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Chapter 32 – I have nothing to hide you make me feel alive


July 1st

Strength 108, Dexterity 220, Vitality 1004, Intelligence 228--

"is that you Int in real life or your char Int? HAHAHA BECAUSE IS LOW"

"I’m a healer, I’m not supposed to have high Int"

Mind 1476, Healing Magic Potency 1476

"they are the same because Mind affects your Healing Magic Potency"

Harima was typing his stats trying to explain the party why he let the tank die

"I guess this is a "git gud" situation"

"c’mon guys, we beat the boss, is ok, it doesn’t matter if I died at the end"

"but you didn’t get kill count because of that"

"I said that’s ok"

Harima was part of a raid team, the raid leader was Izanagi, she plays as Machinist, our tank is Freya, Hume female, her char is kind of cute, and Harima is the healer, a male astrologian with the name Venjamin, the raids were scheduled on Saturdays at 2pm, at this point Harima has left his home at Sapporo and is living at Sendai , he started to play final fantasy in a hardcore mode, not the same as he used to play when he worked at BiOS, and since he doesn’t live with his parents he spends his nights playing without his mom asking him to go to sleep

"Ok I think we need a break"

"yea, I need to go buy stuffs from seven eleven"

Harima then left, the shop was not far from his home, one block and half to the southeast of his home, he bought his dinner and went back home, and when he was at the door, someone at the next door came out, a girl with black hair, her hairstyle was a ponytail with bangs with one large bang on each side of her forehead, she was wearing a long sleeve shirt and small white short, she was almost the same height as Harima

"good evening"

"good evening"

Harima entered the house excited that the girl next door was a hot girl

"I’m the luckiest man in the world"

"did something good happened?"

"where is Freya?"

"she went for a smoke"

"well, I went to out and when I came back I just realized that the person living next to me is a really hottie"


"I’m back"

"Freya, it looks like Venjamin got a girlfriend"


"no, is not my girlfriend"

"it was not love at first sight?"

"kind of"

"well, I doubt you will be brave enough to confess her"

Freya was messing with Venjamin knowing that he was kind of shy


then Izanagi said

"you spend all your time playing so I doubt you have the time for a girlfriend anyways"

"but imagine if someday I find this girl at the stairs and she fall and I’m there to rescue"

"you have really big imagination Venjamin, girls are not that stupid"

Izanagi interrupted

"more like you will be the one who will fall and on the floor, and you will end touching her boobs saying it was an accident"

"you are a pervert Venjamin!

"NO! IS NOT LIKE THAT! besides those things only happen on anime"


Then Izanagi threw the bomb

"I thought you were going to confess to Freya before getting a girlfriend in real life"

"stop teasing him"

Couple of days ago

Freya was precisely the person who saved Harima, when he changed houses he started playing FFXIV but he used to play solo and then one day, Venjamin had 6 mobs on him on a FATE event inside the game and Freya came a killed all the mobs around Venjamin

"thanks, you saved me"

"you should not try to get too many mobs if you are healer"

"I just lost control of the adds"

"is ok, play the way you feel better"

and then later he found her on duty roulettes



"are you from Garuda server?"

"oh, is it you! the healer dps"


"ok, let’s kill this Nidhogg quick"

Harima showed Freya that he was not bad at all

"gather for aoe healing"

"you don’t have to tell me twice"

Venjamin then used rescue and pulled her close

"whoa, is the first time someone use that skill on me"

"I told you to come close"

"ok ok! don’t get mad"

there were 2 dragoons on the party and they kept dying

"my mp is running low"

"use the limit break for healers"

"not yet"

then the summoner used the limit break and missed

"what are you doing?" everyone was yelling at the summoner and Venjamin and Freya were trying to save the fight, swiftcast was ready, he already had the Spire card on stock and then the Ewer popped on Venjamin draw move

"yes! Freya I’ll use the Ewer for mp recovery, cover me while I raise the dragoons"


he then used the Ewer as AOE magic power regen and Celestial Opposition to increase the duration of the card while Freya covered him, at the end they raised the dragoons and killed Nidhogg

"good game, take care everyone"

"take care"

both left the instance and then

"you are not bad at all as healer"

"you did pretty well covering me"

after that Venjamin and Freya always played together, Freya was always covering Venjamin lacking points since she was more experienced than him


Back to present

"we should make a reunion of the raid team"

Freya said

"don’t think that is possible"

then Izanagi said

"c’mon, I’m here at Japan for business and that’s is pretty rare if you ask me"

"Freya is right, is impossible"

"so, is now your turn to defend her Venjamin?"

"I mean, what is the point of meet people in real life"

"we can share drinks"

"I mean, I like how things are right now for us as a team"

"you don’t want to meet Freya in real life?"

"I do but"

Izanagi and Freya were teasing Venjamin


"you see, I have been on a love triangle before"

"OOOHHHHH, so you like Freya after all?"

"stop it Izanagi"

Venjamin was not able to continue typing and then logged off

"you made him log off"

"is funny to see him like that"

"well, we should not take the joke too far if he is emotional unstable"

"yea, you are right"


Next day

"hello Venjamin"

"hello Freya"

"why did you log off yesterday? Izanagi was joking"

"look Freya"

[Oh crap, I have to tell Izanagi]

|you have a message|

"what happen Freya?"

"Venjamin is about to confess me"


"yes, I can see that coming"

"oh my god, I’m near to your home so I’ll get there as soon as possible"

"come quick or you will miss the show"

back to the game

"the truth is that I have been through a lot lately and you have been really good person with me"

|man, this dude is really stupid that he will confess to someone in game? and Izanagi is not coming yet, she is going to miss the show|

"I believe I have built enough emotions for what I’m about to say, I have nothing to hide you make me feel alive"


"I like you Freya, please be my online girlfriend"



"I’m happy for those feelings from you, they make me really happy"


Venjamin was really happy that she said those words

"but I can’t be your girlfriend"


"I’m a man in real life"


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