Marisa was in shock when she heard Jin words and turned sad because she thought Jin haven’t changed on his goal of making her his girlfriend and then...

"don’t get me wrong Marisa, this is not a confession"

"well, it looked like one"

"I didn’t say that I like you or I loved you, there is no way I would say something like that to you ever again, this is not a confession so don’t make that face"


"listen, the reason why my parents are starting to suffer is because of me and I don’t like the idea of being a burden for them"

"......what does that have to do with me?" Marisa asked trying to figure out what Jin was trying to say

"well, you are a nurse and someone that know my family since we were kids"


"would you work as our personal nurse?"

"so, you want me to live with you and your family?"

"that’s what I said but don’t worry, I don’t plan to live with my parents for long"

"what do you mean?"

"look, several things have happened at work and I’m considering moving"


"I need to start over from zero"

".... where do you plan on going?"


"Sendai? why there? do you have friends there?"



"Marisa, that’s what start from zero means, I need a place where nothing reminds me of the past"

"what do you mean?"

"I have made mistakes and I plan on not doing them again and stop being on other people’s way"

"you are just running"


"why can’t you accept your fate? we all make mistakes in our lives and we have to get up every time we fall"

Marisa lecture was interrupted by Jin’s Mom

"you look like a couple fighting"

Jin left, Marisa could not stop him and

"do you like Jin?"

"we are just friends"

"I didn’t ask that"

"sorry, Mrs. Harima, I need to check the status of your Husband"


Marisa words reached Harima but they were not enough to make him change his mind, there was something about Sendai that called Harima attention, the place didn’t look like Sapporo, Sapporo was way better but it was already tainted with only bad memories that Harima wanted to erase, Sendai, the city of Masamune Date, a Samurai that made the city reborn from ancient wars, the city that was able to recover from Tsunami several years ago, maybe the magic of that place could change Jin’s fate, but unfortunately his fate was already decided

Harima then started searching for a Job, he had yet to quit his current job at BiOS, he was searching for something that could change his life and found something on internet, Kiteretsu Company, a company that focus on animation and games, he checked their clients and found Google Inc in it, he already heard about how google works with call centers so he decides to give a try and submitted an application.


Christmas Eve

That Christmas was kind of sad for Harima family because there were only 3 people left on the family, and then someone joined the Christmas dinner

"someone is at the door Jin"

"ok, I’ll go check"

"Hello Jin"

"Hello Marisa"

"I brought this for your parents, are they doing ok?"

"come in, we just started Christmas dinner"

"I can’t"

then Jin’s Mom came and said

"Hello Marisa, want to share dinner with us? I think I made too much food for just the three of us"

Jin looked at Marisa

"you can’t say no now Marisa"

then in the middle of the dinner, Jin said

"I have to make an announcement"

"are you getting married with Marisa?"

Jin Mom wanted to see Jin ask Marisa for marriage, Marisa turned red

"no mom, that’s not happening, I just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be moving next year, I need to look forward to the future"

"yes, that’s what I meant, Marisa and you would make a good family in the future"

"no mom, that’s not the plan"

Marisa then started to worry because she thought Jin had changed his mind about moving

"but I won’t leave you alone, I’ll come every Sunday and will send you money"

Harima parents didn’t ask where he was going, they only said

"I guess is time for the last bird to leave the nest"

"just don’t forget all the things that you learned at this house Jin"

Marisa could not resist how Jin’s parents didn’t stopped him and she went outside, she started to cry


At the park outside Harima House

"what’s wrong Marisa?"

"how can’t your parents see that what you are doing is wrong?"

"is not wrong Marisa"


"Look, who do you think you are Marisa? do you think you know me better than anyone? they are my family, they understand me better than anyone......that’s why I can’t afford to lose them or leave them"

Marisa looked at Jin who turned his face down

"is a hard decision for me to leave them but I have to at some point, and my current status I can’t stay with them because I will hurt them if I stay"

he was crying while saying those words, so after that he made a serious face and asked Marisa again

"please work for us as personal nurse so I can leave in peace knowing that they will be in good hands"

"I really don’t know what happen to you Jin but I can’t leave them after seeing them so I guess I’ll take the job"

Jin then ran to Marisa and hugged her, Harima mom was watching from the house and said

"they will get married"

Marisa was in shock while Jin was hugging her

"Stop Jin, you are hurting me, I can’t breathe"

then Jin stopped

"sorry, I really thought you would say no, this is the first time you say yes to me"

"well yea...."

then Jin smiled at her and said

"I just wasted your yes"

Marisa turned red


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