’t you feel lucky now Harima?"


"the girl next door, that hottie that you mentioned the other day"

Annabel started turn red

"was Annabel, you said she was looking hot on that mini short"

"stop it Yamiko!!!"

"look, I had no idea that she was Freya, the chances were low"

"what do you mean?"

"she is cute and I didn’t imagine Freya that cute"

Annabel then took Harima with a kill lion key

"don’t you dare to make me mad Harima, I live next to you and can kill you whenever I want!!!!"

"ok, ok, I was just joking"

"you will have to buy headsets Harima"

"so next time you find someone who you like you better ask the person to use the micro in game so you will know if is a girl or a man in real life"

Harima made a straight face and Yamiko and Annabel were laughing at him


MotorStage Otemachi

they reached the shop and could not find the same model that Yamiko lost and they decided to go with a Kawasaki Ninja 250

"I’ll pay for it"

"are you sure?"

"is my fault that you lost yours"


"let’s go back"

Yamiko was driving and Harima was behind her

"don’t grab my boobs this time"

"I won’t"

Yamiko decided to test the bike and went the long way back to Harima home and went on the Hirose River side, she noticed that Harima was excited of going on motorcycle then she stopped

"do you like it?"

"what, the motorcycle?"


“yea, is pretty exciting”

"do you know how to ride one?"

"no, only bicycle"

"I can teach you if you want"


"I will be staying in Sendai for a while so I can teach you"

"that would be awesome"

"just don’t tell Annabel"

"why not?"

"that’s my only condition, otherwise I won’t teach you"

"well, I always wanted to have a car but a motorcycle will work"

"ok, then we have a deal"


At Annabel Home

"did you find the motorcycle?"

"we got a different one"

"it will work for the couple of days that I have to stay here in Sendai"

Then someone was at the door, who could it be?

A fifteen-girl looking with silver hair was at the door and when Annabel opened the door she started yelling


Harima and Annabel were asking themselves who is this girl?


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