The One and Only



Chapter 31 – Breaking the trend


Mikaho Clinic

Jin went to Mikaho Clinic because Marisa asked him to come

"hello Marisa"

"hello Jin, come inside"


she looked really cute on the white outfit of nurse that day

"come, I wanted to teach you first aids before you leave"

"I kind of know the basics"

"yes, but I need to make sure you know"

"ok, ok"

"you cannot say no to your personal nurse"

he then smiled but was kind of nervous

"ok, remove your shirt"

Wait, wait, what?

"what are you looking at? remove your shirt"


"now sit here"



"this is a first aid course or a physical check?"

"both Jin, I need you to know where to touch if you ever get hurt, so that way you know what to do"

"are you going to touch me?"

"Jin, I’m a nurse, I touch bodies all the time"

Jin made a serious face

"other man bodies?"

"oh, c’mon Jin"

Marisa got close and then she started touching Jin body, her hand was on Jin chest

"ok Jin, put your hand above mine, in the same place where I’m touching you"

Jin was red and then he placed his hand on Marisa hand

"ok, let my hand go"

Jin didn’t wanted to let her go


he had to let her go at the end

"ok, do you feel that?"


"this is your heart beat"


"you need to notice if the heart is beating properly, try to memorize the speed"

"are you sure this is first aid course?"


|I feel kind of stupid|

Marisa then took Jin hand and she took his wrist

"ok, now put your hand here in your wrist"

"I already knew about that"

"but you are doing it wrong, you need to use your middle and index finger"


Harima was kind of happy that Marisa was taking the work serious, he went to the clinic the whole week for first aid course and treatment of wounds.


New year passed and Harima was still waiting for an answer from Kiteretsu Company and on Friday of that week he received the notice that he got the job, he then started to search for a place to live in Sendai because he won’t be able to travel from Sapporo to Sendai on a daily basis unless he spend 4 hours and half on traveling, almost 30 minutes to Sendai Airport from Sendai station, then 1 hour from Sendai Airport to New Chitose Airport and then 40 minutes from Airport to Sapporo, that would be an expensive route for a daily routine, honestly, if Harima plans on coming every Sunday to Sapporo to visit his parents then it will be really an expensive visit, the cost of the travel is almost $200, he better evaluate to bring their parents to Sendai or come to Sapporo once a month instead

He found a place to live at Aoba-Ku Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken 980-0821, 5-24 Kasugamachi,  everything was set, it was time to make the announcement at BiOS that he will be quitting by the end of January



Casar, Ralph and Charlie went to Jin Station

Ralph started with a

"dude, we are going to miss you"

then Casar said

"you always use the most homosexual words to say goodbye to someone Ralph"

Charlie then said

"there go our extra beers from Tony Romas"

everyone was saying goodbye to Jin who presented his resignation letter

"dude, you are fast learner and we know you will fit on your next job as you did here in just one year"

Ralph then took him to the roof for a smoke

"c’mon let’s share a last cigarette before you go"


At the roof, Smoking area

"so, at the end you were not able to get over that horrible episode with Tenma?"

"can you please not mention her name please?"

"there is nothing wrong with making mistakes dude"

"but that was epic"

they looked at each other and laughed

"dude, what was that crap "ill follow you to the deepest hell"




"but yea Jin"


"don’t let stuffs like this affect your life, you cannot keep running every time you mess things up"

"yea, you are the second person who tell me that I’m running"

"who was the other?"


"your school girlfriend?"

"yea, and she was never my girlfriend"

"you should listen to her, she cares for you"

"I know"

"why don’t you marry her?"

"what makes you think that she will say yes after I asked her three times?"

"well.... yea, you have a point"

"and if I ever do that and she accepts, it won’t be love, it will be pity"


"I’m not searching for a love that is born from pity"

"well, it looks like you know what you want now"

"I’m not sure yet dude, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t want that type of love"

then someone who we didn’t expect to come to the roof came and this time she is not interrupting me so maybe she is coming with a white flag

"Jin, I’ll go ahead"

Ralph left

"hello Harima"

"hello Erica"

"I heard that you quit"


"I see"

"you are not going to interrupt me this time?"

"no, I can read what you are going to say but I will listen to what you have to say"

Erica turned red

"thank you, I never saw you as a bad person, and you cannot hide the fact that you knew I was going to say that don’t you? that’s why you turned red"


"but yea Erica, I think you are the first female person that I can call friend"

Erica looked at him

"as my friends said at some point, I have this issue that I cannot see females as friends but I guess I can give a try and let you be my first female friend"

"I never intended to hurt you Harima"

Erica turned red again

"I know, and that’s why is easy for me to tell you this now because I see you as a friend, and stop turning red before I say the corny words, can you please?"

"is hard for me to even not interrupt you"

"well, you have a point"

Harima extended his hand and said

"you can call me Jin from now on Erica"

"I will Jin"

she then hugged him

"wait wa-----"

"what I’m doing now is giving you my approval as a friend, is hard to find someone who let me be a jerk an still talk to me"


"no Jin, you are not a Jerk"


"I’m interrupting you now because we are friends and what you are thinking about yourself is wrong"


"there is nothing wrong with being selfish, love is about that, you want to be loved even when the other person doesn’t, so you make your efforts so the other person loves you, and even that is called love, it will be a love born from efforts instead of true love, it will be selfish, yes, and is not wrong, there are many couples that makes things work from that kind of love, someone have to give in at the end"

"I didn’t know you thought about love this way Erica and what I want is a love that is not selfish, you wanted to listen those words don’t you?"

"yea, I want a love that is pure, is the same thing that you are searching but it won’t work for us because we already gave birth other emotions between us"

"and I don’t like the idea of having a girlfriend that interrupts me"

"yea, I need to fix that myself first"

they smiled and then Erica finished by kissing Jin on his cheek

"thanks for accepting me as friend"

Jin was shocked

"thanks for your interruptions"

"oh, c’mon Jin"

they were heading back

"by the way, you made progress Jin"

"how so?"

"you didn’t confess on this chapter so that breaks your trend of confessing every three chapters"


So, Harima then----

"and no writer, he is not cured yet"


"I’m just joking"


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